Tuesday December 24th: Mercury in Capricorn

Tuesday December 24th marks the start of Christmas Eve and Mercury’s transition from Sagittarius into Capricorn. Astrologically, Mercury deals with our communication and thinking processes: how do we learn ? how do we interact with others ? how do we retain information ? When in Sagittarius, Mercury conceives information on a grand level—leaving the details in the dust. This planet emanates ambition & boldness when traveling through the Archer. Over the last three weeks, collectively, we may have directed less mental energy to details and facts; instead, preferring to gaze at the bigger picture. The Mercury in Sagittarius transit was immensely beneficial to those who have their Sun and/or Mercury sign placed in the Fire or Air family. Astrologers link Sagittarius with philosophy, culture, higher education, morals/ethics, and long-distance travels—usually prompting interaction with different cultures. There’s intellectual tolerance when Mercury abides in this constellation. Many of our intellectual pursuits centre around these topics. Perhaps lately we’ve been apt to discuss some of our philosophical beliefs with others:
Mercury in Capricorn is all business, no play ! (Image Courtesy of www.ohjoy.org)

Mercury in Capricorn is all business, no play ! (Image Courtesy of http://www.ohjoy.org)

Now that Mercury has made its grand exit from the fiery heights of Sag, it’s time to ground into practical Capricorn. Mercury in Capricorn transition introduce settled and calculated mental energy.  Here, Capricorn is a conscious communicator: well aware of what to say and when to say it.
Many of the conversations held over the next few weeks fixate on analyzing and improving our social status, increasing our financial wealth, solidifying material security and ensuring our external professional persona matches how we feel about ourselves internally. Customarily, Mercury in Capricorn is aloof, reserved and rather formal in demeanor. Thus, the warm and outwardly friendly nature of Mercury in Sagittarius melts away into the iciness of this Earth sign. Capricorn isn’t one for small talk and pointless chatter; positively, Mercury in Capricorn can help us organize some of those ideas we’ve had in recent weeks. Over the next three weeks, Capricorn restores intellectual efficiency: we look for practicality and usefulness in the information we acquire. Negatively, there’s a tendency to hold back on our thoughts instead of laying all our cards out on the table.
The biggest challenge until Mercury moves into Aquarius is to be sure we aren’t too stern and insensitive in our exchanges with others. Essentially, Capricorn is a “down-to-business” sign; when Mercury is here, we are shrewd and responsible communicators. This transition is extremely beneficial for those in the Earth and Water family; it could be somewhat uncomfortable and ritualistic in nature for those with a Sun and/or Mercury in the Fire and Air family. In fact, Fire and Air signs are fluid and carefree when communicating; so the disciplined quality of Capricorn is sobering to say the least.
Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.