June 7th , 2013: Neptune Retrogrades

"Whale Island-Land Under The Sea" (Image Courtesy of DeviantArt.com)

“Whale Island-Land Under The Sea” (Image Courtesy of DeviantArt.com)

On June 7th, Neptune will retrograde until November 13th. Dreamy Neptune serves as the master of illusion, visions and divinity. Neptune is closely connected to faith, mysticism, imagination and surrealism; and the sign this planet is positioned in represents our reaction to dreams, illusions and spirituality. When Neptune is in positive aspects to other planets, we are gentle, generous and enlightened. However, when poorly angled to other planets, Neptune can influence us to be completely removed from reality. We are irrational and find comfort in escapist activities.

This retrograde cycle brings enlightenment to our personal lives: negatively, we may experience disappointment on a grand scale. Misinformation or inaccuracies are revealed. Boundaries dissolve when Neptune is stationary direct: Neptune direct provides a safe haven for denial and avoidance. There’s an overwhelming desire to stick our heads in sand when problems crop up. But when retrograde (Rx), can bring visions, new aspirations,dreams, illusions and other forms of enlightenment. We are compelled to finally tackle the issues we’ve been sweeping under the rug in recent months. And since Pisces serves as the home constellation for Neptune, it feels very comfortable in its current position. Wherever Neptune is in your chart, shows the area you need to focus on most. The mysterious portions of our lives (or those that confuse us) will finally be unclouded.

Remember, an Rx cycle slows things down for us. Emotional breakthroughs, heightened sensitivities, and unyielding intuition guide many of our future decisions under this transit. We have an opportunity to stop dreaming, and start doing. Bad relationships, mounds of debt, failed friendships, dead-end jobs, suppressed identities, etc. can no longer be ignored. It’s time to look deeper for clarification and solutions to our problems. We are all inclined to spiritual awakenings.

Since Neptune orbits so far away from the Sun, its effects are subtle and may not even be noticed until the year ends.

Remember to read for your Sun and Ascendant sign; for those advanced students of astrology, look for the house Neptune is positioned in in your chart as that position can also offer a heads up for you.


Aries: Neptune is moving through a sensitive area for you. Right now, during this Rx period, you have a deep need for meditation and retreating from the public eye. Over the next 5 months, there’s a shift in how you connect with society on a spiritual level. Since 2011 (when Neptune first transitioned into sensitive Pisces), you may have been feeling like you aren’t handling the changes that have come your way in the best manner. You want to renew yourself spiritually as well as emotionally. It’s time to restore balance. Although feelings of compassion heighten, Aries may self-isolate or wreak unnecessary strain on themselves emotionally. You may feel alone or rejected. You may find yourself daydreaming instead of putting those dreams into action. You must be willing to listen to sensitivities activated by things in your environment as a source of inner strength. Until November, your overall persona will invert and you may find yourself a bit more reserves as you focus inward on spiritual aspirations & growth. Now remember, in April, the planet Pluto also began an Rx cycle. Pluto’s position encourages you to look at the value you’ve placed on social status, your public image and reputation.

Taurus: Epiphanies/realizations concerning your friendships or group associations rise to the forefront at this time. You may have been manipulated in your friendships; or you, yourself, may have been doing the manipulating. Neptune Rx encourages you to reevaluate the boundaries [or lack thereof] you’ve created around your platonic bonds. Spiritual connections with friends are extremely significant to you over the next five months and you want to surround yourself with people who add some sort of meaning to your life. Taurus, you are very sensitive to the needs of others. Friends in the centre of crisis will depend heavily on you. But lately, there’s been an imbalance in your social circle: perhaps you’ve been giving more than what you’ve been receiving, or vice versa. What parts of yourself have you compromised to keep the peace in a friendship? You must watch for energy vampires or parasites who may not have your best interest at heart. Your standards for the ideal friend may be too high (where others can surely never meet those expectations) or too low (where others may be more of a liability than an asset to you).

