Jan 11th-Feb 28th: The Water Bearer and the Water Dweller

Image Courtesy of JoTracey.com.au

Image Courtesy of JoTracey.com.au

January and February 2014 features fuzzy shift in communication thanks to Mercury transiting both Aquarius and Pisces. Mercury will also move in and out of a retrograde phase —further shaking up our thoughts and exchanges with others. Because this article covers the remainder of January, all of February and two separate constellations, it’ll be pretty long. You’ve been warned!
[Dates to keep in mind]
Saturday January 11th , Mercury entered Aquarius
Friday January 31st, Mercury enters Pisces
Thursday February 6th, Mercury in Pisces Retrogrades
Thursday February 13th Mercury Retrogrades in Aquarius
Friday February 28th, Mercury in Aquarius SD
Mercury Retrograde (Rx) : Thurs Feb 6, 2014 -Fri Feb 28, 2014
Remember, in astrology, the planet Mercury governs the mind and all things related to it: information gathering, information processing and information dissemination. Mercury also handles electronics and transportation—-as these two areas help us to connect with others. When Mercury initiates a retrograde phase, we can expect mixed signals/miscommunication, transportation problems, electronic failures and scheduling delays. “Connection mishaps” increase naturally under the Rx cycle, but with Mercurian fluctuations between Aquarius and Pisces, our exchanges with others could be strained. Retrogrades mark a period of introversion and inner-reflection: this is a time to brainstorm, plan, organize, and restructure. Once March arrives, we can implement some of these thoughts/projects we’ve been working on privately in previous weeks.

Because the communication changes occur with Aquarius and Pisces, members of the Fixed and Mutable families are impacted much more greatly than others. For example, when Mercury traverses Aquarius, then Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius can expect shake ups in their dealings with the external world. Conversely, when Mercury slinks into Pisces, then Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces can look forward to conversational/mental difficulties.

Generally speaking, when traveling through the impersonal signs [Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces], Mercury reshifts our brain to focus on “macro issues” and encourages our minds to wander over grand ideas/visions. Compare this to Mercury’s journey through the personal signs [Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo], directing our thoughts to “micro issues.” Over the next seven weeks, there’s a stronger emphasis on integration versus individualization. Although the traits attributed to Aquarius and Pisces are different (Air/Fixed and Water/Mutable, respectively), they do share an urgency to understand the greater needs of society and the role we play in society. This quality is more pronounced for individuals with their native Sun/Mercury sign in the impersonal constellations.

Image Courtesy of Alphacoders.com

Image Courtesy of Alphacoders.com

Mercury in Aquarius: Sat Jan 11, 2014- Thurs Jan 30, 2014

While Mercury roams through this constellation, our communication demeanors are somewhat detached and objective. The Water Bearer works to appear as “rational” as possible: even if they care deeply about an issue, getting them riled up about it is unlikely. Words expressed here don’t always convey those “warm and fuzzy” feelings; instead, conversations maintain an intellectual edge. We can blame this on the Aquarian’s Air element. Additionally, Aquarius is a Fixed sign. This modality means the mind isn’t as flexible as it appears externally. During this period, our mental reserves host deep concentration abilities. There’s a profound urge to hone in on an idea, project,  or theory and explore them thoroughly. Although the ruler planet of Aquarius is erratic Uranus, the mind is diligent, disciplined and determined.

During this period, our expressions to others manifest eccentrically or out-of-step with how we normally process information and communicate. The mind is unorthodox and works in a radical fashion. Astrologers tie Aquarius with “the bigger picture”: there’s emphasis on humanity, society and “the greater good.” Our thoughts, ideas, and projects  pivot in the direction of altruism and brotherhood. Conversations surround radical/revolutionary aims. Mercury in Aquarius stimulates the brain in the direction of innovation, progression and expansion. It is quite likely that we are brimming with abstract ideas that we want to share with others.


The Mercury in Aquarius transit may BEST benefit Air and Fire  natives. There may be tension for Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer and Virgo in their expression of self to others.

Image Courtesy of David Allen's Photobucket

Image Courtesy of David Allen’s Photobucket

Mercury in Pisces: Fri Jan 31, 2014 — Wed Feb 12, 2014

Mercury’s journey through Pisces prompts us to “feel our way” through things. Due to the Water quality, Mercury in Pisces is an emotional communicator with a subjective thought process. When placed here, Mercury is inclined to research/incorporate information that supports how something feels versus just accepting the facts of the situation. During this period, we may all find our verbal& written creative edge! We are hypersensitive to our environments: seeking subtleties in details. Unfortunately, there’s a penchant for Pisces to over-romanticize things : glossing over information that’s unsavory or upsetting to them. Nonverbal communication reigns supreme when Mercury rests here: body language, facial expressions, tone, hand gestures, etc. Pisceans prefer to read between the lines: it isn’t the context but the subtext that’s important to this Water sign. For this reason, the Water family is sometimes referred to as “mute signs” since you can never get the full story out of them. Additionally, Pisces is of Mutable modality; this denotes flexibility and unpredictability. Mercury in Pisces encourages us to breeze from one subject/thought/idea to the next when it no longer serves our purpose. This is in staunch contrast to Fixed Mercury in Aquarius, who is unyielding once the mind is made up.

Mercurian Pisces live in their brains, so we may also pick up this characteristic when the communication planet vacations here. Naturally, everyone else cannot read our minds so we may be predisposed to think but not speak; and speak but speak incompletely. Positively, Pisces is empathetic and kind—-reinjecting our conversations with a gentle and intuitive energy. Our thoughts turn towards higher consciousness, epiphanies, revelations, atonement, spirituality, religion, and endings/closures/finality. Remember , the Pisces-Virgo axis is all about duty and compassion. There’s a need to serve others and use our thoughts/ideas to serve others. Finding healing (or administering healing) through words found more frequently with Pisces than any other sign.

The Mercury in Pisces may BEST benefit Earth and Water signs. There may be tension for Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo and Libra.

Overall, the next seven weeks offer opportunity to seek some sort of “higher consciousness” whether in a global sense OR on a much more personal level. We may push to discover our ultimate truths and switch into detective mode to unveil any bouts of superficiality. This is a time to invert& explore ourselves: figuring out what it is exactly that we think (regarding certain issues) and how we express these thoughts to others around us.

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