Tuesday February 18th: Sun in Pisces

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For Pisces, the surreal becomes real. (Image Courtesy of Google)

On Tuesday February 18th, the Sun leaves the intellectual sign of Aquarius and enters intuitive Pisces: rounding out the end of this zodiac season. As the final sign of the cosmos, Pisces embodies closures/finalizations/endings/revelations/epiphanies/evolutions. In a literal sense, the season of Pisces denotes the end Winter in preparation for Spring. Symbolically, the Sun’s movement here provides an opportunity to “wrap up” or “evolve” unfinished business in preparation for Cardinal Aries’ return next month. In astrology, the Sun deals with our psyche, ego and true identity: who are we at our core? Thus, Solar transitions through constellations that are not our own, channel how we express our true core/egos to others. When the Sun travels through signs that are complementary to our own natal sign, it is quite easy for us to reveal our personality to others; when in non-complementary constellations, it prompts us to employ the unfamiliar energy to move outside of our comfort zone(s).

The Sun in Pisces encourages us to redirect our attention to the “hidden” or “subconscious” parts of our ego and psyche. Astrologers associate Pisces with higher consciousness, spirituality, atonement and “ultimate truths.” Subsequently, over the next four weeks, we are prone to explore those hidden possibilities in order to reach some sort of closure or total understanding of a situation. In terms of esoteric astrology, each sign in the zodiac builds upon the previous sign. Naturally, Pisces integrates everything experienced in the preceding eleven signs. As a Mutable, Pisces possesses the ability to blend into any role in which they are needed: essentially, they are flexible and adaptable. We pick up these traits—-at least temporarily—as we go about exploring the depths of our souls.

Pisces caters to the creative and imaginative parts of our personality (Image Courtesy of Google).

Pisces caters to the creative and imaginative parts of our personality (Image Courtesy of Google).

As a Water sign, the Sun in Pisces brings hypersensitivity and intuition. Water signs are emotive and quite compassionate: this is a placement of transcendence and healing; Pisces emboldens us to repair and restore ourselves both emotionally and spiritually. Delving deep is a Piscean specialty—-occasionally getting lost in their feelings and avoiding reality; I suspect this may become a challenge for all of us over the next four weeks. As a Water/Mutable, Pisces can sometimes be unreliable and extremely unpredictable. Their predilection towards rose-colored glasses signals a lack of boundaries and a self-sacrificial attitude. Positively, the Sun in Pisces transit jolts our sensitivity, creativity and imagination. This is a good period to indulge in our artistic selves: connecting the dots between the mundane and the surreal. Unlike Cardinal and Fixed signs, who project their inner selves to the outside world, Mutable signs draw from their environment and absorb it internally. This leads to escapism, avoidance and unrealistic perceptions about the outside world.

Overall, this will be a dreamy, sensitive and emotional transit: particularly for Sun in Pisces natives (whose egos are wrapped in “self” and redefining how they want to present themselves to the world); as well as Sun in Virgo natives (whose egos, at least over the next four weeks, are wrapped up in the “others” in their lives). Remember, Virgo and Pisces are polar opposites: with Virgo marking the end of the personal signs & Pisces marking the end of the impersonal signs. This solar movement may also be beneficial for those with their Sun or Ascendant in Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn: there’s gentle support between these complementary signs. Lastly, this solar movement may be a bit uncomfortable for those with a Sun or Ascendant in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

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