Monday April 14th: Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde (Rx)

Pluto symbolizes rebirth, regeneration and renewal ("Star Baby" by artist Alex Polanco).

Pluto symbolizes rebirth, regeneration and renewal (“Star Baby” by artist Alex Polanco).

On Monday April 14th, the planet of destruction and subsequent regeneration enters a retrograde phase for the next 5 months. Pluto transitions point to the area of your life in which you’ll experience complete destruction of a system/attitude/set of beliefs that no longer serve any beneficial purpose. Pluto encourages us to make room for something much bigger and much better: essentially prompting us to rebuild that parts of our lives that are holding us back.
Pluto’s Purpose
As the final planet of the cosmos, Pluto symbolically represents “endings“, “finalizations“, “conclusions“, “evolution“, “death“, and “transformations.” Overall, Pluto urges us to find the source of our discomfort in order to heal, close the chapter and move on to the next phase of things. Astrologers give traits to each planet, just as we do with each sign; we label Pluto as a bit possessive, but positively, the planet is willful and determined. More so than any other planet, Pluto embodies the “all or nothing” attitude; so the area of our natal chart that Pluto activates emboldens us to eliminate and then renew.
Capricorn is both an Earth and Cardinal sign and infuses qualities for both into this planetary transition. On the surface, Capricorn is calm, cool and collected (similarly to Pluto). Cap isn’t a stranger to taking the reins and making things happen. This is a dynamic placement in which attitudes towards regeneration can be firm, formal and occasionally impulsive—due to the Cardinal quality. Cardinal signs can be extremely impatient; as a result, actions can decisions can be made prematurely and immaturely! This could point to you making rash transformations in the area that Pluto is spotlighting for you. Earth Capricorn is shrewd and levelheaded: driven by tangible evidence of success. If you doesn’t see proof of real change or transformation in the sector of your chart Pluto moves through, you’re liable to feel despondent and despair. This can be a tense, introspective period until Pluto moves into Aquarius and introduces another lesson in our lives.
The Retrograde
During a Plutonian retrograde, it’s effects are very dissimilar to the Mercury retrograde which brings things to an immediate halt. The next five months offer an opportunity to step back and reexamine the changes that have occurred thus far and where more can be made. We desire greater control over ourselves and the evolutions in our lives. Of all the outer planets, Pluto signals intense personal reflections and a strong refocus on internal processing. When the planet returns to its normal orbit, we approach the issues with newfound vigor and resolve.
Generational Implications of Pluto in Capricorn
Each sign of the zodiac possesses “rulership”, with Capricorn connected to the professional sector, public persona, wealth, status, prestige and authority. Pluto was rolled into Capricorn in 2008, ironically marking the climax of financial and “wealth” crisis. The financial crash nearly destroyed (transformed/Pluto)the global economy. It forced millions of people to take serious pay cuts, while millions others lost their jobs altogether. With finances intimately linked to prestige, wealth and status–three topics intertwined with Capricorn. Many Westerners found themselves undergoing deep changes regarding their ability to create financial and material security in their lives. I’ve encountered many former executives who lost their prestigious jobs and work in less than desirable positions; or college graduates who believed a degree would introduce status in the “real world” but work in fields with low pay.

Since Pluto’s move into Capricorn in 2008, major cities all across the United States and Europe have experienced major protests connected to financial and material security (tangibility/Earth Capricorn). There have been marches and clashes between the governments (authority/Capricorn) and the average people regarding minimum wage, college tuition rates, and bank bailouts. There’s been a staunch realization that college degrees do not equate to prestige and professional security.

Sometimes the best growth can come from the parts of ourselves that we think have died (Image Courtesy of Google).

Sometimes the best growth can come from the parts of ourselves that we think have died (Image Courtesy of Google).

What Does This Mean For Us Individually?

Find your sign below: Read for both your natal Sun sign and Ascendant sign.

