Saturday July 13th: Mars into Cancer

"Water Woman" by

“Water Woman” by

On Saturday July 13th, the planet of action and energy is leaving detached Gemini to travel through intuitive Cancer for a few weeks. Astrologers connect the planet Mars with motivation, energy and ambition. What exactly motivates us? How do we express this motivation to others? Mars can also push our energy/enthusiasmin different directions. When in Gemini, Mars pushes our energy towards intellectual or mental pursuits. We are motivated by communicating and networking with others—but what would we expect? Gemini reigns supreme as the chatter-bugs of the zodiac. Gemini is a flexible Mutable sign [click here for the refresher on zodiac qualities and elements:]. Whenever Mars passes through the Mutable family, the energy is malleable and on occasion, fleeting. Mutable signs have the ability to evolve or dissolve things. As an Air Mutable, Mars in Gemini communicates its enthusiasm through intellectual outlets as we see appropriate. Should our interest in something wane while Mars is in Gemini, it’ll be more than easy to switch gears and move into a different lane. Cardinal signs are the creators or “initiators” of the zodiac. As a Cardinal Water sign, Mars in Cancer expresses its enthusiasm when initiating new goals/objectives for our home environment/experience. Where Mars in Gemini engages in activities that offer cerebral satisfaction, Mars in Cancer engages in activities that offer emotional satisfaction.

Mars in Cancer shifts our awareness, driving us to focus more on our home life. When in Cancer, Mars is motivated by the household and domestic sphere. There is renewed interest in creating (or recreating) stability at home: emotionally, financially, and materially. All of the energy we have is expended in our home environment. This could include spending more time renovating/redecorating our homes; researching a potential spot for relocation; repairing things around the house that we’ve neglected; or even moving someone in/out of the home. Mars in this position also outlines radical changes on the home front: any external problems (from inside the home) can stir up internal distress. For example, arguments between children and parents weigh heavily on both sides; or tension between a husband & wife over finances may seem unusually unbearable. In addition to domestics, astrologers link Cancer with relationships with women in the home (particularly the mother, wife/girlfriend or daughter) as well as the past/nostalgia.

Astrologically speaking, Mars works as a “protector” in the realm of our solar system. From a symbolical perspective, Mars in Cancer works best or is motivated best when protecting the home. Other the next few weeks, when Mars is poorly aspected to other planets, we may be inclined to militant or tyrannical behavior in the home. For Cancer, it’s much easier to fight a lost cause: the trick here is learning to let go. Mars in Cancer also signals possessiveness when making a hard angle to another planet.

Unfortunately, Mars performs poorly while in Cancer. In fact, Mars is at its “fall” when positioned in the Crab—meaning it is at its weakest here. As a planet of masculinity and assertiveness, the traits of Mars clash greatly with Cancer, a sign of passiveness and femininity. As a result, we may be a bit more passive-aggressive than usual over the next few weeks. Characteristic of the Water family, Cancer worries more than they care to. Mars in Cancer points to anger we have that may be withheld or only expressed after extensive build-up. Generally speaking, it may be difficult for us to assert ourselves in a manner that we’d like; and depending on your natal Mars sign, you may feel this impact a bit heavier than others. Overall, this is a very challenged position for Mars as Cancer is slow to act—which is contradictory to the forceful nature of the planet Mars.

Those with their Sun, Ascendant or Mars positioned in the Earth or Water family may find this transit more favorable than when Mars was positioned in Gemini: particularly Cancer and Capricorn since they are polar opposites. Concerned about how the Mars in Cancer transit may affect you based on your chart? Let’s chat!

"Water Woman" by A. Wrighton of

“Water Woman” by A. Wrighton of