Tuesday August 20th: Blue Moon in Aquarius


On Tuesday August 20th, there will be a Full Moon in Aquarius. This lunar event is unique in the sense that it’ll also be the first “Blue Moon”  in a while! There is much talk in the astrological community about what exactly defines a “blue moon”and how they should be interpreted: ultimately, it all boils down to which description feels most “right” to you. Some consider a Blue Moon to occur only after four Full Moons transpire in one season, or two Full Moons within a 30 day period. I prefer the second; accordingly, the remainder of this article is based on this classification. Depending on the culture, a Blue Moon can be viewed as both a good omen (Native Americans) or a bad one (Druids/Gnostics). Since Blue Moons occur so infrequently, this is actually where the phrase, “once in a blue moon” originates [describing an irregular event].

Scientifically speaking, the Moon influences electromagnetic, climate patterns and even tidal changes here on Earth and whenever the Moon is at its brightest, these shifts occur more intensely. Symbolically, and astrologically, Full Moons point to revelations or epiphanies experienced. Things you’ve been in the dark about are illuminated. The three days before, the day of, and the three days after this Full Moon in Aquarius, our awareness of “self” and “other” heightens. Hypersensitivity and intuition control us.

Full Moons always highlight a balance that must be made between the Sun and Moon: in this case, Leo-Aquarius and the issue of identity. The polarity of the Lion and Water Bearer is one between the individual (Leo) and the collective (Aquarius). This Full Moon is a time to analyze yourself: in what areas of your life have you been egocentric (Leo) and where have you been altruistic (Aquarius)? When it comes to polarity in the zodiac, there’s a matter of evolution. Aquarius represents the evolved version of Leo. Now, this should not—and does not—imply that all Leos are much more immature than their Aquarian other, or that Aquarius is superior to a Leo individual. These characterizations are emblematic in nature. Astrologers tie Leo to freedom of expression and creative expression; with Aquarius tied to altruism, collectivism and integration. Within this framework, the job of Leo is to find ways to maintain their freedom of creativity in society and Aquarius must find ways to find their freedom of creativity in society.

Those with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign in the Fixed family [Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius] will find themselves most affected by this Lunar event.