Aries: Since Pluto entered here in 2008, there’s been a near cataclysmic shift in your professional goals and the best way to reach them. You may have experienced a “death” of certain ideas connected to your career. If things have been stagnant lately, the Rx period in pragmatic Capricorn can heal reveal realistic strategies to get you where you need to be. If you’ve been anxious about securing a job, promotions, or raise, then this is the time to reevaluate and plan appropriately. Once Pluto leaves the Rx shadow, you’ll have opportunities to implement whatever you’ve brainstormed. Additionally Pluto heartens you to accept responsibility for your current career woes: once you truly understand the role transformative Pluto is playing, then you can grow. Questions to ask over the next five months include: how can I receive recognition for my hard work? This is really a time to build (regenerate) a health career and public image that you can be proud of. I’d urge Arians to watch for power struggles in the workplace or professional environment; you all may seek strong, executive positions. Unfortunately, this can bring in soul-shattering challenges regarding your public image and public reputation.

Key themes for Aries: Arians experience a transformative rise in power or fall from grace with your public persona under extreme scrutiny. Power plays occur around status.

Taurus: Pluto’s current position draws attention to your belief system and your higher mind: possibly questioning your philosophical/ethical/moral/spiritual values. You take a serious interest in these subject matters, with a personal metamorphosis occurring in your life because of these subjects. Until Pluto enters Aquarius, the planet presents several moral/spiritual/ethical/religious dilemmas that may force you to “dead” parts of your personality in order to regenerate with a whole new perspective. Let’s face it, Taureans are generally stubborn and unyielding so Pluto in Capricorn sways you to be more open, more tolerant and more understanding in your values and belief system. There could also be a “death” regarding your attitudes towards culture and higher learning. The next 5 months are a time for reexamination, you’ll have plenty of time to execute in the Fall. Overall, you could be possessive about the beliefs you hold and intense Pluto could project you into the role of a “controlling crusader.” Strong convictions with life changing experiences tied to exploration & travel (both mentally and literally).

Key themes for Taurus: Taureans experience transformations surrounding your need to explore and questioning the meaning of life.

Gemini: Think back on your life from 2008 until now: there have been serious overhauls in your life regarding joint/shared resources and shared sexuality. Pluto is currently moving through an extremely sensitive sector in your birth chart that spotlights financial and sexual intimacy. Many Twins may undergo immense transformations regarding shared money (or depending on income outside of your own). This could include child support or alimony payments, lottery/settlement winnings, credit cards/bank loans or merely depending heavily on a spouse or relative for financial support. Any semblance of normality has been thrown to the wayside thanks to destructive Pluto. Unfortunately you may be relying on these additional sources of support in order to stay afloat. Pluto in Capricorn alters the part of your life tied to how you depend on others financially and how others depend on you. Geminis may be extremely possessive of others’ monies and may feel entitled to these outside sources of funding. Pluto is also activating the part of your life linked with sexual intimacy (as we’ve already discussed financial intimacy between yourself and another). You may finally be ready to transform your attitudes towards new experiences, taboos, and other ideas that you were previously “off limits” to you. Ultimately, this is a “soulful” placement that has the potential to completely alter your entire way of life.

Key themes for Gemini: Geminis experience reawakenings related to debts, other people’s monies and sexual relationships.


Cancer: As a Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn is moving through your “significant other” sector (remember, Capricorn is your polar opposite). You can expect major evolutions tied to an “other” in your life (perhaps a business partner/close business associate, a romantic mate/lover or even an adversary or enemy). In my experience, it’s more of the second rather than the first or third. Think back to your love life from 2008 until the present. Your relationships have undergone extreme alterations connected to commitments within partnerships: perhaps how you commit to others and how others choose to commit to you. Right now, your attention turns towards the idea of your “soul mate” and how to find that perfect person for you. This transition signals possessiveness over a “significant other”, a relationship or attitudes/beliefs within a partnership. There’s internal turmoil related to whether or how you should “stay or go.” Pluto inspires you to refine or develop an extraordinarily commanding demeanor/presence with your significant other and seek someone strong enough to handle this part of you. Earthly Capricorn prompts you to practically eliminate those outdated and outworn parts of your relationship in order to rebuild anew—and more often than not, you’re renewal arrives with someone new in the process. Pluto in Capricorn teaches you how to function in intimate emotional relationships: many of the challenges you face while the planet vacations here, revolve around relationships and how you navigate through them. Internal personal transformations manifest through your love bonds: there’s a reawakening of what you need and want in romantic unions. It’s relatively easy for you to find yourself in seamlessly never-ending power struggles between yourself and your significant other. This Rx cycle offers an opportunity to find the best way to eliminate waste from partnerships and how to move forward in the Fall.