This is not a time to create business ventures with friends or start long projects: objectives may not turn out the way they are envisioned initially. There’s a distinct “humanitarian-esque” mentality; it’s also possible that you may join groups that place emphasis on spiritual/collective objectives. Taurus, you may attract dreamyor creative people in your direction between now & November. Unreliable friends or acquaintances are ditched. In addition to Neptune Rx helping you redefine friendships, we also have Pluto that retrograded in April. Pluto’s current position is spotlighting a profound conversion (and possible rebirth) of those spiritual/religious, ethical and philosophical beliefs. As these two planets retrograde simultaneously, it’s very possible that you may encounter new friends who share similar viewpoints on those topics of interest. All of these changes will happen subtly, you may not even wholly notice your metamorphosis until the close of 2013.

Gemini: Any delusionsof grandeur concerning your career are affected under the Neptune Rx cycle. In recent months, you probably have been in denial about the direction your career is moving in—or the direction it’s notmoving in. If you haven’t been able to accept the role you’ve played in work matters, you will now. Neptune is clearing the fog surrounding this area of your life. Gemini, you may seek professions (or ways to transform your current position) that offer spiritual and emotional satisfaction. Intuition related to growing business trends and ways to creatively market yourself increases. It’s time to establish clear boundariesabout your professional goals and attack them with courage. Unrealistic expectations concerning how to grow your business are tossed out: it’s time to get practical and responsible, Gemini. Your reputation and public image is of particular importance to you over the next 5 months. Struggles with fathers, or important male figures in your life, could occur. Addressing these issues can help release some of the stress in your personal sector. In addition to Neptune, we also have Pluto that is working through a retrograde cycle that began in April 2013. Neptune is refining the way you visualizeyour professional image: emboldening you to face career struggles and turn them around in your favor; but Pluto is altering how manage the resources you receive from/share with others. You may find that creating balance between how you pool resources with others can assist as you grow your small business, or move up the ranks in the company you are employed with.

Cancer: With Neptune flowing through a Water sibling, your ideals connected to social norms/the judicial system/higher education/ethics/morality are reevaluated during this retrograde cycle. You are attracted to foreign subject matters or foreign cultures that offer some sort of spiritual and personal growth. Long distance travels are encouraged as you seek internal growth: journeys outside of your residential city increase over the next five months. If you are planning a long distance trip, returning to school/training program, reaffirming religious faith or debating a new lifestyle change, this Neptune Rx cycle gives you the extra boost to actually follow through. The mist will dissipate, your focus becomes clearer and the necessary steps to realize these visions are laid out in plain view. Moving beyond the mundane or daily happenings appeals greatly for you now. Cancer, over the next 5 months, you are compelled to connect the dots of your life and create meaning behind the smallest of gestures. The challenge during this period, you must take care not to get swept up with cults or overzealous groups just because the need to belong is overwhelming to you. As Neptune rolls through a retrograde phase, Pluto also entered an Rx period in April. Pluto is transforming your attitudes about emotional commitment and establishing healthy romantic relationships in your life. As these two heavy-hitting planets retrograde simultaneously, you may encounter partners who are interested in growing with you spiritually.

Leo: The delusions you’ve had regarding sex, intimacy and shared resources reveal themselves. Jointly held possessions or financial ties (particularly with a spouse) are chaotic. This area of your life has been rather hectic since Neptune entered Pisces in 2011. The visions you’ve created and attached to the concept of intimacy are challenged now. During the Rx cycle, you are ready to examine the level of balance in pooled resources. Slowly but surely, over the next five months, you will create boundaries surrounding how shared money is spent. Since Neptune moved into this position you may have deceived someone close to you to obtain money or material goods. Leo, you may also redefine those visions of power you believe you deserve in those bonds. During this cycle, you may be struggling to cut down debt or pay off loans because money from external sources (meaning funds that you did not earn based on your own merit) has been inconsistent. Rx encourages you to take responsibility and get in control of finances between yourself and another.

