Wednesday July 17th: Uranus Retrograde in Aries

Uranus rules all things eccentric and nontraditional (Image Courtesy of Jennifer Healy).

Uranus rules all things eccentric and nontraditional (Image Courtesy of Jennifer Healy).


Progression and innovation are hallmarks of the planet Uranus. I like to call Uranus “The Great Liberator”, as it dismantles the order and structure established in our lives under Saturn. Whenever Uranus moves into the picture, there’s a distinct deviation from the status quo and material world. And of course, with rebellion comes sudden changes and unpredictable outcomes. In astrology, Uranus encourages evolution and progression in certain areas of our lives. As the third-to-last planet in the solar system, it moves much slower around the Sun than the personal planets [Mercury, Venus, Mars] so it’s believed that its effects last much longer. With Uranus beginning its retrograde period on July 17th, we can expect to feel the subtle effects of this transit until the close of 2013. I wouldn’t be surprised if you wake up one morning in January and think, “when did this change happen?…how did this issue get resolved so quickly?….it seems like just yesterday when I was dealing with this problem!”

Since 2011, Uranus has been comfortably snuggled in Aries—so this transition into a retrograde cycle will impact the Cardinal signs [Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn] more than any other. As the first sign of the zodiac and the first Fire sign, Aries is the champion of pioneering & climbing to new heights. We can all look forward to this “leadership-esque” attitude in regards to the parts of our lives that have stagnated as we work to push out the old and sweep in the new. Whenever Uranus interacts with another planet in the cosmic skies, you never really know what to expect! Uranus transits can create unsettling scenarios that stimulate us to rebel and renew. This rebellion could introduce disintegration as we search for new paths to walk on. Most importantly, Uranus asks us to reinvent ourselves in the best way that we see fit.

As with any planet, Uranus brings general amendments in our lives (such as thrusting us into new situations, emboldening us to question& change the status quo, as well as removing ourselves from stagnation & restraint). But Uranus, as with any planet, highlights certain areas of our lives that we need to pay extra close attention to. Uranus reveals the area in life where you crave the most freedomor it can reveal the sector of your life where you fear the loss of freedom.


Read for your Sun sign and your Uranus sign for the most accurate portrait of what to expect in the coming months [for example, I am a Sun in Virgo but my Uranus is positioned in Capricorn so I’d read for both signs].


Aries= There’s a double emphasis on development and presentation of self to others when Uranus is positioned in your sign, Aries. There’s an intense need to connect internally on a deep level to enact serious change. Your projection of self may deviate from the norm. You feel pressed to break away from situations or people that restrict or constrain you. Your mannerism or physical appearance are inclined to shift over the next six months; the challenge here is to not be so hell bent on doing something so different from your“normal self” that you introduce life shattering consequences into your life. Uranus occupies a place in your natal chart associated with individualization: if you’ve settled recently in how others perceive you, the Uranus Rx pushes you out of your comfort zone. While Uranus occupies this part of your chart (for the next 5 years), you may hear, “I’m surprised you actually did that!” from friends very often!

Taurus= Uranus is highlighting the areas of your life connected to all things that are hidden, unprocessed or misunderstood in your emotional life. The planet of progression forces you to make radical changes in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment: you may find yourself on erratic paths to find some level of spiritual fulfillment. Over the next 6 months, others may note that you are feeling particularly secretive about fantasies, visualizations or ideals you have about the future. Seeking solace and privacy while Uranus moves through this position feels comforting. You may find it easier to involve yourself in charitable activities, but remove yourself (at least emotionally) from previously established intimate relationships.

Gemini= Uranus is pointing to frequent ups and downs with friendships, group/club associations and organizations you are a part of. Uranus here also uncovers an attraction to friends or platonic bonds that are untraditional, unusual or eccentric in some essence. It’s also possible that in this position, you are prone to change friendships or affiliations often and suddenly. Friendships established under this transit are exciting and seem to offer the freedom (and non-judgment) that you crave. Clingy or emotionally dependent friends/associates/acquaintances are not welcomed in your inner circle at this time. Look back at your friendships or affiliations from 2011 until now; you may have experienced radical changes in those bonds. For Gemini, there is a genuine concern for the quality of humanity and “the greater good” of society. You are liable to connect with others who are quirky and fun. You feel a need to constantly interact in group settings instead of being alone.

Cancer= Uranus positioned in a fellow Cardinal sign merely amplifies the effects of this planet. Since 2011, you’ve experienced erratic changes in career interests and more than likely, you’ve also experienced frequent upheavals in your professional sector. This could mean you’ve changed fields from what you originally went to school to study or what you’ve been trained to do. It could also denote that the individual has experienced frequent job changes, including: advancements, demotions or general stagnation. Remember, Uranus deals with freedom so perhaps you are searching for a field (or a position within a field) that offers independence. You want to be in control of your public image and there’s a deep need for excitement and idealism in the workplace.

Leo= Leo, since 2011, you’ve been changing your attitude toward the true meaning of life. Why are we here? What is our purpose? How should man treat their fellow man? These have been pressing questions in your mind thanks to this planet. Uranus is shaking up the area of your life connected to philosophical/religious/spiritual/cultural/educational pursuits. You have been extremely curious to move outside of your immediate environment, so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you’ve taken several trips or other spur-of-the-moment long-distance journeys during this time You have liberal attitudes connected to spiritual & cultural associations. Uranus doesn’t move according to general societal trends, Uranus prefers to create their own. You may find a renewed interest in religion/spirituality, humanity and your purpose in the universe.