Key themes for Cancer: Cancerians must understand what they need and what they’re willing to give in order to rebuild healthy one-on-one relationships. Pluto transforms interpersonal relationships; and can also bring awareness to legal issues.

Leo: Generally speaking Capricorn and Leo have little in common with one another but Pluto in Capricorn offers an opportunity to adopt the sensibility found in Earth signs. Currently, Pluto in Capricorn is moving through the areas of your life linked to health, general self-improvement and service to others. From 2008 until now, you’ve taken great strides to regain control of your mental and physical health (either through a strict diet regime or rigorous exercise schedule). You may have been obsessive about transforming both your mind and body in order to be the best version of self in service of others. Similar to “spring cleaning”, for the soul, this Rx cycle renews your interest in manifesting realistic results —-compounding the Earth and Cardinal qualities of Capricorn. This is also a time to volunteer and give back to the community. Pluto, for you, is a placement of humility and introspection. Until the planet shifts into Aquarius, this is a period in which you spend a great deal of time improving yourself. This could also spotlight Leo obsession with efficiency and control of your physical vessel: imaginably, you’re driving yourself towards a perfection you may never obtain. It’s not uncommon for those with this placement to be attracted to crises and high strung environments.

Key themes for Leo: Lions experience renewals and evolutions in the daily routines, responsibilities, and/or chores you have—-particularly in meeting your personal needs. Pluto attracts shine to health concerns in your life.

Virgo: With such a powerful planet in a fellow Earth sign, there’s strong emphasis on creative self-expression, hobbies &leisure/recreational activities, “speculation” (also known as “gambling”, depending on who you ask), romance and children. This is a social, extroverted area of your chart —unlike the natural introversion found in Virgo. Deep transformations regarding how you stumble upon new hobbies that snag your interest and the most practical way to integrate them into your life. This is a period in which you harbor a “soulful need” to explore your passions in details and new ways to present these “extracurricular activities” with the outside world. Since 2008, Virgo has moved in and out of phases of feeling stifled, hemmed in and misunderstood. It’s possible you’re driven to struggle with others who you feel are constricting your ability to express your artistic side. Earlier, I spoke of “romance” and “children” Again, this is a social position so “romance” in this instance refers more to fleeting love affairs or short-term relationships versus the all-encompassing, soul-sweeping love partnerships. Pluto in Capricorn draws attention to possible possessive behaviors surrounding a love affair in your life that’s run its course and either you or the other individual cannot seem to release it into the wind. As the only planet dedicated to elimination and regeneration, you bob and weave between implementing realistic ways to restructure this part of your life. The Rx cycle introduces an opportunity to reexamine the role these issues play in your life: are you tapping into your creative potential ? Are you fulfilled in your love bonds? It’s possible that Virgo can be controlling or overprotective of the children and attempt to make lasting connections with them. Jealousy rears its ugly head here.

Key themes for Virgo: Virgos experience transformations in love affairs, hobbies and learning to just let go for the sake of fun. Awakenings occur around restructuring your leisure time and creatively expressing yourself to others.

