Tues October 15th: Mars into Virgo

The White Queen from "Alice in Wonderland" is the perfect example of Mars of Virgo: finding practical ways to save the world! (Image Courtesy of Google)

The White Queen from “Alice in Wonderland” is the perfect example of Mars of Virgo: finding practical ways to save the world! (Image Courtesy of Google)

“If you want something done right, ask a Virgo!”

On Tuesday October 15th, the planet Mars leaves determined Leo and enters adjustable Virgo. In astrology, Mars governs energy: our natal Mars sign reveals how we expend energy, where we prefer to expend energy and what types of goals we find pleasure in chasing. This is the planet of action, movement and physical activity: how do we exert ourselves?  For example, those with their natal Mars in Leo, expend energy consistently and sometimes forcefully. Mars in Leo individuals build goals around their need for creative outlet/expression, as well as their desire to entertain [which makes it no surprise that Beyonce, although may have her Sun in Virgo, has her Mars placed in Leo]. Well, how does this translate into everyday transits? When Mars moves through Leo, as it does every year, those of us who do not have our natal Mars placed here will somewhat adopt those characteristics due to cosmic energy shifts. Under the Mars in Leo transit in recent weeks, in some way, we may have all felt the need to “just hold on and persevere” with certain projects/tasks/situations that were taxing on our energy outlets. Leo is both a Fire and Fixed sign; therefore, these guys can be passionate (Fire trait) but also very determined (Fixed quality)—-even if whatever’s being pursued is insignificant and unnecessary. I’d like to think that as a whole, Fixed signs  run on “principle.” So when Mars, the planet of action, moves into the Fixed family, many of our actions are “principle based.” (“Yeah, I know driving to her house in the middle of the night to get the $5 she owed me wasn’t a good decision, but it’s the principle: I shouldn’t have to chase someone down for my money.” —-says a person who probably has their Mars in the Fixed group. )

A Mars in Virgo native looks for power plays that require the least energy but the most returns. (image courtesy of Google)

A Mars in Virgo native looks for power plays that require the least energy but the most returns. (image courtesy of Google)

In Virgo, Mars encourages us to be realistic: our goals and actions emphasize the tangible, the concrete and the documentable. Again, this is very different from Mars in Leo who thrives primarily on their need to creatively express themselves, and their need to be in a constant (or often) state of leisure. If it ain’t fun, a Mars in Leo don’t want none. Virgo? Not interested in leisure, Virgo is practical and efficient (“No, I REALLY don’t want to do this, but it must be done.”) Mars in Virgo natives look for opportunities to create order out of chaos and reform structure where it may have collapsed. The Virgin is a very discriminating sign, just as she is detailed and efficient. Thus, our energy over the next few weeks is directed towards tasks, goals, projects that are practical & offer real results. This Mars in Virgo transition urges us to take on Virgoan traits & downsize, eliminate and refine “the unnecessary.” Remember, Virgo is also a part of the “service axis”, and works best when serving others. You may also encounter the impulse to get out and about for community service: perhaps something organized with a group, or even something as simple as helping an elderly neighbor with errands.

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Traditionally , when the Sun travels through the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), it marks the end of one season. Symbolically, in the cosmic system, Mutable signs “wrap things up;” subsequently, with Mars (the planet of action and energy) passing through the Mutable family, we may take this time to finalize or modify things we’ve been working on. Ultimately, Mutables are the game changers of the zodiac: constantly looking for ways to adapt, change and evolve (which is different from Cardinals who trailblaze or build; and Fixed signs who maintain or expand).

In my opinion, this Mars in Virgo transition is best for those with their Sun, Mars and/or Ascendant sign in Virgo or Pisces; those with their Sun and/or Mars sign in the Earth and/ or Water family may find this cosmic change favorable or slightly beneficial; lastly, those with their Sun and/or Mars in the Fire and Air family could have a difficult time adjusting to this reserved energy. The latter two function on passion and spiritedness: the urge to pause and consider the applicability isn’t always natural to this group.

**A side note, as a Sun-Moon-Mars in Virgo native, I am excited about this switch-up ! 🙂 **

Curious about how this Mars in Virgo transition may impact YOU based on your unique natal chart? Have general questions about astrology? Want to know how astrology can work as a guide or map to having the life you want ?

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