Tuesday June 25th, 2013: Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter in Cancer (Image Courtesy of Google)

Jupiter in Cancer (Image Courtesy of Google)

On Tuesday June 25th, Jupiter departs its most recent resting place, in expansive Gemini, to vacation in Cancer until June 2014. Astrologically speaking, Jupiter is the planet of luck and good fortune. Where exactly can you find success in your natal chart? Jupiter is somewhere nearby in the shadows. Astrologers have labeled Jupiter as a generous and tolerant planet, closely associated with abundance and growth. Jupiter, personified by the Greek god Zeus, describes how we express our benevolence to others. When matured, Jupiter’s influence in your life is one that is warm, outgoing, optimistic and protective; when undeveloped (or immature), Jupiter is excessive, pretentious and can navigate towards exaggeration (also read as: LYING!). Jupiter, the home planet for Sagittarius, governs travel, philosophy, education and our “higher mind.” Jupiter asks us to reach out and experience everything that life has to offer (even if it kills us !).  Forcing us to go beyond the knowledge we already possess, Jupiter begs us to establish new boundaries that help us grow internally.

In Cancer, Jupiter has an uncanny ability to make others feel cared for and sheltered. Good fortune or abundance may come from nurturing others or taking part in charitable activities; fortune can also approach on the backs of industries related to the home or caring for others (i.e. real estate, hospitality, restaurants/catering services etc.) It’s also very likely that we can overindulge in those areas! Cancer’s great gift is creating comfortable (or domestic) environments even when they are far from home; we can expect this as Jupiter transits through Cancer.

Jupiter in Cancer is benevolent and sympathetic, but inclined to hold on to old values and outdated modes of thinking. There may be a fear of the unknown or unfamiliar territory. Positively, Cancer reintroduces sensitivity intuition and understanding in our interpersonal relationships: past events regain a great deal of importance as opposed to the networking/intellectual nature of Gemini. In Gemini, Jupiter is communicative and extroverted. This transit in Cancer for the next year will bring intuition and introversion. Our values, morals and foreign travels/explorations take on an instinctive edge. The morality of Jupiter converts into a connection to a power much bigger than us. Water signs always believe there’s more than what the surface reveals. Jupiter in Cancer begs us to “swim deeper.”  Our personal philosophies are blended with life experiences. Luckily, Jupiter is exalted in Cancer! For those “astrologers in passing” or those merely curious, a planet’s exaltation simply means that the planet can express its creative energy in its highest or most positive form. The traits of the planet are amplified. In this case, the jovial and good-natured qualities of Jupiter are truly experienced while in Cancer.

Read for your Sun sign to see the areas in your life that require more attention in order to improve your chances of financial and emotional success over the next year.
Aries: With Jupiter now moving through your fourth house, there is distinct emphasis placed on domestics. You may attract good fortune when compassionate and naturally nurturing in the home. Jupiter in Cancer reintroduces confidence in your moral foundation: you are looking at home and family life as the blueprint to future success. Values emerge from social relationships with relatives; over the next year, you’ll be greatly involved with family activities. Securing stability at home will also provide both inspiration and comfort. Expect abundance and good fortune to come from this area of your life.

Taurus: Your horizons are expanded through intellectual pursuits with an intuitive taint. You may find good fortune in communicative and intellectual endeavors. Networking, communicating thoroughly and interacting closely with those in your immediate environment can also usher some level of success for you over the next year. Discussions about the “bigger picture” are emotionally satisfying. You may find that publishing pursuits/writing assignments, presentations, literature, conferences/meetings or even interviews overwhelming work in your favor from now until June 2014. Employment of compassion and sympathy in your writing or communication with others may secure accomplishments later down the line. Relations with siblings in a deeper capacity highlighted while Jupiter in Cancer.

Gemini: With Jupiter leaving your sign, your focus shifts from “Self” to finances. For you, Gemini, good fortune attracted by employing your intuition in order to generate and spend money wisely. Careful, as this could be an extremely indulgent position and money may not be utilized wisely. Self-worth or self-esteem developed intuitively with Jupiter in Cancer. You may be inclined to draw your family into a business venture or generate money with certain family members. Negatively, you may place too much emphasis on the acquisition of material goods: there may be an over attachment to your possessions. Positively, this is a generous position and there is a genuine opportunity to increase income over the next year.

Cancer: With Jupiter in your sign, you are ready to display those altruistic and idealistic traits that outsiders don’t see too often. Jupiter offers the chance to increase your self-confidence and turn that pessimism into optimism! The next year may find you generous, hopeful and somewhat relaxed when it comes to the acquistion of material goods. Your matured self-confidence, however, can actually attract some good fortune in your direction and it seems to arrive almost effortlessly. From now until June 2014, this is a time to explore those personal ambitions that you were too afraid to delve into and create the life you’ve always wanted. Negatively, whenever Jupiter transits your Sun sign, you are liable to gain weight unintentionally—-as indulgent Jupiter has a hard time saying “no” to hedonistic pleasures. You must also watch for overexaggeration connected to your ideas, your feelings and your true abilities. It’s very easy for your carefree  attitude to turn into a careless  one with Jupiter in Cancer.

