Monday September 9th: Mercury in Libra

Today, Mercury leaves Earthy Virgo to jet set into Airy Libra for a few weeks. Mercury, in astrology, deals with the three “coms”: communication, commerce and (short) commutes; all things “learning” and “interacting” related come into focus with this planet. Thus, Mercury signs can influence how we gather and process information, how we relay this information to others, deductive/critical thinking and the way we go about our daily happenings. You may notice over the next few weeks a communicative shift from the concrete and documentable (when Mercury was in Virgo) to the abstract (thanks to Mercury in Libra). Libra, as the sign of the Scales, signals “possibilities” and looking at issues from all angles. Under this transit, we may seek to explore all sides of an issue before moving forward with a solid decision; compared to Mercury in Virgo who encouraged us to base decisions solely on facts, figures and numbers. Unfortunately, this compulsion to lean towards “what if?”, can push us all to be a bit more indecisive than we’d like. Just as Virgo is discriminative, Libra is inclusive and we may find traces of this inclusiveness in our day-to-day dealings with those in our immediate environments. Generally speaking, when Mercury passes through an Air sign (the element it probably feels most comfortable in), learning is broad, sweeping and superficial: we look to acquire as much information as possible—even if we don’t retain all of the information amassed. This period would be the perfect time to collect large amounts of data and research —-when Mercury moves into Scorpio, that period may be best for organizing, eliminating and managing what was gathered.



Libra also reigns as the sign of partnerships (business and romantic/marital included). It’s unlikely that we’ll want to step on any toes and may actually feel more relaxed discussing our interests in another in intimate settings. Of all the signs, in my opinion, Libra is renowned for her subtlety. The result? We may spend a large part of this transit refocusing on connecting harmoniously with a partner (whether they are a business partner or a love mate). In addition to belonging to the Air family, Libra is a Cardinal sign (as is Aries, Cancer and Capricorn). Cardinals are the initiators, creators, enterprisers and trailblazers of the zodiac. Whenever planets move through this group, there’s an emphasis placed on identity and leadership. Since the planet of communication is cruising through a Cardinal, we may find it easier to initiate contact with others who we have (or want) intimate conversation with. Perhaps there’s a business idea you’ve been toying around with and want to present it to a friend for further development; it may also be that you are finally ready to tell that special person what you really think about them. Maybe a full-fledge relationship doesn’t fall out of the deal, but you’ll feel relieved to remove the tension. Positively, diplomatic Mercury in Libra can help smooth over any rough communication patches we’ve had with others.


Those of you with a Sun, Ascendant and/or Mercury sign in Libra benefit most from this transit, feeling at ease when communicating and interacting with others! Next in line to feel the impact of this cosmic shift would be those with their Sun, Ascendant and/or Mercury sign in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Those with a Sun, Ascendant and/or Mercury sign in the Water and Earth family may feel somewhat uncomfortable: as if you cannot seem to get into an easy rhythm/flow of conversation with others. You may thrive off of subjective responses, but Mercury in Libra thrives off of objective responses. [and since I’m a Mercury in Libra native, I’m excited ! ]


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