Virgo= There are disruptions between self and those we share resources with. Joint finances fluctuate and we experience rapid changes in shared resources/expenses. We may be more dependent on others or vice versa when Uranus hits this position in your chart. This part of your chart also rules death, taboos, the mysterious and sex. Unfortunately, I suspect that Virgo may find out a close relative or friend has passed suddenly and the death may have been relatively unexpected [look back to 2011 until now]. Uranus will be in Aries for the next five years, so this may also be a concern for Virgo when placed here. Uranus can also introduce very liberal or progressive attitudes towards sexual activity. It is not unlikely that Virgo adopts an unconventional view about sexual relationships and is prone to sexual experimentation during this time. The challenge with Uranus here is for Virgo to “go with the flow”and learn to accept the ‘unknown’ that the planet brings.

Libra= This is a tough position for Uranus to pass through. Right now, the planet is placed in your polar opposite. Just as Uranus in Aries is focused on presentation of self for those with their Sun in Aries, as a Sun in Libra, Uranus is drawing attention to your relationship sector. Needless to say, since 2011, Uranus has thrown some serious loops in your partnerships. Unfortunately when Uranus is here, you’ll experience some serious shakeups in your relationships. Stability is gone out the window and unexpected changes between yourself and your “other.” Either you or your partner are searching for the proverbial freedom that Uranus offers and this could indirectly lead to serious disruptions in the union. Any new relationships formed while Uranus is moving through a fellow Cardinal sign are apt to be short-lived. The key here is to maintain an identity of self as you seek to merge yourself with another.

Scorpio= In this position, Uranus encourages you to deviate from conventional beliefs you have connected to your work ethic and/or health routines. Scorpio, you are ready to break up the traditional methods of doing things. You may experience disruptions in your diet or exercise schedules. You seek something that is unusual; instead of hitting the treadmill, you may be more interest in kickboxing classes or maybe a yoga session. It’s also possible that you research and implement alternative options to your meal plans. Disruptions in treatment of chronic diseases or you may be struggling to manage them. Uranus encourages you to throw off restraints related to your physical or mental health. The challenge for you here, Scorpio, is to make sure you don’t neglect responsibilities and obligations you have at this time.

Sagittarius= Uranus in Aries activates the sector of your chart related to leisure activities/recreational activities, romance, children and sports. Remember, Uranus brings unpredictable energy so you should expect the unexpected in these areas of your life. You may be suddenly interested in unusual hobbies or attach yourself to recreational activities that are unconventional. It’s also very possible that you’ll begin a very heated (and sensual) romantic affair; you may find yourself sexually or romantically attracted to unusual or eccentric partners. Overall, your creative expression of self rises as paramount: you want to do what feels good to you. This sector of your chart guards all things that are pleasurable and fun. Since 2011, and well into the next five years, these trends repeat themselves continually. The challenge here is to make calculated risks instead of impulsive gambles that could drastically alter the shape of your life

Capricorn= As the most evolved of the Cardinal signs, Uranus brings equally huge changes to your personal life. Uranus in Aries highlights the area of your chart connected to the domestic sphere and relationships with women (particularly the mother). There may have been disruptions in home routines: there are sudden or frequent changes on the home front. Perhaps you find yourself enticed by unconventional or nontraditional approaches to family relationships and domestic dynamics. Think back to 2011 up until this point: you have experience some major changes in regards to your living situation. It’s possible that you’ve relocated/renovated/redecorated your home; it’s also very likely that you’ve moved someone important to you in or out of the home. Capricorn, the planet Uranus is asking you to let go of outdated traditions: things seem to be extremely out of control right now and unfortunately, this trend will continue for the next five years. Right now, you feel a strong need for emotional and domestic independence. The challenge for you with Uranus here is to find a way to establish a space (either literally or emotionally) where you can feel free.

Image Courtesy of Jennifer Healy

Image Courtesy of Jennifer Healy


Aquarius= Interestingly enough, although you are not of the Cardinal variety, Uranus actually serves as your “home planet” in our solar system. You are already an unconventional sign, but Uranus in Aries is touching on the part of your chart connected to communication, commutes and commerce. Finding unconventional or untraditional methods of communicating with others is especially appealing to you at this time. Learning in traditional fashion is very much out of the question for you and you may seek unusual ways of gathering and processing information. Your home planet injects freshness into your intellectually endeavors. Progressive attitudes towards education and researching topics labeled “alternative”by the mainstream are of significance to you now.

Pisces= In 2011, Uranus left your sign and started a new zodiac cycle. When Uranus was positioned in Pisces, you may have been inclined to reinvent your image and projection of self. Right now, Uranus is drawing attention to the sector of your chart connected to income generation/finances, the acquisition of material possessions and ideals of self-worth. You may have (or may have to ) find unconventional methods to generate money for the household. You may experience unforeseen changes in your finances: these erratic fluctuations force you to adjust how you spend your money. Since 2011, and into the next five years, you are reevaluating the link you’ve created between how your talents and how you make money. The challenge for you here is to make sure you take smart financial risks , otherwise you may find yourself in ruins.


If you’re interested (or concerned) about how Uranus’s retrograde may affect you for the remainder of the year, let’s chat!
**Both images used for this article are property of Jennifer Healy. I selected them because they capture the eccentricity characterized by Uranus. **