Saturday March 1st: Mars in Libra Retrograde (Rx)

Image Courtesy of artist Karol Bak.

Image Courtesy of artist Karol Bak.

On Saturday December 7th of 2013, Mars left practical Virgo and entered intellectual Libra. This weekend, Mars in Libra moves into a retrograde position (Rx) until May 2014. Mars reigns over our ambitions and goals: our natal Mars sign can reveal how we create goals and how we express pure energy. Mars transitions, however , expose the area of your life where you should direct your energy. Ultimately, the easiest keywords to remember in relation to Mars’ functions: “action“, “activity“, “energy“, “goals“, “ambition“, “assertiveness“. Astrologers also attribute Mars as being passionate, aggressive and occasionally overzealous—in extreme cases. Subsequently, the area in your natal chart that Mars is transiting can explain where you seem to be most passionate during this Mars in Libra transit.

Essentially, retrograde periods of ANY planet indicate a “regression”, “repeat”, or “do over” regarding that planet’s governorship. Because Mars governs how we build and chase goals, the current retrograde phases encourages us to “go over”, “slow down” or “redo” the sector of our natal charts that Mars is presently passing through

; this will be explained briefly below. There’s a “redoing” of actions and reprioritizing objectives we’ve outlined for ourselves. This isn’t a prime time to start new goals or aims as we may regret them once Mars moves to Scorpio. This is also NOT a time for taking decisive actions/steps on certain issues; this is better done when Mars ends its retrograde cycle. Now, is the time to ensure that your plans are viable and realistic. Impulsivity surges: the urge to act even no solid plan is in place just yet. Because the qualities of Mars favor proactive versus reactive energy, we must watch for “jumping the gun” until mid-May.

I’d recommend reading for your natal Sun sign and your natal Mars sign to get a well-rounded view of which areas of your life most benefit from reshaping motivations and energy expenditure.


:  This Mars in Libra transit is moving through the sector of your natal chart connected to your closest relationships; one-on-one interactions serve as motivation for you right now. There’s a great deal of energy invested in dating and/or repairing a romantic partnership. This could also indicate possibly initiating a diplomatic exchange between self and a potential business partner. Both of these bonds are considered “personal” as they require you to operate in close contact with that individual. Ultimately, this is a period of giving to an “other” versus receiving from another. Generally, the Ram (especially for those with their Sun and/or Mars here) prefers to walk alone and work alone. For the next seven months, Aries should focus on harmonious cooperation and a willingness to negotiate/compromise. Now that Mars is Rx, it may feel difficult for you to garner energy to confront a lover or business partner abt issues that are bothering you. A big challenge for Aries may be to guard against passive-aggressive behavior with your spouse or lover. From now until mid-May, you are less motivated to push your personal agenda on others and may find comfort in introspection. This is a time to reevaluate and reprioritize desires you have related to romantic or business bonds. Asking your inner-self whether or not your actions in the past have contributed positively to relationship goals you’ve established for yourself. Lastly, you could spend time reviewing or rethinking contracts and attempt to renegotiate the terms once Mars leaves the retrograde position.

Keywords forAries

during Mars Rx: relationships, business partners, legal agreements/lawsuits, diplomacy, cooperation. [There’s increased activity between self and romantic/business partners; there could also be an increase in legal involvements].

Taurus: Mars in Libra, your Venus-mate, emblazes you to redirect your energy towards health, and service pursuits; this is includes both mental and physical health, as well as service of self and service of others. This is a position of self-improvement, work ethic and work habits. Taurean may spend the next six months seeking the best way to develop and refine themselves. This position usually indicates an urge to act as efficiently as possible. You may be interested in regaining control of your diet/exercise routine and channeling your energy towards personal change, both inside and out. This is a high energy placement and can signal lack of self-control when the planet hits a tough angle with another planet. During this Rx period, Taurus may take time to reflect on new ways to monitor their health , offer service to their community and hone their work ethic. Once the Rx cycle ends in mid-May, Taureans may find it easier to put some of those health and wellness ideas into practice.

Keywords for Taurus during Mars Rx: health, safety, the body, diet, wellness, work ethic [There’s increased activity surrounding your nutrition and service of self/service of others].