In this position, Leo is also attracted to the darker side of life: taboos, paranormal, metaphysical, sex and death. There’s an increase in imaginative/creative sexual fantasies. Sex serves as an emotional plug for you while Neptune resides in its home constellation of Pisces. Sex is viewed as a form of healing, to escape the stresses of life. You may be inclined to engage in illicit sexual relationship(s) & extra-marital affairs. Rx offers an opportunity for profound changes connected to sharing, eliminating and sexual escapades. In addition to Neptune Rx, we have the planet Pluto drifting through its own rearward phase. Pluto is currently placing emphasis on the portion of your natal chart linked to work ethic and self-improvement. From now until Nov 13th, you should focus on regenerating/ cultivating yourself within. You may find an improved interest to mature supported by the need to connect intimately with another.

Virgo: Think back to your partnerships since 2011. …things have been challenging to say the least. With pensive Neptune in your partnership sector (since Pisces serves as your astrological polar opposite), you have been wearing those proverbial rose-colored glasses regarding visions you’ve attached to a specific relationship or ideals concerning romance in general. Virgo has handed too much power to a partner since 2011; the Rx chapter will assist you as you reclaim it! For you, Virgo, deceptions in relationships are always high whenever Neptune resides in Pisces. But positively, in this position, Neptune ensures romantic aspirationsand ideals evolve over the next several years so you can establish the best relationship possible. In regards to the Rx cycle, Virgo has the opportunity to look at the roles you’ve scripted for a spouse and see how things are playing out in reality. We no longer see what we want: we see things as they are (finally). Virgo is naturally inclined to help others in need, but with penetrating Neptune in romantic Pisces, the inclination to “save” a partner increases. This position introduces trickery in your love affairs.

From now until November, you are knee-deep in a “cool down”period: it’s time to reestablish boundaries. Virgo isn’t interest in avoiding the truth any longer: you can see a partner for who they are and not who you want them to be. Those who have been noncommittal, emotionally unavailable, or falling short of expectations are reevaluated. Positively, you are attracted to creative, wistful and imaginative partners. Negotiating with others comes with ease. Harmonious relationships are valued. The disappointment experienced for the last 1.5 years can be reversed over the next five months. These effects are amplified as the planet Pluto is also in the midst of its own retrograde period. Pluto is highlighting the sector of your chart attached to romance and leisure activities. Deep transformations and power struggles arise in your romantic relationships and relationships with children. Those deep hurts you’ve been holding onto are revealed in order for you to forgive and move forward.

Libra: The illusionsrelated to your work ethic and modes of self-improvement are called into question from now until Nov 13th. Think back from 2011 until now: have you been pushing yourself as hard as you could have? Have you been as disciplined or focused as you should have been? The fog of Neptune clears for the next five months and you can take the necessary steps to improve yourself so that you can be of service to others. You may find that employers take advantage of you, or you may be a victim of unsavory employment. Unfortunately, Neptune in this position could also point to confusion surrounding health matters and perhaps long stretches of unemployment. The impracticality of work is reevaluated now during the retrograde cycle: the haze clears and it’s easy for Libra to take steps in the right direction. Chores and responsibilities can no longer be neglected or glossed over. The aspirations and ideals you’ve attached to your health routine evolve. Boundaries that dissolved when Neptune moved into Pisces in 2011 can be restructured. Libra, now is the time to create routines that are spiritually satisfying (daily chores, establishing schedules, creating a new diet or exercise routine, engaging in alternative healing methods, et al.) You may seek solace and comfort in those areas.

This sector of your birth chart is also connected to coworkers. You may have been sacrificing large parts of yourself to appease those you work with.” Ideal coworkers” may not meet your standards or the standards you’ve created for them may be too low. Possible indecision in how you want to handle work mates. In addition to Neptune also transiting a retrograde cycle, Pluto is also moving through its own retrograde phase. For you Libra, Pluto Rx is illuminating the segment of your chart associated with the domestic sphere. You can expect considerable modifications in your household for the remainder of 2013 —whether you like them or not. Someone may move in/out; there may be a relocation; the breadwinner may leave; repairs are overwhelming; et al. These things serve as serious anxieties for you now. In conjunction, the Neptune and Pluto retrogrades denote a power struggle between the destruction of household dynamics (and rebirth into something entirely different) as well as the redefinition of your work ethic (and how daily chores are carried out). From now until the close of the year, you’ll experience potent tensions that hit close to home.

