Tuesday August 27th: Mars in Leo

On Tuesday August 27th, Mars leaves Cancer and enters Leo. Mars, personified by the Greek god of war Ares, embodies everything that is initiating, pioneering and independent. Astrologers tie Mars to our ambitions, motivations and energy exertion. Essentially, Mars signs reveal what motivates us and how we act upon these drives. What do we wrap our goals around and how do we chase these goals once created? When Mars traveled through Cancer, there was unusual—but expected—emphasis on the domestic sphere: the vast majority of our priorities centered around household issues and matters related to our family, mother and other important women in our lives. Energy was expressed nonverbally and intuitively, due to the water element. . Now that Mars has moved into Leo, our overall attention leaves our homes and hovers over leisure/recreational activities. Until October 15th, Mars in Leo encourages us to have fun and cut loose. We are assertive, head-strong and determined. As a Fire sign, Leo is spirited and passionate once they’ve put their minds/hearts to something; but as a Fixed sign, Leo is willful and confident. Naturally, we may cloak ourselves in these qualities as we navigate through our day-to-day activities.


When in Leo, Mars is bold, assured and extremely protective of the need for creative expression. Energy expended during this period is one of a fiery and consistent nature. Generally speaking, you kind of know what you’re gonna get when dealing with a the stubborn Lion: there are usually no grey areas with Fixed signs, so this planetary change is no different. Any projects in your personal life that require patience and tenacity are best expanded during the next five weeks. You’ll seek as many opportunities as possible to be creative and social; as well as integrate your need for pleasure and business. Once Mars leaves Leo for Virgo in October, instead of expanding those daunting goals we created earlier in the Summer, we may reevaluate and revise existing goals that are outdated or no longer serve a purpose. For now, Mars in Fixed Leo is a period of maintaining and sustaining (versus starting[Cardinal], or changing[Mutable]). Fixed signs are the “doers” of the zodiac so this is a brilliant position if you’ve been searching for the energy to make things happen. Additionally, Mars in Leo encourages us to add a little style and pizazz in order to successfully market ourselves.


Leo serves as the umbrella for hobbies, leisure/casual events, entertainment, sports, gambling, creativity and spirited romantic affairs. Basically, anything “fun”falls in the realm of the playful Lion. I love to label Leos as the “children of the zodiac”, so whenever a planet moves through this constellation, we are stimulated to seek out our “inner child” in the areas that the planet governs. With Mars ruling our motivations and Leo ruling our play time, it’s only appropriate to assume that we’ll spend a lot of time looking for new hobbies to explore or grow.


Negatively, true to all Fire signs, Leo can be immature, self-centered and egotistical: completely unaware of the sensitivities of those around them. The passion of Leo can easily cross over into disregard and their confidence can translate into arrogance. When placed here, Leo can push Mars to be overly competitive, cut-throat and unrealistic regarding true talents and skill sets. Those with their Sun or Mars sign placed in the Fire and/or Air family stand to gain the most from this voyage through the Lion. Earth and Water signs may feel a bit uncomfortable here as Mars will push them out of their comfort zone (and possibly into the dreaded spotlight—yikes!).



**It’s impossible for only 12 types of people to walk the Earth, so how does this Mars in Leo transition impact you? Let’s take a look at your natal chart and see what things can you can expect over the next four weeks! Kortnie.favors@gmail.com