Gemini: Mars in Libra directs your attention to your hobbies, leisure activities, sports, romance and self-expression. This placement increases the competitive and enthusiastic nature of Gemini and encourages impatience. It’s possible that over the next six months, the Twins channel their energy into fleeting love affairs (being swept up in their feelings for another), entertainment and other recreational activities. During the next few weeks, however, the Mars in Libra retrograde cycle prompts Gemini to reassess the amount of energy they devote to socializing and other creative projects. Perhaps this is a time to recommit to a hobby that you’ve previously expressed interest in, or regain control of a passionate affair that you lost the reins to. The biggest challenge for Gemini during this period is to watch for impulsive or unnecessary risks/gambles that you act upon simply because it’s what you want but not what you need. When Mars moves into Scorpio later this year, you may find yourself regretting those decisions immensely. Ultimately, Mars in Libra emboldens you to reintroduce more leisure, fun and entertainment into your personal life. While in Rx, you have the opportunity to reevaluate the best way to make this happen; when the Rx cycle is over in mid-May, you’ll have the opportunity to put these ideas into action.

Keywords for Gemini during Mars Rx: creativity, gambling, sports, socializing, children [There’s increased activity surrounding your lover life and your “fun” life].

Cancer: Mars in Libra draws your energy into your home life: an area you know a great deal about. You become increasingly focused on creating and maintaining stability in the domestic sphere, directing a great deal of energy in ensuring your immediate family is well taken care of. Emotional, material and financial security is important and many actions undertaken work along these lines. The next six months offer a perfect opportunity to repair, renovate, redecorate or move into a home. The next few weeks, however, don’t favor this. The Rx is a time to redo or reconsider the best way to make your home comfortable for you: both physically and emotionally. Once the Rx period ends, it’s easier to take action on the plans created. The biggest challenge for the Crab while Mars vacations in Libra includes avoiding tyrannical aggressive behavior with those in the household. Negatively, this placement can indicate controlling actions on the part of Cancer concerning their children or spouse. There could be tension or conflict in the home that disturbs the emotional equilibrium between all parties involved.

Keywords for Cancer during Mars Rx: domestic sphere, emotional stability, material security, past karma [There’s increased activity surrounding the family life and household.]

Leo: The Mars in Libra position encourages Leo to channel energy into mental pursuits and may be best expressed while you’re enthralled in intellectually stimulating activities. The passion of Mars is activated by gathering information, reaching out to others, and engaging in debates. The next seven months are going to be quite busy for Leo! You may find yourself preoccupied with small (but frequent) errands around town –even more than usual—increases in calls/texts/emails for business, and increased contact with siblings, neighbors and extended family. There could also be possible scheduling and/or transportation delays for Leo at this time. All of these things (errands/commutes/transportation/electronics/etc.) deal greatly with communicating ideas to others. Mars in cooperative Libra reminds brash Leo that the Lion can attract more bees with honey than vinegar. You could possibly be devoting more time to focus on a website or blog that is dear to you. You may also place more emphasis on journaling and writing while Mars remains in Libra. The Rx period prompts you to reevaluate the energy you direct towards entertaining ideas that aren’t productive to whatever end goals you’ve created for yourself. The biggest challenge for Leo from now until mid-May is to reprioritize the hassles of life: are these hassles worth the actions you’ve undertaken to actualize them ? Are your deepest desires compatible with the ideas you’ve outlined for yourself?

Keywords for Leo during Mars Rx: ideas, thoughts, communicative exchanges, errands/commutes, electronics, transportation, and your overall thinking processes. [There is increased activity surrounding intellectualism and making superficial/fleeting connections with others].

Virgo: Mars in Libra marks an increase in the ability to create and find financial opportunities. You may be particularly aggressive and competitive when it comes to income generation and overall savings. Virgo’s energy is directed towards goals that relate to honing a talent/skill in preparation for sweeping in some new coins. There’s a seriously strong chase of material security and a markedly intense level of overall possessiveness. The Mars Rx cycle that began this weekend forces you to reexamine goals or objectives tied to money and self-esteem. Questions to ask during this time frame: what specifically do you want in terms of financial wellness and are you taking the appropriate actions to make it happen? Am I making money based off my true talents/skills ? Should I be bringing in more money based on what I know I can do? Rx leads to reflection on aims and drives as it relates to the tangible. This is a time for Virgo to rethink actions regarding money making AND money management. As a member of the service axis, Virgo doesn’t mind serving and working for others; Mars in Libra, however, may embolden you to find ways to work for yourself. Ultimately, the next six months reveal a shift in attitudes towards materialism, spending and earnings. The next few weeks, however, prompt you to reassess internalized ideas about links between “money” and “things.”