Libra: Fellow Cardinal sign Capricorn has been hard at work by destructing your domestic sphere and the emotional stability wrapped around it. Pluto moved here in 2008 and since this period, you’ve experienced severe disruptions inside your household. There may a new buy or sale, foreclosure/eviction, relocation, renovation or repair of a residence. This  position could also point to the moving of someone inside or outside of the home you live in. These changes have created serious havoc and have forced you to introspect and come to terms with these transformations. I’ve noticed this sector also leads to conceivably being possessive of people or possessions in the house. Maybe someone wants to leave–and you are unwilling to allow them to go; or perhaps you want someone to go and they refuse to do so. It can also highlight intense reshaping of relationships with women (particularly motherly figures). This could be reforming your own role as a “mother” or “wife” or mending a relationship with your own mother. The Rx cycle can introduce emotional shocks to Libra related to the household. The next 5 months offer a time to reevaluate how controlling you’ve been and pragmatic ways (Earth/Capricorn) to rebuild this part of your life. The biggest challenge is to ward away manipulative behavior that may be counterproductive to any harmony you ultimately seek to create at home. Pluto draws attention to the power struggles in your private arena ; you may feel compelled to eliminate certain elements tied to the home: whether this is a person or an item. Personal awakenings arrive through the dramatic experiences in your domestic sphere.

Key themes for Libra: Libra experiences evolutions in the home life, redefining what family means to you and how to create the ideal home environment for you.

Scorpio: With your planetary ruler, Pluto presently pushing through Capricorn, the corner of your life linked to communication, transportation, electronics and short-distance commutes. All of these things are closely related and necessary to interact and exchange ideas with those in your immediate environment. Pluto has been destroying and restructuring how you gather, process and disseminate information. This area also controls how you receive feedback from others. I suspect there have serious disruptions in how you “commute”: possibly losing a vehicle, struggling to make serious repairs to a vehicle or even buying a new one altogether. There’s a strong impulse to find sensible (Earth/Capricorn) but immediate (Cardinal/Capricorn) solutions to these problems. During Pluto’s journey here, this is a time for you to reevaluate how you connect with others and how you receive the opinions of others. This is a quite social placement that stimulates your need to be amongst the crowd. There may be challenges regarding possessiveness of ideas and wanting others to think and express themselves in the same manner that you do. The next 5 months offer an opportunity for self-analysis of your attempts to control conversations, discussions, debates and/or arguments. Scorpio may be quite secretive in your communications with others, especially those in powerful positions. You may seek environments in which you rise above others intellectually. Ultimately, Pluto in Capricorn prompts you to reshape your communication skills and becoming a commanding speaker.

Key themes for Scorpio: Scorpions experience cycles of communicative breakdowns that transform your interpersonal relationships. Pluto’s transition in Capricorn can also introduce problems with transportation and your electronics.

Sagittarius: Pluto just left your sign in 2008 (and was positioned here from 1995-2008). Pluto in Capricorn emphasizes your finances, income generation, savings through earned monies, and material acquisition. The links between how much money you make and what tangible goods you spend your money on sit in the forefront of your mind right now. Pluto transforms the attitudes you have about creating the most comfortable lifestyle for yourself. Earth Capricorn prompts you to find the most reasonable method to make the money you have, stretch, in addition to adding more money. The Rx highlights power plays surrounding how you spend your money and your need to be in control of your stuff. It’s a period in which you reevaluate the ideas you have about self-sustainment and self-sufficiency. Pluto in Capricorn presents the chance for Sagittarians to “dead” and then regenerate the values you’ve attached to your income. There’s a distinctive refocus on your talents, skill set, finances and possessions. It’s not uncommon for natives with this placement to be cold, calculating, greedy and manipulative in the giving financial or material support to others, instead preferring to hoard all for self. This attitude clashes entirely with the natural inclination for the Archer to be generous and benevolent. Survivalist Pluto emboldens you to be brutal when enthralled in income creation : possibly taking advantage of others for your own financial gain. This is also an extremely hedonistic position: with Sagittarius feeling quite comfortable indulging in “Earthly” pleasures. The Rx phase painfully reveals how this tendency to indulge has completely destroyed your ability to make and save money in the way that you desire. Questions Archers may ask themselves at this time include, “am I making a great way of life for myself based on my talents?”…”am I looking for the most concrete ways to increase my income?”…”am I spending money realistically and appropriately?” Ultimately, Pluto is transforming a shaky income and new ways to manifest long-term financial yields.

Key themes for Sagittarius: Sagittarians experience renewals surrounding the accumulation, saving and spending of money. Essentially, Sag must redefine what your possessions mean to you.

