Tuesday May 20th: Sun in Gemini

Sun in Gemini, the 1st Air sign, encourages mental flexibility. (Image Courtesy of Google)

Sun in Gemini, the 1st Air sign, encourages mental flexibility. (Image Courtesy of Google)

On Tuesday May 20th, the Sun exited Taurus and entered Gemini. Controlling our psyche and ego, our Sun signs represent who we are at the core of our personality. As the Sun travels through the zodiac, it is believed that we temporarily take on the characteristics of that constellation. Thus, when the Sun passes through signs different from our natal sign, the effects can be either harmonious or disharmonious. While in Gemini, the Sun is communicative, social and friendly. Gemini, represented by the Twins, occupies dual residency in the Air and Mutable family.

Air signs function primarily through intellectual energy: the worldview of a Sun in Gemini native is funneled through its objectivism. While the Sun is positioned here, the luminary encourages us to employ rational and logical skills as we interact with others. This is quite different from the last four weeks of the Sun in Taurus transit; the earthy Bull functions primarily through practicality and tangibility: can I see it? Can I touch it? Conversely, Gemini finds it preferable to analyze the abstract instead of focusing on the concrete. Optimistic, carefree and social, the Sun in Gemini is extroverted and very much a free spirit. Outside of Leo, I’m almost certain the constellation of Gemini is the fountain of youth and timelessness. Airy Gem is verbally playful, and occasionally mischievous with words. Brain teasers, mind games and other sorts of intellectual work are favorable here. Astrologers link Gemini with information gathering and processing, information dispersion and the mutual exchange of knowledge. More so than any other sign, especially within the Air family, Gemini is most chatty. The flipside is this incessant need for friendship (albeit superficially) aids in the sharing of information.  Many Sun in Gemini natives that I’ve been acquainted with have very few close friends but thousands of acquaintances and associates: they will chat with ANYBODY—with little discrimination. Compare this to a Sun in Taurus who may have an extremely solid social circle and even fewer acquaintances: Taureans normally keep to themselves. As a result, as the Sun moves through Gemini over these next few weeks, the cosmos prompt us to get out there and get networking!

As mentioned before, Gemini is not only an Air sign, but a Mutable member as well. When the Sun passes through Mutable signs, it marks the end of one season and in preparation for the entrance to another. Therefore, within the zodiac, Mutable signs occupy the role of “evolver“, “transformer“, or “finalizer.” Gemini season coincides with the close of Spring in order to pave way for the opening of Summer (under Cardinal Cancer). It’s only natural for Mutables to be the most adjustable, adaptable and changeable signs of the zodiac: essentially, this group harnesses the art of shape shifting based on environmental needs or changes. For Air-Mutable Gemini, the mind is flexible; while the Sun vacations here, we may all be influenced to exercise a bit of mental agility as we connect with those in our immediate environment. This is a perfect time to change or evolve certain projects that are in the works; or renegotiate plans that have been in the making for some time. Overall, the Sun in Gemini moves us out of our comfort zone and emboldens us to be flexible, adapting to our situations as circumstances change.

Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.

​This Sun in Gemini transition is most beneficial for those with a natal Sun and/or Ascendant sign in Gemini—as the luminary is redirecting your attention to “self” and what “self” needs most right now. This is a wonderful time to evolve personal goals; others may be much more receptive to your personal agenda than in previous weeks.

The Sun in Gemini transition is also beneficial for those with a natal Sun sign and/or Ascendant sign in Sagittarius. The Sun is moving through your “significant other” sector (i.e. a romantic partner/lover, a business partner or even an adversary). The next four weeks mark a time in which you pay less attention to “self” and more attention to “an other.” You may be looking to evolve a business or romantic relationship in an effort to take things to the next level.

The Sun in Gemini transition ​could be slightly beneficial for those with a natal Sun sign and/or Ascendant sign in Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius as the carefree and light-hearted energy of Gemini meshes quite well with your need for optimism and idealism.

The Sun in Gemini transition is least beneficial for those with a natal Sun sign and/or Ascendant sign in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces as the extroversion and idealism found in Gemini isn’t as practical (Earth signs) or emotive (Water signs) as you’re used to.

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