Wednesday June 26th, 2013: Mercury and Neptune Retrograde


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On Wednesday June 26th, Mercury will enter its second retrograde (Rx) period of the year. In astrology, Mercury governs the three “coms”: communication, commerce and (short) commutes. The constellation Mercury was positioned in on the day of your birth (also called “Natal”Mercury) reveals how you analyze and process information. When Mercury left Gemini and entered Cancer on May 31st, our conversational style shifted slightly. Mercury in Cancer values subjectivity—as opposed to Mercury in Gemini who values objectivity above anything else. With all of this in mind, communication under Mercury in Cancer can be hazy, fuzzy and downright confusing at times. We are led to process things not by the legitimacy of their logic, but instead based on how they make us feel. There’s a distinct urge to invert and reflect.

Let’s throw a Rx cycle in the pot and see what we get! With Mercury Rx in sensitive Cancer, we can expect three weeks of cloudy information. What may be said may not necessarily reflect what is felt. The need for censorship is high: there is distress surrounding the revelation of our true thoughts.  During this period, we are inclined to question our own thoughts, judgments or decisions. We are concerned about how our messages will be received once revealed. The anxiety of being misunderstood, misquoted or disliked increases over the next three weeks. Introspection becomes key. What many astrologers seem to leave out about the Mercury retrograde is the anal-retention it reintroduces to our lives; we may experience [excessive] obsessive or compulsive thought patterns forcing us to rehash, re-experience or relive conversations that had a significant impact on our day (short term) or life (long term).

With any Mercury retrograde—no matter the sign its positioned in—subtle environmental cues factor into how we process information that we are being given. This is merely intensified since Mercury is traveling through Cancer until early August. The subtle gestures, facial expressions and body language of others are internalized and held onto indefinitely—-remember, if well aspected in the natal chart, Cancer doesn’t forget anything! Negatively, it may take a while for us to appreciate a message as the retrograde phase symbolically implies that we must “go back over” something to truly understand the lesson being presented to us.

When Mercury is Rx, it is NOT a time to make large purchases (as you’ll either have a serious case of buyer’s remorse later…or the product could have maintenance problems later down the road). Mercury Rx is also bad for interviews, presentations/important discussions. This is a time when the “double check everything” concept should be applied heavily. Electronic malfunctions, missed signals, unread emails, et al. enter the scene at a rapid pace.

If all that isn’t enough to drive you crazy, we mustn’t forget that Neptune also entered its own retrograde phase on June 7th. The natural objectivity of Mercury is aided by the creativity ushered in from Neptune. But since both planets are Rx as of June 26th, expect a double dose of hazy happenings: Communications are vague, misunderstandings increase. Positively, this is a time for brainstorming and planning. All of the “plotting to take over the world” schemes? You should get started on them now!

Focuses on the objectivity of the mind Focuses on the subjectivity of the imagination
Reviews the minute details of our day/life Connects the dots of our grand visions/aspirations
Closely associated with “reality—-however you define it. Closely associated with “fantasy”—-however you define it.

From June 26th– August 8th, we will drift through an ultrasensitive period. Again, what someone says to you may not necessarily be what was meant; and how something was said may not have been someone’s intention. Since the two planets governing reality and fantasy are begging us to “go back over” a few things, our streams of consciousness are difficult to handle. “Feeling our way” through the Summer months is likely the best solution. Although our intuition kicks up several notches (as Mercury is in Cancer AND beginning a Rx phase AND Neptune is in pensive Pisces AND it’s also retrograding) we must take care not to confuse it with paranoia or an overactive imagination. Meditation and journaling may be helpful as Summer 2013 may indeed feel like The Twilight Zone.

This transit is extremely favorable to those who work in fields that encourage ingenuity, creativity and originality (i.e. dancers, actors, painters, musicians, fashion designers, marketing representatives, photographers, bloggers, writers/journalists, videographers, et al.)

Individuals who will be most affected by this transit: Those with their Sun or Mercury in Gemini or Virgo ( as Mercury serves as the “home planet” for both signs);  those with their Sun in Pisces or Virgo (as Neptune serves as the “home planet” for Pisces—and Virgo sits as the polar opposite of Pisces); and lastly, those with their Sun in Cancer or Capricorn ( as Cap serves as the polar opposite of Cancer).

For all you intermediate/advanced students of astrology, look at the house your Mercury is positioned in to see what other big changes you can expect for the next two months.

If you are interested in knowing how the Summer 2013 will pan out for you based on your natal chart, let’s chat!

(Image Courtesy of "Curb Your Enthusiasm")

(Image Courtesy of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”)