Tuesday April 15th: Lunar Eclipse in Libra

The first eclipse of 2014 occurs on Tuesday April 15th. Of all the major lunar occurrences, an eclipse is a much more emotional event; as a result, we are much more inclined to respond to one another emotionally as opposed to rationally. People curious about whether lunar events have any “real” pull on human emotions and changes on Earth. If our Moon has the ability to influence ocean tides or sea levels, and humans are compromised of at least 75% water, how could lunar changes not affect us?! Astronomically speaking, during a Lunar eclipse, the Earth sits between the Sun and Moon: casting a shadow on the planet for a much longer time than a Solar Eclipse. The difference ? A Lunar Eclipse is an amplified version of a Full Moon, while a Solar Eclipse is an amplified version of the New Moon.

The Moon represents feminine energy: the yin to the Sun’s yang. Emotions, subconscious needs and the expression of those emotions and subconscious needs. Moon signs can also reveal how we seek to nurture and be nurtured. From an astrological perspective, however, this Lunar Eclipse in Libra highlights a need to refocus on our one-on-one partnership. Libra points to where we can be more diplomatic and open to compromise. Harmony, a Libran trademark, is also reemphasized under this transit. As gentle and compassionate as Libra is, the Scales still reside in the Air family; there’s a tendency for Moon in Libra to intellectualize their emotions instead of just experiencing them. We are emotionally tied to a sense of fairness, justice, and balance between ourselves and one other.  Libra is a nonconfrontational sign, finding emotional comfort in negotiation and “meeting in the middle.” Subsequently, we are all influenced by these qualities and seek to integrate them into our lives.

We must strike balance between fiery Aries and spirited Libra (Image Courtesy of photographer Simon Procter).

We must strike balance between fiery Aries and spirited Libra (Image Courtesy of photographer Simon Procter).

As an Air sign, Moon in Libra feels emotionally secure when networking, connecting and exchanging with others. This is a relatively social placement for the luminary. The Lunar Eclipse in Libra encourages us to interact with others: the finesse of persuasion reigns supreme. As a Cardinal sign, Libra thrives on “initiating” and “creation” but can be extremely impulsive and opportunistic. I wouldn’t be surprised to know many of you seem to be buzzing with new ideas that you can’t seem to figure out which one to chase. We are energetic with a deep desire to create order/peace within our one-on-one relationships. Unfortunately, as with all signs, Libra has a “dark side.” If left mishandled, this lunar event can introduce those “rose-colored glasses” I speak so often of. The biggest challenge is to watch for manipulative, superficial games—played either by yourself or another. The inclination to romanticize things instead of viewing them at face value and for what they really are.

This Lunar Eclipse in Libra is most beneficial for those with a natal Sun sign, Moon sign and/or Ascendant sign in Libra. This is a time for you to present yourself to the world.

Those with a Sun sign, Moon sign and/or Ascendant sign in Aries may feel a bit uncomfortable as the Moon is moving through your “significant other” sector (with the luminary in your polar opposite). Arians may find their emotions wrapped around a partner or your feelings are drawn towards a relationship.
Those with a Sun sign, Moon sign or Ascendant sign in Capricorn or Cancer may experience slight tension as the Moon is moving through a fellow Cardinal sign. The emotions may be innovative and dynamic but also impatient.

Those with a Sun sign, Moon sign and/or Ascendant sign in Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius may find this Lunar Eclipse to be favorable as the “emotional energy” of Libra is quite similar to the energy of these four signs.

Those with a Sun sign, Moon sign and/or Ascendant sign in Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces may benefit the least from this Lunar Eclipse as the qualities and energies of Libra aren’t close or similar to the mannerisms or needs of the four signs.

​If you live on the East Coast of the United States (weather permitting), you should be able to view the Lunar Eclipse in Libra Monday overnight/Tuesday early morning at 12:52am.

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