Scorpio: Any major gambles undertaken by you since Neptune entered Pisces in 2011 were likely done without an ounce of objectivity. Perhaps you’ve experienced clouded judgment over the manner you should approach leisure activities, entertainment, romance and creative endeavors. Now, Neptune’s Rx cycle, clears the mist and it’s a bit easier to express yourself. In recent days, and over the next five months, you are feeling really inspired! Your imagination is vivid and creative energy manifests in your interpersonal relationships. Drama, art, music and activities with children (whether they are your own, perhaps a niece, or even a group of children you mentor) are favored. Negatively, with Neptune in its current position, drama surrounding romance is likely to remain a constant (although subtle) presence until the planet transitions into Aries. You may be disillusioned in matters of play/recreation/romance.

Dreamy Neptune in secretive Pisces, it’s also likely that you may engage in hobbies that you are ashamed to admit to—or engage in secret affairs that you are ashamed to admit to. Hidden information connected to children or hobbies come to light. For example, there may be a miscarriage or an abortion; Or there may be a rift in a parent-child relationship (especially if tension has been building for quite some time now). Maybe, for you Scorpio, a partner of yours or a child may seem unreachable. Positively, empathy and compassion increase. In addition to Neptune’s retrograde, Pluto is also in the midst of its own retrograde cycle. In your case, Pluto calls for a complete metamorphosis or overall in how you communicate and process information. Now Scorpio, generally speaking, is a very calculating and reserved sign. These traits often crop up when you are interacting with others superficially. These two planets, simultaneously, order deep shifts in how you communicate —particularly with partners and children that you care for.

Sagittarius: The visions,illusions, and ideals you have for your household are not panning out the way you’d envisioned. There’s a bit of discomfort and strain at home—whether financial or emotional. Since 2011, when Neptune first entered Pisces, there’s been a disruption of the dynamics of home (perhaps to little or great fault of your own). Nonetheless, stability has been severely challenged. With Neptune powering through a retrograde cycle for the next five months, you have the opportunity to reestablished boundaries and structures domestically. The idealized version of “home” has to change and fit the reality of your life as it currently stands. Neptune in Pisces is calling for sacrifice in this area in order for you to reach some level of spiritual satisfaction. Between now and Nov 13th, hidden secrets are revealed: someone in the house may be emotionally unstable….emotionally preoccupied…or relatively smothering to you. There’s a need to isolate in an effort to avoid overwhelming yourself. The unrealistic expectations you’ve created in your mind HAVE to be reevaluated, NOW. This is a time to enact balance at home: relations with women are favored (either a mother, grandmother, wife, girlfriend, or daughter). Sagittarius, your challenge now is to revamp those aspirations of the “perfect”home.  Simultaneously, Pluto is also working through its own retrograde cycle. Pluto transforms your attachments to money (earned income) and the acquisition of material goods. Financial security has been less than secure lately and you are looking for ways to generate more funds. Both Pluto and Neptune Rx cycles denote very personal changes that impact your household. Financial security and domestic stability are a priority for Sagittarius for the second half of 2013. You can rest assured that steady and subtle changes will occur. The final outcome will reveal itself years end.

Capricorn: Communicating your aspirations and visionsof your life becomes a bit more clouded and difficult to explain to others. You understand the end goal in your mind, but actually relaying this information to others isn’t the easiest at this time. Since Neptune drifted into Pisces in 2011, visions of your future have become extraordinarily intense. There’s a deep need to connect yourself (individually) to the goals of the collective (society). If your head has been in the clouds lately, this Rx period can redefine those communication boundaries: adhering to schedules, carrying out local errands, etc. Minor details that are usually missed are now bright as the Sun. Networking is a background priority of yours. [“Background” in a sense that it is a priority, but other things are floating in the forefront of your mind.]

