LoveScopes: Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Virgo

The quintessential bad boy meets the ultimate good girl.”
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I often get a lot of emails from subscribers and random visitors to the site who are interested in romantic compatibility and “love astrology.” I always say there are dozens of different aspects that factor into relationship compatibility, but the key planets involved permanently include Venus and Mars. Again, most people certainly know their Sun sign, but few are knowledgeable of their Venus/Mars signs and how they work in our relationships. Astrologically speaking, the planet Venus is tied to the romantic values: thus, our Venus signs reveal what we value in love partnerships and how we express that value to our mates. Sometimes, this differentiation can explain why we don’t behave as our “typical Sun sign” in our love bonds; in addition to our “love values”, the Venus signs can also describe our character in our relationships. For example, a client of mine has her Sun positioned in conservative Capricorn, but her Venus is positioned in extroverted Sagittarius. When it comes to her overall demeanor, she’s reserved & practical; but when it comes to her relationships, she’s adventurous and warm.  Mars, however, is the planet of energy and ambition. Our Mars sign uncovers what serves as motivation in our lives and how we chase those goals. This combination (Venus+ Mars) in love relationships points to what we value in partnerships and how we expend energy with our lovers.


From Oct 15th-Nov 5th, we’ll have our love planet in spirited Sagittarius and our energy planet in practical Virgo. The two signs are very different from one another, thus bringing “hot-cold” energy to our partnerships during this period. For Venusian Sags, physical and emotional space reigns paramount: seeking partnerships in which they can maintain as much freedom as possible. When Venus travels through the Archer, the planet promotes intellectual expansion: cultural, educational, philosophical/ethical, spiritual/religious. Venus in Sagittarius lovers are charming, social, flirtatious and tolerant partners. What does this mean for those of us who DON’T have their Venus in Sagittarius? We may adopt these qualities, at least temporarily, until the planet moves into the next constellation and the cosmic energy shifts. Positively, when Venus places herself here, we can sometimes possess grandiose visions of love in general (or of our partner, specifically). Small details are dismissed in favor of the bigger picture— encouraging us to gloss over the bad parts of our lovers ;we aren’t always realistic with our romantic ideals. We can attribute this to the fiery and passionate quality of The Archer. When it comes to the planet of energy voyaging through the Virgin, Mars behaves efficiently, realistically and malleably. Under this influence, we are all encouraged to attack our goals with practicality and flexibility. How could this translate into the energy we expend in relationships? While Mars is here, we try to interact with our partners with some degree of  pragmatism and changeability. If something isn’t moving effectively in the union, Mars in Virgo seeks the best way to change it—-and quickly.


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I’m sure you’re thinking, “all of this information is fine, but what does all of this have to do with MY relationship?” Well, both Sagittarius and Virgo are Mutable signs: since they aren’t polar opposites, they automatically form a square with one another in the skies. This is a disharmonious angle and requires great effort from both astral bodies in order to grow and learn from one another. In the zodiac system, Mutable signs are adaptable but unpredictable so we may find this quality in our partnerships as both planets rove these constellations. Since Mutable signs constantly evolve, changes within our unions occur often and seemingly effortlessly. Those who have few Mutable signs in their natal chart may find this constant state of flux to be frustrating & unnerving. The best way to blend the energies of Venus in Fire Sagittarius and Mars in Earth Virgo is to just go with the flow! Essentially, both signs find it quite easy to work around problems in relationships and find immense pleasure in unions with loose structures in which they can make modifications should they see fit. Negatively, the fickleness of Mutable signs introduces noncommittal energy to our unions. From now until Nov 5th, I wouldn’t recommend starting a deep, all-encompassing relationship as it may be just as over as it started once Venus moves into Capricorn. Both the Archer and Virgin emphasize renewal—so it’s not uncommon to find remnants of this in our relationships.


Mars in Virgo’s biggest challenge when harnessing the grandiose energy of Sagittarius occurs when Virgo cannot carry out those over-the-top romantic aspirations of its Mutable brethren. Sadge’s primary challenge when expanding the energy of detailed Virgo occurs when the Archer cannot find ways to downsize in a fashion that pleases Virgo. Our bonds over the next three weeks feature this “hot-cold” quality. Positively, it can inject some much needed freshness and excitement in current partnerships; and can serve as the friendship foundation for those fledgling situationships some of you all are currently in.


Where exactly is YOUR Venus and Mars sign? How does this transition impact you based on your individualized natal chart? What can you expect from love over the next three weeks ? Find me here: