Tuesday Nov. 5th: Venus in Capricorn

On Tuesday November 5th, the planet Venus exited spirited Sagittarius and entered conservative Capricorn. Astrologically speaking, Venus deals with our romantic and financial sectors. Venus signs point to what we value in love partnerships and how we employ these values as we maintain our romantic relationships. The Venus sign also points to our demeanors within our partnerships (which sometimes explains why we behave differently from our Sun sign). A “lesser” known part of Venus is its ties to how we spend money. Venus in Sagittarius appreciates a partnership in which friendship serves as the foundation (cliche, I’m sure). When traveling through the Archer, Venus prefers love unions that allow a healthy dose of freedom and space to explore. Philosophy/ethics/religion/spirituality/cultural and education. Venusian Archers love a mate who activates their higher mind and adds oxygen to their Fire. Playful Sagittarius finds immense pleasure in love partnerships that are flirty, free and fresh! This spontaneous and accommodating energy shifts greatly as Venus now moves into reserved Capricorn until 2014. Yes, you read correctly, Venus in Capricorn will be bringing seriousness and practicality to all our partnerships until the close of this year. Get ready.



When in Capricorn, Venus appreciates a mate who is modest, honest, reliable and pragmatic in nature. Venusian Capricorns emphasize the importance of a lover who is not only materially and financially stable but also of high social status. Subsequently, while Venus moves through this constellation, we may all be somewhat influenced to weed out the “bad seeds.” If you’ve been bogged down in a partnership that really isn’t providing you what you need emotionally or physically, Venus in Capricorn can help you fix the ship or find a new one to jump onto. As an Earth sign, Capricorn underlines this element’s requirement for applicability and the tangible. More than ANY other sign, a Venus in Capricorn native would be inclined to marry for convenience and status —-and not necessarily love.When Venus corralled through Sagittarius, the questions, “how fun is this partner?” …”is my lover charming?”….”can my lover understand my longing for physical/emotional space?” prevailed without question. Now that the energy has shifted, Venus in Capricorn encourages us to ask, “is my partner useful?”….”is this relationship actually going somewhere?”….”can this union help me create stability in my life?” The fiery Archer prefers a romantic union that is carefree, stress-free and spontaneous. Spunky Sag knows how to cut loose and enjoy all the possibilities of life.Earthy Cap, however, focuses a great deal of time, not on possibilities, but on actualities! The tangible and countable reign supreme here. While Venus traversed the last Fire sign, we may have been willing to please our mates—with no limits; with Venus now in the final Earth sign, Capricorn reminds us that there are limits—-and we’d do well to find them, quickly.


Venus in Mutable Sagittarius renewed our ability to be flexible and fluid with our partners: specifically as things often change in relationships and require this quality. Symbolically in the zodiac, Mutable signs embody adaptiveness, transformations and evolution. Venusian Sagittarians find it relatively effortless to adjust to whatever their partner needs in that exact moment. The problem, however, is that because Mutables are so flexible, they can also shape shift and drift off into the sunset if something compels them to move on. More than ANY other zodiac group, Mutables can pick up and move on with few thoughts or reservations. What does this mean for some of our unions? Well now that Venus has left this placement, any “hot and heavy” unions created during that period may also dissipate if both parties cannot find common ground under this Capricornic influence. As a Cardinal sign, Capricorn has a take-charge quality that Venus picks up and applies to our love unions when the planet vacations here. Cardinals are the initiators, enterprisers and trailblazers of the cosmos. As an Earth-Cardinal, Venus in Capricorn prompts us to start ((or restart) relationships in which both lovers are useful and reliable to one another. A Venus in Sagittarius may send three dozen roses to your job, don’t expect so much from Venus in Capricorn. More often than not, these guys look for realistic ways to speak their love language. Leaky pipe in the kitchen? Venus in Cap will fix that, just to let you know they’ve noticed—-and they care. Lastly, Venus in Capricorn tends to behave frugally in comparison to jovial Sagittarius so there’s also an inclination to rein in loose spending that occurred under Venus in Sagittarius. Overall, Venus in Capricorn infuses maturity and self-discipline within our relationships.


The remainder of the year, we have a really unique opportunity to build relationships that offer realistic solutions to whatever our romantic or emotional needs are. Grandiose visions of love and relationships whittle themselves into something real and permanent. Venus in Capricorn helps to lay the groundwork! We also have Mars, the “partner” of Venus, in a fellow Earth sign (Virgo) which will DEFINITELY help us steady ourselves romantically and push forward in a very meaningful way. Lastly, we have Venus entering its only Retrograde cycle of 2013. I’ll be posting two subsequent articles regarding those transitions.

Our Venus in Capricorn passage is extremely favorable to those with their Sun sign, Venus sign, and/or Ascendant sign placed in Capricorn. Those with their Sun sign, Venus sign and/or Ascendant sign placed in the Earth and Water family may find this change to be somewhat beneficial. Those with their Sun sign, Venus sign, and/or Ascendant sign in the Fire or Air family may feel uncomfortable with this restrictive energy introduced by Capricorn. 


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