Saturday April 19th: Sun in Taurus

On Saturday April 19th, the Sun left Fire Aries and entered Earth Taurus. In the study of the cosmos, astrologers associate the Sun with our “psyche”, “core personality”, “Ego” and how we identify with ourselves. Thus, our natal Sun sign reveals where our “ego” is most stimulated and the manner in which we filter external events. When the Sun journeys into constellations that are complementary to our own natal sign, it is said that the transition is favorable. Subsequently, this Sun in Taurus movement benefits those with their Sun or Ascendant sign in the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) family. What exactly does this imply?

Sun in Taurus is practical and earthy. (Image Courtesy of Google)

Sun in Taurus is practical and earthy. (Image Courtesy of Google)

If Cardinal Aries initiated Spring, then Fixed Taurus expands and grows the seeds you planted in the last 4 weeks (April showers bring May flowers, anyone?). In a literal sense, the Earth begins to shake itself out of its Winter slumber once the Sun enters Aries. Conversely, trees regrow leaves and the ground sprouts flowers under persistent and willful Taurus. The next four  weeks are a time to put in real work behind the ideas, projects, attitudes and relationships we formulated a month ago: this is a time to sustain and expand. Our egos are prompted to take a more practical approach to find and harness resources that are beneficial to us. the Sun in sensible Taurus encourages us to focus on what we have, what we need and the most efficient way to find it (most likely due to the dual Earth/Fixed component). Taurus is very hands on and persistent: sticking to a task until completion.

Astrologers link the Bull with earned income, tangible goods, self-esteem, and one’s personal talents/skills. As a Venus ruled sign, Taurus is also looped with the arts, luxury, beauty, socialization, sophistication and all things cultured. Therefore, the Sun’s vacation in Taurus emphasizes financial security and material acquisition for us: most importantly sustaining a steady income. We may also be more inclined to use our finances for hedonistic purposes. Earth Taurus doesn’t shy away from earthly pleasures: indulging in any and everything that stimulates our five senses. Good wine, good food, good music, good friends, good sex and casually lounging about excite Taurus endlessly. We become very much aware of our physical needs and possibly preoccupied with our material possessions. We may experience a boost to take more pride in our (physical/Earth) appearance and “beautify” ourselves as much as possible. Have you ever run across an ill-dressed Sun in Taurus native? Exactly, they don’t exist!

Ultimately, the Sun in Taurus progression reinforces (or reinvigorates, for some) our values tied to reliability, pragmatism and determination. Negatively, we may be lazy, hedonistic and overindulgent during this period; but positively, it’s much easier for us to tap into our creative, artistic and social qualities.

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