Wednesday May 21st: Venus in Taurus

Patient Venus in Taurus is a slow and sensual lover (Image Courtesy of Google).

Patient Venus in Taurus is a slow and sensual lover (Image Courtesy of Google).

On Wednesday May 21st, the planet of romance returns to its home constellation of Taurus (shared with Libra). Venus signs are linked to our love values: what sorts of characteristics do we value in a romantic partner and how do we express those values to our (potential) mates? Ultimately, our Venus sign also describes how we behave in relationships, in addition to outlining what ideals we emphasis. The traits ascribed to Venus by astrologers mesh perfectly with the qualities given to Taurus. Thus, when in Taurus, Venus is diplomatic, agreeable and patient. As an Earth sign, Venus in Taurus revels in a mate who understands the importance of pragmatism; and as a Fixed sign, Venus in Taurus prefers a partner with unlimited reserves of reliability. This contrasts against our most recent Venus in Aries transit, in which realism and consistency wasn’t a major deal breaker; here, however, it is.

Earth Taurus is drawn to anything and anyone that can successfully stimulate their five senses: good food, good music, good wine, good friends and good laughs are Taurean staples. The Bull is a practical lover and values the same in a significant other; while Venus stations herself here, we are encouraged to concentrate our romantic energy into activities that offer proof-positive of our affection for our partner. Taurus has a….umm…hands-on approach to relationships, with significance placed on material and financial security within our relationships. Of course a Venus in Taurus wants to feel loved, but they also possess an overriding need to categorize your level of efficiency and “worthiness.” Over the next month, we are all guided to invest our romantic energy wisely, but particularly in material acquisition. Venus ruled Taurus enjoys things that are beautiful, comforting and luxurious. We may feel more inclined to pamper both ourselves and our lovers….because as Taurus may put it, “that’s what Venus would want us to do anyway.” During this transit, you may find yourself drawn to surrounding yourself with items that are aesthetically appealing: above all, Taurus wants to be able to see, touch, hear, smell and taste the fruits of their labor within a partnership. The biggest challenge for the next four weeks is to refrain from overindulgence just because your partner (or potential lover) titillates you physically.

In addition to her down-to-Earth approach (pun intended), Taurus is also a steady, passionate and powerful lover. These traits manifest due to the Taurean occupation of the Fixed family. Fixed signs are generally the stabilizers of the zodiac–within the system, they work to maintain or expand what was initiated under Cardinal signs. This quadrant (consisting of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) is slow to get moving but nearly impossible to stop once started. A Venus in Taurus lover takes a while to settle down; compare this to a Venus in Aries who doesn’t mind jumping head first into a new relationships just because it appears to be an exciting new journey. Taureans are as stubborn as they are slow: preferring to move at their own romantic pace, instead of what others deem appropriate. As a result, we may be, at least temporarily, be inclined to dig our heels in when it comes to certain romantic situations. It also takes very little to push a Fixed sign into a jealous or possessive rage. This quartet may be the most controlling of the zodiac! Earth Venus in Taurus may attempt to control possessions within a relationship; where Water Venus in Scorpio may attempt to control the emotional responses of both parties in the relationship –just as an example. The biggest concern with Venus in her home Taurus is forcing our partners to submit where they may not want to.

Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.

This Venus in Taurus transition is most beneficial for those with a natal Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Taurus or Libra. Both Taurus and Libra are unduly compassionate, hedonistic and accommodating regarding their love partnerships. Because there is similarity between how these two signs function in love, both reap the benefits of Venus being home.

This Venus in Taurus transition is also beneficial for those with a natal Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Scorpio. With the love planet moving through your polar opposite, your attention is drawn to a “significant other”; you may spend a great deal of time examining how personable and companionable you are in existing (or future) relationships. This isn’t necessarily a time to focus on “self”; instead, Scorpions become preoccupied with what a partner may need within a love union.

This Venus in Taurus transition is slightly beneficial for those with a natal Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. All of these signs function similarly within romantic partnerships.

The Venus in Taurus transition is least beneficial for those with a natal Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Predictable and realistic Taurus is quite different from the carefree and spirited attitude these signs take within relationships. This group may feel a bit stifled while Venus is in Taurus until she enters Gemini next month.

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