Wednesday May 7th: Mercury in Gemini

Mercury has returned home to Gemini, represented by the Twins. (Image Courtesy of Google).

Mercury has returned home to Gemini, represented by the Twins. (Image Courtesy of Google).

On Wednesday May 7th, Mercury exits steady Taurus and returns home to Gemini. In astrology, the planet Mercury symbolizes how we learn, how we engage in deductive reasoning and how we communicate with others. Natal Mercury signs reveal how we prefer to research, collect and dispense information with those in our immediate environment. When Mercury ingresses into a sign that is not complementary to our own natal Mercury sign, astrologers believe it may be difficult for us to exchange and interact with others as the energy is quite different from our natural inclinations.

Positively, when a planet returns to its “home position”, it is energized and quite comfortable. Astrologers label Mercury as versatile, rational, intellectual and abstract. These traits are quite similar to the adaptable and knowledgeable traits ascribed to Gemini. As a Mutable sign, Gemini is adjustable and somewhat restless. Thus, Mercurian Twins (Gemini) are endlessly curious and find it quite easy to flit from one subject matter to the next. The mind is constantly on the move and it’s rather difficult for the sign to “sit still” when traveling here. Mercury responds easily to intellectual challenges and is quite the multitasker. Mutable Gemini moves fluidly through any environment and adjusts its communication style based on the audience; we may all be influenced to do the same. Like all Mutable signs, Gemini is on a constant path of evolution and transformation; add the “learning” planet in the mix and together, Mercury in Gemini continuously adjusts the way they communicate information. Unfortunately, It can be tough to tie Mercurian Twins down to a decision or intellectual philosophy: Mutable zodiac signs are the ultimate chameleons. Thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and philosophies change every time Gemini digests new information. This trait is very different from Mercury’s recent vacation in Fixed Taurus: whose mind is stubborn and unyielding. Once Taurus makes a decision, getting them to change their mind is highly unlikely. Ultimately, this planetary transition encourages us to be flexible and objective when collecting information and relaying it to others. 

As an Air sign, Mercury in Gemini is an extremely charming and witty communicator. Air signs are eager to employ verbal skills and find it intellectually stimulating being able to outfox those who aren’t quick enough to keep up. Gemini is no different; when Mercury rests here, word games reign supreme. Mercury in Gemini is a phenomenal storyteller with advanced understanding of the art of persuasion. Unfortunately, mental manipulations are high with this constellation. It’s common for Geminis to misled by promising more than what they can actually deliver; it’s also easy for intellectual Gemini to lie and exaggerate details when communicating with others. Often, it’s because Geminis talk so much, they don’t even realize what’s been said until after it comes out their mouth! The Mutable and Air combination of Mercury in Gemini points to an extremely short attention span. This means the Twins may take in a great deal of information but retain quite little of it. The mind of Gemini is quick and their level of concentration is superficial at best. These guys  take pride in knowing “a little about everything” but extensive details are lost here. For all of us, we may feel less inclined to study one subject in depth, instead moving when our curiosities direct us to.

Overall, Mercury in Gemini encourages us to be social, affable and quick-witted when exchanging with others. Gemini leads us to explore our inquisitive sides and speak up for ourselves more than we’d usually care to. There’s a sense of youthfulness and versatility in our connections with those in our environments. Negatively, our intellectualism and mental energy can be scattered when Mercury moves here. The duality of Gemini signals a “double life”: meaning it’s easy for to say one thing and mean something completely different.

Mercury returning home to Gemini is extremely beneficial to those with a natal Sun sign and/or Mercury sign in Gemini or Virgo: the objective, intellectual and flexibility of the planet meshes well with those two signs.

Those with a natal Sun sign and/or Mercury sign in Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius may find this Mercury in Gemini transition to be slightly beneficial. The free and passionate mental energy of Gemini is quite similar to the energy of those Fire and Air signs.

Those with a natal Sun sign and/or Mercury sign in Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces may find the Mercury in Gemini a bit uncomfortable. The objective and rational quality of Gemini is different from the subjective and intuitive quality of Earth and Water signs. This group may find it difficult to adjust.

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