Sunday Nov 3rd: Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Scorpio sees what everyone else overlooks!  (Image Courtesy of

Scorpio sees what everyone else overlooks!
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“Deeply intuitive, Scorpios are immensely observant and the masters of perception.”
On Sunday November 3rd, the Moon and Sun conjoin one another in Scorpio in the final Solar Eclipse of 2013. We had a Solar Eclipse in Taurus in May which brought earthy, practical energy to over lives in the past 5 months. Our “Fixed Series” ends today with the Scorpion Moon—bringing everything full circle. This conjunction of the ego (Sun) and emotions (Moon) in powerhouse Scorpio won’t be anything short of an intense experience. Now that the Sun has left Libra and sauntered into Scorpio, we express our own personalities by temporarily adopting the traits of this Water sign. Perhaps we are a bit more secretive and reserved in our daily happenings; there’s an impulse to ” get to the bottom” of things. Remember, Scorpio is a Fixed sign, thus, its steady nature introduces energy prompting us to concentrate, focus, and persevere. Astrologers note that the Scorpion seeks to unveil the unknown in order to reach the highest potential or best product. Unfortunately, Scorpios have a bad reputation but in fact, Scorpio possesses deep healing abilities—it’s just done more abrasively than Water Cancer and Pisces ! Over the next three weeks while the Sun transits Scorpio, this is a best the time to “heal” ourselves as we go about expressing our egos. [For example, those who are Sun in earthy Virgo natives may look for practical ways to provde service to others. Thanks to the Sun moving through Scorpio, Solar Virgos are compelled to work as empathetically and thoroughly as possible. Another example: Sun in Libra natives may work to heal and reinject balance on intimate partnerships that have been weighing heavily on them as of late. Intellectual Libra may also find it easier to focus on dipping beneath the surface as they connect mentally with those they have close partnerships with].
So what exactly does the Moon in Scorpio bring? This is a tough placement: although Scorpio is a Water sibling to the Moon’s home constellation of Cancer, the luminary feels extremely uncomfortable here. Emotions are fanatical and intense, but the natural flow of these emotions remains stagnant.When this astral body journeys through Scorpio, our emotions are self-contained and reserved. As the most conservative of the Water group, Scorpio influences us to hold back and observe until we are sure of what exactly needs to be revealed to the external world. And with this sign falling in the Fixed family, our emotional processes concentrate themselves and steady (also read as “we encounter and embrace stubbornness until we get what we want out of a deal”). Additionally, the cosmic change on Nov 3rd stimulates our self-awareness &highlights the importance of introspection. 
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Know that we are aware of what the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Scorpio mean separately, how exactly do they come together & what does this mean for us?
Astrologically speaking, a Solar Eclipse marks a period of radical new beginnings and can spotlight the area of our lives that require immediate changes.It’s feasible to break old habits here and work on “purging” parts of ourselves that are in desperate need of updating/refinement. Some astrologers believe (and Im one of them) that the Solar Eclipse offers a much more productive period in which its effects are more exactr, more immediate and much more observable to the external world. [Compared to the Lunar Eclipse in which the changes are felt and expressed internally/personally.] Lastly, because we have this eclipse in a willful Fixed sign, expect for its effects to last much longer.
The Solar Eclipse period (three days before and after) directs us to take in new information, and organize some of the goals we have to be materialized under the Full Moon later in the month. The energy at this time is opportunistic, self-centered and introspective. It’s advised to pay more attention to personal goals, versus GROUP goals. It’s not uncommon for the Solar Eclipse to encourage us to focus on emotional concerns that impact us personally instead of seeking solutions that impact those around us. Ultimately, there’s a development of our personalities (Sun) through our subconscious needs (Moon).
With two cosmic bodies in this sign, deep transformative energy floods us. We may all —but especially Sun Scorpions/Moon Scorpions/Rising Scorpions—be able to break down an issue/situation/item in order to intimately understand how it works before reforming it so that the highest potential is reached effortlessly. Self-mastery skills are attached to this sign and also become significant when the Sun and Moon travel here (particularly together). Extremely resourceful Fixed signs leave no stone unturned as they work to explore certain issues, situations, people, and even projects/tasks; subsequently, we may all be unusually persistent at this time until we can actualize our plans. For some of my clients with Fixed placements littered throughout their natal chart, I’ve noticed they are slow to get moving but hard to stop! This self-reliance reaches a pinnacle with determined Scorpio. Our Sun +Moon combination in this sign, unfortunately, can also create real challenges if unchecked. More than any other group, Fixed signs emphasize control; power struggles can emerge as a result of our Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Although extraordinarily tenacious, Scorpio can drive us to be forceful and stubborn if we aren’t getting our way. The inclination to dig our heels deep in the sand to resist changes we don’t want remains high. Watch for controlling, vindictive and hypercritical behavior. There’s also the tendency to for healthy skepticism to border paranoia in the worst way, so be careful !
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Those with a Sun sign, Moon sign, or Ascendant sign placed in Scorpio will without question experience the lunar energy shifts much more deeply than others. Followed by those with a Sun/Moon sign placed in the Earth and/or Water family who may find this change beneficial or favorable. Lastly, those with their Sun or Moon positioned in the Fire and Air family may feel a bit uncomfortable as the persevering quality of Scorpio clashes greatly with this group’s need for freedom. Remember, Scorpio values privacy, while the latter group can be considered the “beacons of free information.”
We have a Taurean Full Moon later this month, in which we can reap the benefits of the seeds planted during this three day period. Questions about this lunar event? Interested in finding out what November has to offer you based not on your Sun sign but your entire natal chart? Find me here :