Monday April 7th: Mercury in Aries

Fiery Mercury in Aries chooses words with deep impact (Image Courtesy of Google).

Fiery Mercury in Aries chooses words with deep impact (Image Courtesy of Google).

Today, Mercury leaves emotive Pisces and enters fiery Aries. Mercury functions as the planet of communication, commerce and commutes: primarily because these three things all deal with interacting and exchanging with others—particularly those in our immediate environment. The Mercury sign influences not just how we process information but also how we express this information to others. In Pisces, Mercury finds the subtleties in conversation much more thrilling than what’s overtly being said. Pisces is an intuitive, adaptable and sensitive communicator. Unlike “around-the-way” Pisces, Mercury in Aries is direct, pioneering and occasionally abrasive. Over the next two weeks, until Mercury moves into Taurus, our communication with others kicks up a notch: we are energetic, playful and enthusiastic.

As the first sign of the zodiac AND the first Cardinal sign, there’s a reinforced need to be “first” and “best.” Generally speaking, Mercury in Aries natives find it quite easy to talk over others in an effort to get their point across before hearing all perspectives. Arian talent emerges in his ability to lead and create, as a result, we may all be buzzing with new ideas and theories that we want to spread or share with the world over the next few weeks. Before anything, Cardinal Aries is an innovator and a leader: idleness isn’t favored here. The mind may be moving a thousand miles per/hour and the impulse to be the first one to the top of the mountain heightens. Mercury in Aries encourages us to pack our schedules as much as possible: keeping us busy and alert. The dreamy mentality of Pisces is nothing but an afterthought now that Mercury has transitioned into such a high energy constellation. Negatively, all this mental stimulation can prompt Aries to make things happen without considering the consequence(s). The biggest challenge during the Mercury in Aries period is speaking impulsively and making premature decisions. Not as flexible as Mutable signs, or as stubborn as Fixed signs, Cardinal Aries is defiant: forcefully pushing his agenda with little consideration of the feelings of others.

Secondly, Aries belongs to the Fire family. This group is warm, confident, optimistic and quite brave. This element relies on faith and can behave quite fanatically when passions run high (vs. emotions for Water signs; abstraction for Air signs; and practicality for Earth signs). Mercury in Fire Aries encourages us to be bold and vivacious in our communications with others during this time. The spiritedness of the Ram is admirable; this transition is extremely beneficial for those with a Sun and/or Mercury sign in Aries and Libra. Those with a Sun and/or Mercury sign in Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius may also find this change favorable as the qualities of Aries blend similarly to your own. Lastly, those with a Sun and/or Mercury sign in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces may find this upcoming two week period to be a bit uncomfortable; the high energy dynamism of Aries is dissimilar to your own so you’ll have to step outside of your communicative comfort zone to get things done.

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