Friday July 18th: Venus in Cancer

On Friday July 18th, Venus left spontaneous Gemini and moved into sentimental Cancer. Venus rules our romantic values and demeanor: describing what we value in romantic relationships and how we tend to behave in our relationships. When Venus travels through signs that are not complementary to our own natal Venus signs, the transition is said to be disharmonious and may cause tension in our romantic sector. Conversely, when the planet travels through signs that are complementary to our own natal Venus sign, the transition is said to be harmonious and beneficiary to our love life. While in Gemini, Venus values freedom of expression and spontaneity. We look for partners (and partnerships) that stimulate our intellect: gathering and sharing information is important to Gemini. Positively, Venus in Gemini is overtly flirty and fun; unfortunately, Venus in Gemini can be a flighty and unreliable lover. All of this changes under Venus in Cancer.

Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.

Astrologers closely link the Crab with memories (sentiment), strong relationships with women, and the domestic sphere. As a result, Venus in Cancer will make us nostalgic for that old thing! Don’t be surprised if you are intensely obsessed with getting back to those old feelings from a particular relationship or from a particular person. It’s not uncommon for past lovers to resurface and reminisce about the old times you had together; and Venus in Cancer may encourage this indulging of times old. This may primarily be because Water Crabs are caring, nurturing and hypersensitive by nature: always looking for a way to care for someone else. This Venus progression offers a period for us to show our mates just how much they mean to us by serving their every need. Cancers are also natural homebodies and place significance on spending quality time with their lovers inside the home.  There’s an increase in our need to nest (particularly those with a natal Sun and/or Venus sign in Cancer or Capricorn). Both material and emotional security are important to Venus in Cancer. Subsequently, we all become focused on relationships that feed our need for emotional soundness.

In addition to being a Water sign, Cancer is also a Cardinal sign. Of all the modalities, Cardinal signs are the initiators and trailblazers of the zodiac. Venus in Cancer encourages us to “turn over new leaves” with our partners specifically—-or relationships in general. Especially if you’ve been detached with your mate under the Venus in Air (objective) Gemini. We are attentive, sensitive and available for new romantic experiences. Negatively, when we feel slighted or neglected by our partners (whether real or perceived), we retreat into our proverbial shell. Venus in Cancer encourages moodiness and passive-aggressive behavior in our love unions. As nurturing as Cancer is, there’s a tendency to smother our if we aren’t careful. While Venus is in Cancer, we all must guard against overextending ourselves in relationships in which we are not wanted.

This Venus in Cancer transition is best for those with a natal Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Cancer or Capricorn.

Those with a natal Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces may also benefit slightly from this progression as the qualities of Cancer are similar to the needs of those signs.

Lastly, those with a natal Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius may find this progression a bit uncomfortable. Cancer is much more emotional than the spirited natures of the Fire and Air group.