Saturday December 21st: Venus in Capricorn Retrogrades

Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.

On Saturday December 21st, the planet Venus enters its first and only retrograde period (Rx) of 2013 in Capricorn and will remain Rx until the New Year. In the cosmos, Venus represents our love values and how we express these values to our (potential) mates. If your Venus sign is different from your Sun sign, it can possibly explain why you behave differently in your intimate relationships compared to your interactions with people other than your lover. With Venus currently resting in pragmatic Capricorn, there’s an emphasis on sustainability [how long can this partnership last?]; responsibility [do I feel accountable for my behavior to my mate?]; and applicability [is this union helping me further my own long-goals?]. I’ve already written an article regarding how Venus functions in this Earth sign, so I won’t rehash this information. Find the link concerning what Venus in Capricorn values & the mannerisms that follow, here—


Venus retrograde cycles occur every 18 months or so and offer us the opportunity to discriminate and discern in our romantic partnerships. This phase helps us search deep within for our true romantic needs and how to attain them. We may also work to refine how we express these needs to our current (or future) lovers. Difficulties in our love bonds glare brightly when Venus enters Rx. Remember, just as astrologers attach certain traits/qualities to constellations/signs , the planets are also given characteristics! Studiers of the cosmos associate Venus with diplomacy, harmony and compromise. Because of this, when Venus enters passive/introverted signs, the penchant to gloss over negatives with our partners increases. Earth Capricorn falls into the “introverted” category: encouraging harmony through conformity. Venus Rx, in effect, slows things down to prompt reevaluation , renewal and possible recommitment to a particular value we allowed to fall to the wayside. Take the next few weeks to reassess and reaffirm that something “is” or “isn’t” working in your relationship/marriage. We all want to reconnect with our “inner lover” and seek to understand the role we’ve played in our past/current romantic relationships.


For the remainder of December 2013, and the first few weeks of 2014, our need to love someone and be loved by someone intensifies—which could cause instability and indecision. We may break things off with a mate, make up and subsequently end things once more. Venus’s regression in the cosmos pressures us to feel wanted while we are simultaneously painfully aware of disappointments that won’t go away. Any illusions must be addressed and resolved by the end of the Rx cycle. Relationship needs are continuously questioned now. If you are currently in the midst of a challenging relationship/marriage, you may find it more than difficult to ignore the problems that are causing tension between the two of you. Venus in Capricorn exacerbates our hurts and old love wounds resurface repeatedly. One thing I’ve noticed about Venus in retrograde is the resurgence of old LOVERS! People you’ve written off (or those who wrote you off) may find their way back into your Facebook messages, your text inbox and your call log.

Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.


For those of you currently engulfed in rocky long-term partnerships/marriages, or “situationships” (a term I’ve stolen from my good friend Jonathon), may seek the answer to these (and possibly other) questions:

1. How much longer can we work/push forward in this endless chaos? —sustainability.

2. Do I feel obligated to stay with this person or do I want to? Does my mate feel obligated or does (s)he want to? —-responsibility.

3. Is this relationship helping me reach personal/spiritual/financial goals…or hindering me from achieving them? —applicability.

Again, Earth Capricorn operates on practicality, not passion, as say, a fiery Sagittarian, would. With our love planet here, there’s significance on reexamining practicality in our relationships.


Although we speak often about Venus and romance, the planet also manages “finances” to a smaller extent. This is not a time for financial excess. This is definitely a period to reevaluate our attachment(s) to material possessions. Naturally, it’s conceivable we may reform personal ideas about materialism & consumerism. Collectively, but especially Earth and Water signs, find it necessary to review the link between our income generation and our ability to purchase goods that we want. I would definitely warn against excessively luxurious items—there could be a great deal of buyer’s remorse once Venus transitions into steady Aquarius next year. Positively, we may be able to renegotiate financial/legal matters in coming weeks (i.e. loans/contracts/legal agreements/raises or promotions at work/ etc.


Certainly, we will all feel the effects of this astral transition but those MOST impacted by this Venus Rx in Capricorn are individuals with their Ascendant sign, Sun sign, and/or Venus sign placed in Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus, Libra, Virgo, and Gemini. Those with their Ascendant sign, Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Scorpio and Pisces may find this transition favorable in some essence, regarding relationships. Lastly, those with their Ascendant sign, Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius may feel somewhat “closeted” or confined since Capricorn functions on structure and predictability—-and those signs do NOT!

[You can somewhat forecast how Venus Rx will reshape your relationship or your ideas about relationships if you have combinations of the groups above. For example, I am a Scorpio Ascendant, Sun in Virgo and Venus in Libra—–so I’m almost certain I’ll be single by the time this is all over. Lol.]

Of course, there aren’t only 12 people that walk this planet, we all have different natal charts/aspects. If you are curious about how this change could possibly impact you individually, drop all questions here: —they are usually answered within 48 hours of receipt.