Friday August 23rd: Sun and Mercury in Virgo

By Friday August 22nd, the Sun left its home constellation of Leo and enter the fastidious constellation of Virgo. Astrologically speaking, the Sun sign describes where our individuality flourishes best, where our ego finds the most comfort and how we express our inner selves best to the outside world. For those born when the Sun travels through Virgo (also called Solar Virgos or Sun in Virgo natives), the ego is connected to efficiency and self-improvement. Virgo pays attention to all the little details of life: placing emphasis on presenting error-free work. Perfectionism is an understatement here: often missing the forest for the trees. As a Mutable sign, Virgo works to evolve or shift things—this is the purpose of Mutables in the zodiac. In this instance, Virgo “evolves” the Summer season into Autumn. As an Earth sign, Virgo enjoys practical and grounded activities that offer tangible or documentable evidence of success. How does this relate to you even if you aren’t a Virgo?You may find that it’s necessary to incorporate some of these Earth-Mutable qualities in your own life as you work to assert your individuality over the next four weeks.

Just as a brief background: Cardinal signs exist as the leaders and pioneers of the zodiac; Fixed signs exist in the capacity of the“doers”; Mutables exist in the capacity of problem solvers and game changers. Mutable Virgo is the sign of efficiency and is a minimalist at heart, often asking, “What’s the soundest way to solve this problem?” For whatever reason, Sun in Virgo natives move from one crisis to another, creating a low energy-high strung temperament (I mean, have you ever met a worrywart Virgo who wasn’t neurotic?). Thus, all signs may find themselves a bit more obsessive over tender issues in their personal lives. Demanding and nitpicky, when the Sun is in Virgo, we are critical and service oriented. Astrologers also link the Virgin with self-improvement, work ethic and health matters. Ultimately, Virgo seeks ways to be her “best self” in order to assist others. The ego of Virgo thrives in environments that allow them to be of assistance to those around them. During the next four weeks, we take a special interest in new diets/health routines, methods to center ourselves mentally and ways to reach out in our communities. Essentially, Virgo needs to feel useful in order to reaffirm her core. As a result, all zodiac signs temporarily adopt this quality as they confirm their individuality.

Additionally, the anxious nature of Virgo reinforces this sign’s need to stay busy in order to function sanely. This may explain why self-contained Virgo holds their personal lives very close to their heart: controlling the amount of information the outside world knows about them. The Virgin can project an image of self that may not be accurate with who they truly are. Conservatism comes naturally to the Earth family.Those with their Sun in the Air or Fire family may be a bit uncomfortable as the contained nature of Virgo clashes with their need for freedom and adventure.Water and Earth signs, however may find this a great period to increase productivity and create structure in their personal lives.


Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.

Joining the Sun in pragmatic Virgo is the planet Mercury. Mercury deals with information gathering/processing, interacting/communicating with others, as well as transportation and electronics. All of these areas are associated with connecting with others in our immediate environment. The planet Mercury actually serves as the dual “home planet” for both Geminis and Virgos. This simply means that the traits astrologers assign to the planet (i.e. being analytical, detail-oriented, intellectual, etc.) are found closely with the sign(s). Thus, Mercury feels most comfortable when positioned in the Twins or the Virgin. With this transition, our conversations become a bit more critical and little less dramatic. Mercury in Virgo doesn’t favor over-the-top exaggerations, so the flair of imaginative Mercury in Leo will dissipate into something much more realistic and practical over the next few weeks. Even if your natal Mercury isn’t placed in Virgo, you may notice the appeal of efficiency and the reduction of small talk. Mercurian Virgos are not one for meaningless chatter, office gossip or pointless information: “get to the point and get there quickly” was probably a phrase coined by a Virgo. Over the next few weeks, any research undertaken will be thoroughly reviewed and reviewed again just to be certain the information is accurate and relative (which should be expected from practical Virgo). I’m sure it’s been used before, but I believe us Virgos to be minimalists: harnessing what is needed and stripping away the useless.

Virgo offers Mercury a very organized and effective way of gathering information and relaying this information to others. This is probably due to the Mutable nature of the sign: under Fixed Leo, Mercury can sometimes become fixated (pun intended) on a certain belief, topic, or issue. This is great when tenacity is needed, this is terrible when flexibilityis needed. Now, during the Mercury in Virgo journey, information acquired that doesn’t support preexisting beliefs are discarded or transformed until the prototype is complete. You may also find that many conversations had are geared towards service: whether it’s helping a neighbor with a DIY project; signing up to host your son’s Cub Scout meeting; or even agreeing to help a vehicle-less friend run a few errands around time. I’ve noticed over the years that I seem most busy when the planet Mercury is passing through the Mutable family [Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces]. Maybe it’s because the changeable nature of these signs encourages constant movement —which these four seem to thrive on anyhow.
Those with their Sun and/or Mercury placed in the Mutable family may find this transit Mercury in Virgo shift to be quite favorable at times; although Taurus and Capricorn (fellow Earth siblings) may actually benefit more from this temporary cosmic change.


Even though I combined two solar events, this post is relatively short because I have an interesting relationship article that I’m working on and should be published here on the blog by the 1st. Want to know what September will bring & how these passages through Virgo may affect you based on your individualized natal chart? let’s chat!