Friday May 2nd: Venus in Aries


Venus in Aries is fiery, passionate and sensual. (Image Courtesy of

Venus in Aries is fiery, passionate and sensual. (Image Courtesy of

On Friday May 2nd, Venus left Pisces and moved into Aries. Venus is a “social” planet, governing our romances and finances; Venus signs reveal what we value in romantic partnerships and our overall love demeanor. When Venus ingresses (or transitions into) a constellation that is not complementary to our own natal Venus sign, it can negatively impact partnerships in our personal lives. Astrologers associate Venus with diplomacy, harmony and cooperative energy (which makes it the perfect ruler planet for both Libra and Taurus).


As a Cardinal sign, Aries is an initiator and prefers to take the road less traveled (or the road that’s never been traveled at all!). As a result, when Venus positions here, the Ram encourages the planet to be a leader within the relationship. Venusian Arians feel entitled to take the reins and have no problem letting their partner know. It’s only natural for bossy behavior to rear its ugly head here (think about it, have you ever encountered a Ram who found it easy to submissive ? Exactly). It’s not uncommon for new partnerships to spring up while the planet of love traverses this constellation OR for some to decide to officiating their partnerships may be best at this time. I’d like to think this is because Cardinal Aries finds the thrill of the hunt exciting so there’s a great interest in starting something new. This attitude is quite different from when Venus was in Mutable Pisces. The planet isn’t direct in this constellation and works better submissively or in a “support role” for their partner.


Additionally, Aries resides in the Fire family; the Ram embodies courage, fearlessness and endless bravado. Generally speaking, Venus in Aries is a spontaneous and fun lover with a pleasant and upbeat disposition. Subsequently, we may all be influenced to be playful and carefree with our mates (or potential mates). We thrive on action and are prompted to stay busy! Getting out and about and being seen is tantamount to keeping an Arian happy: this is NOT one of the “boring” Venus signs.


Because Venus governs Libra, the polar opposite of Aries, astrologers consider Venus’s transition into the Ram as “detrimental.” This merely means that the traits astrologers attribute to the planet don’t blend well with the traits astrologers attribute to the sign. Where astrologers label Venus to be cooperative and “us-based”, we label Aries as forceful and “me-based.” Where Venus functions primarily through negotiation and tact, Aries can be defiant and somewhat insensitive. The biggest challenge during this transition is learning to compromise (thanks to Venus) even when you want to be abrasive and hard-pressed with your lover (thanks to Aries). Venus in Aries emboldens and energizes us: we interact with our partners enthusiastically and fearlessly. If you’ve been eyeing someone or harboring a crush, this is a perfect time to let them know!

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

Ultimately, those with a natal Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Aries or Libra may be most impacted by this ingression as Venus in Aries is redirecting your attention to your own romantic needs or your partner’s needs (for Aries and Libra, respectively).


Those with a natal Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius may find this ingression somewhat beneficial as the spirited and flirty traits of Aries blends well with your natural attitude regarding romantic values.


Those with a natal Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces may find this Venus in Aries transition uncomfortable and least beneficial. This is because the carefree and overly assertive qualities of Aries are quite different from your normal approach to romantic partnerships.


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