Keywords for Virgo during Mars Rx: spending habits, income creation, financial opportunities, materialism/possessiveness, and self-esteem/self-worth [There is increased activity surrounding financial growth and the acquisition of physical goods].

Image Courtesy of Karol Bak.

Image Courtesy of Karol Bak.

Libra: Mars in Libra is shining light and attention on YOU. Over the next six months during this transit, you project most of your energy into projects or activities that are purely “self-motivated.” Libra is most focused on the best way to satisfy me, me, me: and because diplomatic Libra usually tip-toes in an effort to refrain from ruffling feathers, this Mars in Libra transit is moving the ball back in your own court. You want to play by YOUR rules, and have absolutely no problem telling others you feel this way—nicely of course (it’s the Libra way). Over the Rx period, you may spend time rethinking whether this independent behavior is actually getting you what you want. As the resident sign of cooperation, Libra understands the beauty in team-work; but with feisty Mars here, your impulsivity could push you to move or act outside of your own favor. You could find yourself impatient and unreasonable with people who aren’t moving in the direction you want them to move in or taking the actions you’d prefer that they take. Your personal ambitions heighten: you are extremely conscientious of how you look, how you dress and your overall mannerisms. Your personality emerges strongly ( and this intensifies when the Sun moves into your polar opposite later this month). Ultimately, this is a high energy and highly competitive placement for the normally tamed Libra. You are less inclined to act as an observer in your own life and decide to take on a more participatory role. All that is new and unknown draws your attention and encourages you to move yourself in those directions.

Keywords for Libra during Mars Rx: self, reinvention, ambition, personal goals [There’s increased activity between satisfying your ambitious nature and projecting your personal agenda externally.]

Scorpio: Mars is currently seated in the sign just before yours, emblazing you to hold back and retreat inward. For Scorpio, the Mars in Libra transit signals a period of introversion. This is a sleepy and quiet placement: for the next six months, you may feel pressured to work in the background and fade into semi-obscurity. Your motivations, at this time, come in the form of spiritual awareness, spiritual renewal and your need to attach yourself to something much bigger than yourself. There’s an emphasis on personal reflections regarding atonement, forgiveness and epiphanies; this is a time to take those extra moments to consider what actions must be taken in order for you to forgive yourself (or another person) for past transgressions. You are ready to accept the finalities of certain phases of your life and the Mars in Libra transit encourages you to repair and wrap things up. Once Mars moves into your own sign, you’ll be more inclined to interact and exchange with others more aggressively than you are now. Additionally, Mars in Libra sways Scorpio to work harmoniously with others behind the scenes instead of in the forefront of the cameras. This is quite different from Mars in Scorpio, which values a more assertively stubborn energy. While in the Rx cycle, you may work twice as hard to avoid confrontations with others and spend twice as much energy devoted to introspective activities. This placement can be tense and frustrating at times: your innate need to act feels constrained by Libra’s tendencies to hesitate.

Keywords for Scorpio during Mars Rx: self-renewal, karma, secrets, secrecy/privacy, the subconscious/intuitive [There is increased activity surrounding uncovering the hidden/secret parts of your life].

Sagittarius: Friendships, group associations and social support systems prevail as motivation for you at this time. Mars in Libra hits on the portion of your natal chart linked to platonic bonds and group affiliations. Since Mars has moved into Libra, Sagittarians have directed a large amount of energy into friendships and those whom they depend on for social support. Hanging out, having fun, sharing ideas and being supportive of one another is more important now than it was during the previous Mars transit. Social hour and weekend explorations are extraordinarily appealing. Ultimately, you are confident and extremely social. Others may look to you for guidance or leadership during this transition and you invest a lot of your time into taking command of these clubs or friendships. During the Rx cycle, Sagittarius would do best by funneling energy in the observation of group dynamics/politics  within friendships. Mars in harmonious Libra beckons the “soft sell” approach versus the occasionally abrasive quality of Mars in Sagittarius. Ultimately, you’ll want to review your support systems and the roles certain they play in your life: who can be removed? who should stay? in what capacity should you interact with this person? These are questions to reassess from now until mid-May. Once the Rx cycle ends, you can take action with long-lasting (or permanent) results. Lastly, Mars in Libra here could also be an indication of possible conflict between yourself and a close friend that brings frustration.

