Saturday April 5th: Venus in Pisces


On Saturday April 5th, Venus left intellectual Aquarius and moved into Pisces. Astrologers label Taurus and Libra as the home constellations of Venus: meaning the qualities of the planet (fairness, beauty, charm, and grace) mesh perfectly with the qualities astrologers have given the both Taurus and Libra. When Venus moves into Pisces, however, the planet’s traits are evolved and best expressed. Venus in Pisces is immensely creative, passionate, artistic, imaginative and emotionally expressive. Venus transits can explain what we value in our romantic partnerships and how we express that value to our (potential) significant other(s). When Venus moves through signs that are complementary to our natal Venus sign, it is said that the period is romantically favorable.


Venus in Pisces loves idealistically, creatively and unconditionally (painting by artist Mandy Tsung).

Venus in Pisces loves idealistically, creatively and unconditionally (painting by artist Mandy Tsung).


As a Water sign, and the most evolved one at that, Pisces possesses great healing capabilities; Pisces exudes patience, sensitivity and intuition. Pisces is a sign of forgiveness/atonement and “togetherness.” Naturally, Venus in Pisces gives love that is selfless, endless and honest. Where Venus finds ease in balance and harmony, Pisces underlines selflessness and sincerity. So together, Venus and Pisces introduce instinctively gentle energy into our relationships: our thoughts turn to becoming “one” with our partners and devoting ourselves to them unconditionally. Pisces is very much attune to the romantic needs of their partner—-which, within itself, is something a Venus in Pisces native values. Water Pisces is a member of the service axis (along with Virgo), meaning they take great pride in caring for their partners emotionally. Water Venus signs cloak themselves in a whimsical, dreamy aura, appearing soft and comforting to their mates. Over the next four weeks, you may toy with the idea of finding a “soulmate” and pondering over the need to make emotional & spiritual connections with another human.


​Unfortunately, the fluid quality of Pisces signals the tendency to romanticize everything instead of looking at the relationship realistically. There’s emphasis on the mystical, hidden and imaginative parts of our love unions: we want to know there’s something deeper beneath the surface. It’s common to face past relationship karma during this transit and unpack hurts that we may not have been willing to acknowledge before (returning to the theme of “healing”). The biggest challenge at this time is to moderate the use of those “rose colored glasses” in relationships: also known as seeing what one wants to see instead of what is actually there. Pisces wants to attach themselves to the “good” in others versus dwelling on traits that are less than desirable. The hazy, illusory and idealistic characteristics of Pisces are found in our relationships at this time.




Flexible Pisces is also a Mutable sign, signaling flexibility as a quality that the sign values in its love bonds. This also means that Pisces is highly influential and easily persuaded: finding it easy to become whatever their mate needs in that exact moment. More so than Cardinal signs and Fixed signs, Venus Mutable signs are very attached to (and may be slaves to) their environment: this quartet “evolves”, “transforms” and makes “changes” based on environmental factors. Positively, they can adjust easily when things are rough; but negatively, they can absorb so much from around them that things can become toxic quite quickly. The fluidity of Water-Mutable Pisces creates a need to blend effortlessly with our significant other. Additionally, this Venus in Pisces transit offers an opportunity to evolve or transform existing partnerships: we may find that someone is not assisting us in reaching our emotional or spiritual goals and make serious changes with how we interact with them.


Overall, the next month ​reintroduces emphasis on emotional commitment, the arts and a connection to the Divine within our relationships. We are moved by the mystical and creative parts of our lives, looking for ways to incorporate these themes into our relationships somehow. The biggest challenge while Venus is in Pisces is to watch for internalizing the “sweet nothings” and broken promises from our partners simply because we want to feel emotionally intertwined with another person. This transit may be most beneficial for those with a Sun and/or Venus in Virgo or Pisces. There could be minor tension for those with a Sun and/or Venus in Sagittarius or Gemini. Sun and/or Venus natives in Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn may find this transition somewhat favorable simply because the Piscean energy is quite similar and complementary with the energy of those signs. Lastly, those with a Sun and/or Venus sign in Aries, Leo, Libra or Aquarius may feel uncomfortable as emotive Pisces functions quite differently than they do.




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