Capricorn: This is both an uncomfortable but extremely powerful placement as Pluto in your sign forces you to evolve past your comfort zone and expand into territories you are unfamiliar with. Transformations are occurring regarding your identity of self, how you present yourself to others and how you interpret the outside world. The Rx cycle may call attention to an identity crisis you’re currently in the midst of. Immense emphasis placed on freedom and independence for yourself. This is an intensely introspective transition that encourages Capricorn to restructure and redefine your determination and perseverance. Pluto in Capricorn urges you to recommit to personal goals: lately, you’ve been seeking to rise into a rather powerful position. Think back to 2008, when Pluto first moved into this constellation, you’ve been toying with new (Cardinal/Capricorn) yet realistic (Earth/Capricorn) steps to develop a tough outer shell and commanding presence! It’s not uncommon for this placement to lead to possessive attitudes regarding your identity. You may have felt stifled, trapped or oppressed: maybe the way you see yourself, others don’t perceive you in that same light. The next five months usher in a renaissance of sorts: changing your overall mannerisms and even your physical appearance (a drastic weight loss or even experimenting with different hairstyles you usually stray away from). It may be extremely difficult for you to “roll with the punches” right now as you feel determined to pursue the goals you’ve established for yourself versus the things everyone else wants for you.

Key themes for Capricorn: Pluto in Capricorn brings transformations to identity and ideas about self-preservation.

Aquarius: Since 2008, Pluto in Capricorn has been knocking on your spiritual door: ushering in new attitudes about the cosmos and the role you play in the universe. Aquarians have more than likely experienced a death of one set of spiritual values in exchange for something a bit more prudent and applicable to your daily life (Earth/Capricorn). It’s not uncommon for this placement to introduce a levelheaded approach to spiritual matters. Pluto in Capricorn has been airing out your dirty laundry since 2008, unveiling a lot of “ultimate truths” about your emotional stability, your relationships with others and your relationship with the universe. Secrets, sorrows, and skeletons emerge when Pluto activates this sector of your natal chart: prompting you to respond to these issues sensibly (Earth/Capricorn) and immediately (Cardinal/Capricorn). Unfortunately, as I mentioned in the introduction, this need to “act” can cause you to respond to things prematurely and create undoable damage. This Rx phase for the next 5 months inspires you to get in touch with those emotional and introspective sides of yourself in order for you to emerge “whole” and “enlightened.” Your subconscious rests here, and the next five months offer the perfect opportunity for you to explore and get a much clearer understanding of “self” and what “self” has to offer to the world. You may have been feeling like you’ve walked into the unknown, or as if your life has been a fog of sorts for the last six years. This is a challenging, yet mystical placement.

Key themes for Aquarius: Aquarians experience renewals and transformations connected to their spiritual journey and their quest for universal love, truth and enlightenment.

Pisces: You’ve spent the last six years reevaluating and redefining what it means to be a true friend and what you value in your platonic bonds with others. Pluto in Capricorn activates the portion of your chart linked to kinship, brotherhood, friendship, clubs/memberships and “shared interests” with others. You may have noticed since this transition began in 2008 that your interests have evolved, leading you to readjust your social circle to figure out where you fit best. There may have been power struggles between yourself and a general group you were apart of, or a particular friendship you felt was no longer beneficial to your wellbeing. It’s common for natives with this Plutonian placement to undergo transformations of needs/wants/wishes/goals within friendships. Pluto in Capricorn urges you to make swift (Cardinal/Capricorn) but rational adjustments to how you interact with these individuals. Destruction of certain friendships and allegiances through Pluto paves the way for something much more productive and fulfilling occurs at this time. The Rx phase encourages you to take a step back to reevaluate the health of your friendships and associations; once the planet returns to its normal orbit in September, then you’ll have a chance to actually put these plans into action. The biggest challenge for Pisces is to watch for possessive or controlling behavior between friends or members of a group/organization/association you are apart of.

Key themes for Pisces: Pisceans native evolve their friendships while Pluto travels through Capricorn: redefining what it means to be a friend and analyzing their reputations within these friendships. They may experience a sharp rise or equally sharp decline in reputation/status with members of these groups.