Leo: For the next year, Leo, good fortune/luck will be derived from activities that provide spiritual meaning in your life. Superficiality is not accepted when Jupiter is positioned in Cancer. This planet is occupying your twelfth house so the dreamy portion of your personality reemerges and settles in for the next twelve months. You may find success working (or even volunteering) in environments that are “closed off”from the general public (i.e. prisons, juvenile detention centers, hospitals, retirement homes, et al.). Opportunities in which you can exercise your natural healing capabilities provide emotional fulfillment and can also attract good things in your direction. You have a renewed interest in community service and giving back.

Virgo: Incoming gains in your personal life manifest from social friendships and group associations. A sense of spiritual meaning is derived from nurturing those platonic bonds. For you, Virgo, fortune will come from your social activities/clubs. From now until June 2014, you may encounter influential friends or prominent people who may be able to help you increase your material abundance. There’s reinforcement behind the concept of a “team player” and shining with others is emotionally satisfying to you now. When in Gemini, Jupiter called attention your career and professional life. Now, you have the opportunity to shift gears and cultivate those collective but informal ties. Virgo, the need to vary your social circle and expand from your “normal” friends to meet new ones also surfaces from Jupiter pushing through your eleventh house. You may find that others in the group have unofficially elected you as the spokesperson when shared decisions must be made.

Libra: You may find success in professional endeavors. Over the next year, utilizing compassion in the workplace can increase your position on the social ladder as well as the amount of money in your bank account. Rewards and prizes manifest in your place of employment. Your career may offer a sense of meaning for you or perhaps you look for a career that offers some sort of spiritual/emotional satisfaction. From now until June 2014, you are unusually lucky in your professional sector; your public image is laced with compassion and people (such as an employer) are drawn to that. If you have been displeased with your current professional image, this is a long-term transit that can help makeover that presentation of self.  Negatively, you must watch for“overachievement” that comes at the expense of someone else’s downfall. When Jupiter moves through the tenth house, there’s a tendency to be overly ambitious with poor consequences.

Scorpio: Foreign cultures, religion/spirituality and philosophy offer opportunities to exercise compassion and increase material abundance for you over the next year. Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer attracts fortune and success through traveling expeditions and exploring your “higher mind.” Success may also manifest by interacting with those of varied backgrounds from yourself. Returning to school/learning a trade, traveling outside of your local community or even getting into politics/philosophy/law/ethics can offer opportunities for material acquisition. With Jupiter in a fellow  Water  sibling, your sympathetic (although hidden) nature surfaces and coats many of your interpersonal interactions for the next twelve months. You are looking to expand either spiritually or religiously and Jupiter in Cancer encourages this transition smoothly. Negatively, you must watch for that “pretentious” behavior I mentioned in the introduction. No Scorpio, you do NOT know it all and you don’t have to pretend as if you do.

Sagittarius: With your home planet traveling through Cancer, your eighth house is highlighted. If you’ve been struggling intensely in the past few months (both financially and spiritually), you may see a dramatic incline over the next twelve months. Fortune and/or material abundance enters through an inheritance from a parent (or large sum of money from a parent), joint investments or joint finances —especially those between a business partner or a romantic partner. You and a partner[ business or romantic] may consolidate funds or enter into some sort of business agreement that could stabilize or increase your wealth. In this position, Jupiter influences you to make deeper emotional and sexual connections that offer spiritual satisfaction. You could find yourself somewhat emotional over the next year as you seek deeper, intimate connections.

Capricorn: Jupiter has entered your polar opposite and as you can imagine, your romantic relationships are pushed to the forefront of your personal life. For you, Capricorn, “success” as you define it may arrive on the wings of a healthy romantic relationship you desire. Over the next twelve months, you be attracted to a mate who is foreign (whether from another country or perhaps just a different walk of life); this could also manifest as a “long-distance” relationship. You and your partner may also come into contact with foreign cultures or places together. Regardless, some sort of mutual endeavor that the two of you undertake over the next year will offer a chance for material abundance and good fortune. Negatively, you may encounter a partner during this period who desires to break free and “do their own thing” if the bond isn’t moving in the direction THEY prefer. When discussing the seventh house, astrologers note that it usually refers to how our “others” behave in the partnership and not necessarily how “we” do. But in this position, Capricorn, you are quite fine with taking a break as long as you can secure loyalty from that individual.

Aquarius: Success, over the next year, can manifest as a result of a disciplined health routine as well as determined work ethic. Jupiter in Cancer activates your sixth house, calling attention to physical and mental health as well as your skill set and philosophies connected to how you employ the aforementioned skills. While Jupiter is in this position, you intuitively know what you need to do to refine your talents to make them work best for you. You are focused on perfecting your technique or skill as well as rearranging your diet, and implementing/changing your work-out routine. All things “healing”related are of significant importance to you and you seek to heal first yourself in order to heal others. Once this balance has been instated, material abundance and good fortune can increase in those areas for you.

Pisces: Jupiter in Cancer draws attention to your creative pursuits, romantic quests and leisure activities. You may encounter material abundance or good fortune through expressing yourself clearly and creatively to others. There’s opportunity to find success in endeavors with children (whether biologically yours or not; this also includes individuals who are not“children” per say but are younger in age that you are close to). With Jupiter in your fifth house, speculation (also called GAMBLING) is favorable to you now: especially those of a sports related or financial nature. Luck and wealth can manifest in artistic or creative talents—which you seem to instinctively or intuitively excel in.

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