Learning, at this time, takes on a whole new meaning. Tenacious, formal, and predictable Capricorn is now intuitiveand willing to look at “the whole” vs. “the specific.” You employ creative and idealistic methods of processing information and relaying that information to those in your immediate environment. We also have Mercury positioned in Cancer until August so exchanges in general take on a very biased and instinctive energy. Negatively, for you Capricorn, misunderstandings between yourself and others increase—principally as it relates to how you convey your visions. Discipline is necessary! We also have Pluto smack dab in the middle of its own retrograde period. Pluto encourages a deep transformation in how you present yourself to the outside world —Remember, Pluto is in Capricorn! Things about your personality that you’ve ignored or downplayed must be addressed now. How you view yourself and how you interact with others will be common themes from now until the close of 2013 thanks to Neptune & Pluto working together in your favor.

Aquarius: The visionsand aspirations attached to finances and material possessions change over the next 5 months. Aquarius, you may experience a subtle shift in how you value (or not value) money and the things you purchase. Since Neptune slid into Pisces in 2011, you may have had unrealistic expectations about how to generate and spend money. Perhaps impractical approaches to how you earn an income is a pressing issue. During the retrograde cycle, you have an opportunity to redefine your level of self-worth and its connection to bring in income. Financial endeavors are based on intuition. Negatively, Aquarius, you may have missed opportunities to make money due to incessant daydreaming about making the money. In recent months, you may have undervalued your true talents. It’s time to analyze whether or not you’ve been selling yourself short or conversely, overselling your true talents. Your aspirations tied to financial stability, material acquisition and overall self-esteem can be revamped over the next five months.

In addition to Neptune pushing through a retrograde cycle, the planet Pluto is also moving through its own Rx period. Pluto encourages you to dig deep spiritually. You may have a need to trust in self & connect with the Divine. Altruism and a “what will be, will be” mentality manifest in your personal life. These two planets work together to redefine how you feel about yourself, how your ideals of self-worth generate an income for you, and the value you place on material items acquired as a result of the aforementioned income. There’s definitely an internal shift in those areas of your life. Discipline is necessary!

Pisces: Your presentation of self is vaguely creative right now, Pisces. Empathy, intuition and idealistic, traits normally associated withWater signs, are amplified for you over the next five months. The sensitivities in your environment serve as inspirationto your very fertile imagination. Unfortunately, presentation of your inner self to others is complicated and messy. Believe it or not, I think Pisces may be the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac. Sometimes you are relatively confusing….both to yourself AND others. Generally speaking, your mannerisms are enigmatic: you are far from aggressive, but more alluring & charming. Although your identity has been hard to convey (since Neptune relocated to Pisces in 2011), you now have an opportunity to change all that! This retrograde cycle offers a chance to reconnect with who you are as an individual. Pisces, your mission for the next five months is to watch for slipping into the background of your environment. Instead, make a bold impression and reassert yourself! You may have struggled recently to influence how others see you.

Additionally, Pluto is in the middle of its own retrograde period. Pluto is spotlighting the area of your chart governing friendships and general acquaintances. There’s a subtle but intense metamorphosis in how you connect with friends and group members. With both planets working in your favor, your attention from now until the end of the year is redefining how you present yourself and retain your true individuality while immersed in the midst of a group.


** As a side note, I always seem to find the oddest pictures to attach to my posts, but I rarely discuss why I select them. These two (for this post in particular) were fascinating to me because they capture the planet “Neptune” perfectly! All of the visions, dreams and aspirations we have within ourselves can sometimes present themselves as impossible—but humans always seem to make the impossible, very much possible! I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did.**


"The Water Room" (Image Courtesy of DeviantArt.com)

“The Water Room” (Image Courtesy of DeviantArt.com)