Monday March 17th: Mercury in Pisces

It's much easier for us to drown in our thoughts/ideas under Mercury in Pisces (Image Courtesy of Google).

It’s much easier for us to drown in our thoughts/ideas under Mercury in Pisces (Image Courtesy of Google).

St. Patty’s Day 2014 brings big changes on the communication front. The planet Mercury, connected to reasoning/critical thinking and intellectual exchanges, leaves objective Aquarius and moves into subjective Pisces. Earlier in the year, Mercury ping-ponged between the Air and Water family; add in a retrograde and our communications earlier in the year were a bit up in the air [If you missed my article on the first Mercurian flip-flop, click here: ]. Most astrologers label Pisces as a tough position for Mercury to vacation in. The rational nature of the planet is lost when the emotional nature of the sign comes into play. Mercury focuses on facts, details and clear-cut evidence : these traits are amplified when it travels through it’s home placement of Gemini and it’s exalted placement of Virgo. Blurred lines between reality and fantasy are commonplace when Mercury journeys through Sagittarius and Pisces, the respective polar opposites of the former pair. Over the next few weeks, Mercury in Pisces injects creativity and flexibility in our verbal/written exchanges.

As a Water sign, Pisces possesses great healing abilities. These signs are intuitive, sensitive and compassionate; so when Mercury travels through this trio, our communications adopt an empathetic edge. We become much more attune with things in our immediate environment. Nonverbal cues, body language, facial expressions, tone etc. become significant here. For this reason, astrologers often label Mercurian Water signs as “mute signs.” So while Mercury is in Pisces, it’s not what’s said but what isn’t said. Ultimately, there’s a palpable shift from the aloof and detached quality of Mercury in Aquarius to something much more hypersensitive and involved. Over the next few weeks, deep interpersonal relationships are favored versus the logical observations made under the Aquarian influence. Letters, text messages, emails and all other forms of interactions are much more informal with Pisces. Negatively, the current Piscean predominance may encourage us to make decisions based on how something makes us feel versus based on the verifiable facts available to us. For my natal Mercurian Pisces clients who I speak with regularly, I often tease them about “living in their heads.” What the rest of the world sees/hears, Mercury in Pisces interprets completely differently. There’s a tendency for us to over-romanticize our thoughts or exchanges with others while Mercury moves here—this is the biggest challenge until Mercury drifts into Aries next month.

In addition to being a Water occupant, Pisces occupies the Mutable family. When the Sun travels through Mutable signs, it marks the end of a season (with Pisces marking the end of Winter). Symbolically, it signals the “wrapping up” or evolution of something. Mercury in Pisces is a perfect opportunity to finalize paperwork, projects, research etc. before our communication planet moves into Cardinal, Fire– starter Aries. If you are currently engaged in research, it can be wide-sweeping and broad. Mutables aren’t exactly “specialized” signs, instead preferring to focus on generalities. Positively, the next couple of weeks could be a time to evolve, transform or restructure projects, contracts, or other contacts with others. Negatively, Mutable Pisces may bring a great deal of inconsistency into our interactions between self and another: what may be said isn’t necessarily what is felt and what is felt may not necessarily be what is said. Mutable Mercury signs are flexible communicators; and those with a natal Mercury in Pisces find it effortless to weave in and out of conversations, changing their stance each time. As a result, we are temporarily influenced by this quality. Don’t be surprised if it becomes difficult to make a decision and stick with it!

Mercury in Pisces taps into the creative and imaginative parts of our minds. Nothing is ever as it seems! (Image Courtesy of Google).

Mercury in Pisces taps into the creative and imaginative parts of our minds. Nothing is ever as it seems! (Image Courtesy of Google).

Overall, Mercury in Pisces invigorates our imaginative, creative and fervently passionate side. We communicate with others empathetically, intuitively, and warmly. This is a period where we may catch ourselves “thinking aloud.” We may take an increased interest in spirituality, mysticism, esotericism and the “divine truths” while Mercury rests here. I’ve noticed that the mutable/adaptable/malleable characteristic of Pisces also indicates an inclination towards letting “bygones be bygones.” From now until April 5th, we are much more receptive in giving and (finally) receiving forgiveness between ourselves and another.

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