Sunday Sept 29th: Mercury in Scorpio

On Sunday Sept 29th, Mercury leaves Libra for Scorpio. Communication, critical thinking/problem solving/deductive reasoning and short commutes all fall within the realm of Mercury —astrologically speaking, anyhow. The Mercury sign in your natal chart reveals how you prefer to communicate, how you engage in deductive reasoning/problem solving and how you prefer to handle some of those daily chores/day-to-day tasks (which is umbrella’d under “short commutes”). So naturally, the planet occasionally falls into complementary (or non complementary) elements when it’s NOT in your natal sign. What does all this mean now that Mercury has shifted gears once again? We only have to look so far as the characteristics of each sign!

Lips sealed tight! Scorpio only gives the information THEY deem important (Image Courtesy of Google).

Lips sealed tight! Scorpio only gives the information THEY deem important (Image Courtesy of Google).

In diplomatic Libra, Mercury behaves superficially and broadly. Libra, represented by the Scales, is as inclusive as possible: sweeping all points of view, all arguments, all bits of information into one pile to construct a position that represents ALL parties involved. This is probably why astrologers sometimes tie the Scales to justice/law/legal agreements/etc. Essentially, Mercurian Libras (those born when Mercury was positioned here) want to make sure everyone —including the underdog—is spoken for. Of course, whenever Mercury returns to this position, these traits rub off on everyone, at least temporarily. In Libra, Mercury seeks the role of a neutral communicator: preferring to appease all parties, often opting not to disclose their OWN position just to keep everyone happy. Overall, when Mercury hangs in harmonious Libra, we all seem to know “just what to say” (and when to say it!) Scorpio is a completely different ball game! Where Libra scratches the surface when gathering information, Scorpio is a deep digger: wanting to be exact when arguing a point. Where Mercury in Libra feels compelled to negotiate, Mercury in Scorpio accepts the “life isn’t fair” theory and believes the quicker we internalize this lesson, the better off the world will be! Mercurian Scorpios ask those tough questions that Mercury in Libra may gloss over or sugarcoat, not wholly concerned with who may be offended in the long-run.

Remember, Libra is a Cardinal sign: so Mercury in Libra invites us to initiate conversations/discussions and trailblaze into unchartered research territory. Now that the planet of the brainiacs has moved into steady, Fixed Scorpio, this is a great time to build and expand any of the research/projects that we’ve initiated in recent weeks. In terms of qualities or modalities, Fixed signs are persistent, willful and extraordinarily patient. Mercury in Scorpio encourages us to delve into subject matters with the utmost efficiency and skill. Just like those born under a Mercury in Scorpio transit, we may (at least temporarily) pursue an idea until we run it into the ground—-this is the energy the Scorpion brings to the table. The next few weeks offer a perfect time to grow an idea or push a project forward : not necessarily a good time to START things that aren’t already in motion. Discerning Scorpio makes it easy for Mercury to dissect and process information—versus gathering it. [See how this Cardinal Vs. Fixed modality is playing out in this planet? In November, I’ll break apart Fixed Mercury in Scorpio and Mutable Mercury in Sagittarius]. Ultimately, the bottom line here is that once Mercury in Scorpio has decided on something, it’ll take a meeting between the Pope and Jesus to get these guys to change their minds. We may all move a bit stubbornly in our communication in the next few weeks: just embrace it !

"..there's always more to this story" -Mercury in Scorpio (Image Courtesy of

“..there’s always more to this story” -Mercury in Scorpio (Image Courtesy of

In addition to Scorpio being a resident of the Fixed family, Scorpio is also a Water sign (yes, we must talk about them *sighs*). In general, Mercury struggles in Water signs (maybe not so much in Scorpio as in Cancer & Pisces). Water Mercurians are sensitive, intense and intuitive: forcing these natives to communicate from an emotional position (versus from a practical position with Earth signs, an intellectual position with Air signs or a passionate/spirited position with Fire signs). Water signs are also considered “mute” signs by astrologers, since they depend more heavily on nonverbal interaction in order to draw conclusions, solve problems and present information to others. Hand gestures, eye contact, bodily stance, conversation tone, and other things are important to Water signs when engaged in discussion so it’s only natural for Mercury in Scorpio to place significance here. No matter how blunt the energy carried by Mercurian Scorpios, there will still be some reading between the lines here. Mercury in Scorpio forces us to engage with others and with material on a much deeper level. Don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly breaking down every line of a text message trying to decipher a “hidden meaning” or looking for innuendos where there are none. The occasionally usefulness of Scorpio’s persistence can borderline paranoia, even if “this isn’t even how (you) normally act.”

Curious about how this Mercury in Scorpio will mesh with your natal Mercury sign and how it’ll effect your communication skills in the coming weeks ? Not entirely sure how you should make the best of this transit ? Have other general questions ? Find me here: