Lovescopes: Venus in Aries, Mars in Libra

From May 1st-May 28th, the opposition between Venus in Aries and Mars in Libra will shake up our romantic outlooks and create a “push-pull” energy within our partnerships. Mars moved into Libra in December 2013 for an (unusually long) eight month stay in the sign. Venus moved into Aries very recently, on May 2nd. When astrologers thumb through natal planets to understand how one is most inclined to behave in love relationships, these two planets stand front and center every time. In astrology, Venus governs our romantic values and how we express those values to our mates. Natal Venus signs can also reveal how we are inclined to behave with our lovers. Mars, on the other hand, is a planet of pure energy! Natal Mars signs reveal our verve: how we make goals and attack those goals. Our natal Mars signs are also connected to sexual energy. Naturally, romantic energy (Venus) and sexual energy (Mars) will be at odds with one another over the next month. When dealing with love partners over the next four weeks, our fuses may be short (thanks to Mars AND Aries in the mix) but sweet (thanks to Venus and Libra’s involvement). These two planets and these two signs combine and ignite our tempers rather easily: intimate feelings are strong and extremely palpable.

Symbolically, Aries and Libra rumble: forcing us to make peace with both our self-ISH and self-LESS sides.  (Image Courtesy of Google).

Symbolically, Aries and Libra rumble: forcing us to make peace with both our self-ISH and self-LESS sides. (Image Courtesy of Google).

Mutual Reception:

In astrology, mutual reception occurs when two planets are in each other’s home constellations. Mars serves as the rulership of Aries and Venus serves as the rulership of Libra. With Venus in Aries and Mars in Libra, there is an exchange of energy between these two. Unfortunately, Venus is in her detriment when positioned in Aries. The opinionated, straightforward and abrasive qualities of Aries don’t blend well with the harmonious and diplomatic quality of Venus. The planet feels uncomfortable in this constellation : the fiery Ram can sometimes be aggressive with their lovers and “me-oriented” in relationships. Venus in Aries is spontaneous and occasionally explosive with mates. Arians in love want to be seen and heard: even at the risk of offending their partner. Venus in Aries may be too direct and tactless with the  hearts of their mates; it could point to insensitivity and careless with romantic feelings.

Mars is also in detriment, or in an uncomfortable position, when stationed in Libra. Astrologers determine Mars to be an upfront, active and high energy planet—and these qualities aren’t found in Libra. Where Mars presses ‘play’, Libra looks quickly for the ‘pause’ or ‘stop’ button. Mars hesitates too act when in Libra, contrary to its normal inclination. We may be indirect and engage in a bit of fence-sitting regarding sexual needs and carrying them out. Those with a natal Mars in an non-complementary sign to Libra may find this transition somewhat uncomfortable. This is because the mannerisms of Libra are extremely different from what their internal drives tell them. Mars in Libra may be too indecisive and stall when appropriate actions need to be taken in certain situations.

Lessons Learned:

Venus in Aries must learn to be cooperative and patient. Venus encourages the Ram to think less about “self” and more about “us.” This is a time in which the sign looks for ways to express subtle charm (as opposed to the overt tactics normally employed).  Mars in Libra encourages assertion: learning to be upfront, firm and quick! This is a period in which Mars finds ways to expend energy that in directions that don’t end up getting them the short end of the stick—which happens often. These are the traits we must adopt while these two planets bump heads. For intermediate and advanced followers of astrology, reviewing the houses that Venus and Mars are currently moving through in your natal chart can reveal where you are most inclined to feel “push-pull” energy in your life.

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