Keywords for Sagittarius during Mars Rx: group environment(s), organizations, extracurricular activities [There’s increased activity surrounding friendships and group goals].

Capricorn: While Mars traverses your fellow Cardinal sign Libra, your attention is directed towards professional or job-related endeavors. There’s a surefire focus on titles, honors, praises and acknowledgement for your hard work: over the next six months, Capricorn becomes immensely concerned with their career. This Rx phase prompts you to reevaluate how adequately energy is channeled regarding your professional goals. This is a time where career ambitions don’t manifest as originally outlined, subsequently slowing down your actions and forcing you to make the necessary adjustments. While Mars is in Libra, you have a deep need to be the boss and make your own rules. At this time, responsibilities and reputation serve as motivation; you’re driven to be well-received in the public sphere and spare no expense at ensuring a positive outer image of yourself. Competitive Mars in diplomatic Libra means you spend a great deal of energy reconsidering opportunities to create the career you want. This is a dynamic placement and revitalizes your desire for fame (even if it’s just local), recognition and respect. Because Mars is so passionate, this may often lead to minor conflicts between the native and superiors. This conflict rises as a result of Capricorn’s impulsivity and profound urge to take charge and operate within a ‘leader’ capacity. Ensuring you don’t step on anyone’s toes or manipulate information for your professional benefit is the biggest challenge for Capricorn while Mars is in Libra. For now, spend the next few weeks revisiting business plans, career goals and business callings that appeal to you. Once Mars leaves its retrograde position, you can redirect your energy into putting these ambitions into action.

Keywords for Capricorn during Mars Rx: career goals, social status, financial security, authority figures [There’s increased activity surrounding the professional and public image.]

Aquarius: With Mars in a fellow Air sign, there’s emphasis on intellectual expansion. Your energy is directed towards higher education, long distance journeys, ethical/philosophical beliefs and spiritual/religious principles. You may see an increase in distant/out-of-town trips; even more than usual, you desire and become passionate about exploring different cultures and interacting with others of different backgrounds. During the next six months, cultural, educational and societal concepts serve as motivation for Aquarians. During the Rx cycle, however, Mars encourages you to quietly explore these subjects in the background an on your own. The biggest challenge for Aquarius at this time is to refrain from overzealous and narrow-minded attitudes when interacting with others. This is a time to reassess your dedication to certain causes and whether or not they are “worth” arguing/fighting for. When the Rx period ends, your energy morphs itself into the position of leader or advocate for belief that’s important to you. This could mean you may act as a whistleblower or informer on behalf of those who don’t have a voice.

Keywords for Aquarius during Mars Rx: philosophy/ethics, belief system, mental expansion, culture [There’s increased activity surrounding long-distance traveling and social exploration.]

Pisces: Mars in Libra activates a very sensitive area of the Piscean life. Lately, you’ve been depending heavily on the resources of others or shared resources between yourself and another. There’s an inclination to reassess the amount of energy devoted to establishing financial and material security based on income NOT generated by yourself. This can manifest as loans, debt, credit purchases, relying on family/friends/lovers for bills, estate taxes, lottery winnings or something similar. Over the next six months, you seek ways to invest your resources and make sure they spread as thinly as possible. Over the next few weeks, however, you work to reevaluate/renegotiate your dependence on outside help. Once the Rx cycle has ended, you’re energized to take action on those plans. For Pisces, the ultimate goal while Mars is in Libra, is to regain control over your resources and increase self-sufficiency. This transit encourages self-mastery and personal regeneration. Negatively, this retrograde can introduce major financial hiccups and setbacks; in May, when the planet returns to its normal orbit, Pisces may find it much easier to generate money and manage it wisely. Essentially, sexual and financial intimacy are common themes with this position.

Keywords for Pisces during Mars Rx: debt, investments, spending, inheritance, shared resources, loans, intimacy. [There’s increased activity surrounding joint finances].

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