Friday February 14th: Full Moon in Leo


I usually refrain from posting articles on lunar events (unless it’s an Eclipse); but our upcoming Full Moon in Leo on Friday Feb 14th should be very interesting. Our moon will be in a very romantic sign on a romantic day: Valentine’s Day. I’ve been getting a great deal of email from you guys asking about “Valentine’s Day forecasts”, “love forecasts” and “relationship predictions” for the next couple of weeks. This article is for you guys!

On Friday Feb 14th, our Sun and Moon oppose one another and encourage us to create clarity and balance between the energy these two luminaries bring.  There’s a distinct need to refocus on our attention to interpersonal relationships and incorporate these energies into our lives. Emotions tend to run high surrounding our Full Moons—and usually seep in three days before the actual lunar event takes place. The Moon shines at its brightest when “Full”: symbolizing the illumination or revelation of certain things to us. Epiphanies, conclusions and manifestations unveil themselves at this time. This is a period where we are forced to accept the “fullness” of these situations and move forward. Our self-identity/ego (Sun) and emotions/subconscious needs (Moon) come head-to-head with one another. The Sun in collective driven Aquarius battles it out with Moon in individualistic Leo: the egocentric (Lion) and the altruistic (Water Bearer) tango with one another and fight for our internal attention. We must find equilibrium between these forces during most of next week[and into the weekend].

Astrologers tie fiery Leo with creativity, recreational/leisure activities, hobbies, sports, romance, gambling, sports/athletics, and children. The attributes normally attached to Leo include warmth, passion, and spiritedness. As a result, the Full Moon in Leo on Valentine’s Day ensures we are all gregarious, attentive and heartfelt in our social (romantic) interactions with others. As the King/Queen of the African Savanna, these guys work best when pampered, surrounded by luxury and engrossed in all things “sophisticated.” [I never understood the “king of the jungle: since lions don’t live in jungles]. The Full Moon in Leo prompts us to indulge in our vices, exchange with others and relax ourselves. The intuitive Moon in flashy Leo means Extravagance drapes our emotional dealings with the external world. Remember, in addition to Leo residing in the Fire group, it is also a Fixed sign. Generally speaking, the Fixed family works to “maintain” and “concentrate” their energy. The fluid characteristic of the Moon isn’t wholly compatible with the stubborn characteristic of Leo and could signal possible power struggles: either internally with self, or externally with others. Leo is one of the zodiac’s ultra-romantics so there’s a deep need to give attention but more importantly, receive it from those we care most about. If this level of adoration isn’t provided in whatever capacity we occur, it could motivate us to behave stubbornly and immaturely with that individual.

The emotions are intense and unyielding when the Moon traverses Leo: Leo’s greatest prize may be tenacity and straightforwardness. I suspect Valentine’s Day 2014 could see MANY crushes being exposed and endlessly pursued: the Lion doesn’t give up easily at all. The creative and zealous nature of Leo contributes to their charisma. We are showy and proud of our lovers, as well as our relationships: I suspect there will be a spark in our declarations of love. This is also a period where we may find emotional fulfillment in social activities and integrating our lovers into those social activities/hobbies that are dear to us. Ultimately, Leo is an open sign and we , at least temporarily, find beauty in opening up and letting our guards down.


Those with their Sun and/or Moon and/or Ascendant in Leo or Aquarius may find this Full Moon to be most beneficial for revelations regarding the assessment of their current self-identity and significant other. Those with a Sun and/or Moon and/or Ascendant in Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius may find this Full Moon in Leo to be beneficial as there is gentle support between these elements/constellations—-they function along similar parallels. Lastly, those with their Sun and/or Moon and/or Ascendant in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces may benefit least from this lunar transition.

Curious about the particular sector of your natal chart that this Full Moon in Leo may activate? Not sure which areas of your life could be impacted? Find me here: —please allow at least 48 hours for a response: I want to make sure I can respond to everyone!