Wednesday July 16th: Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Leo encourages us to think colorfully and act boldly (Image Courtesy of Google).

Jupiter in Leo encourages us to think colorfully and act boldly (Image Courtesy of Google).

On Wednesday, July 16th, Jupiter leaves intuitive Cancer and enters fiery Leo. Jupiter rarely gets the credit it deserves in the astrology circuit; this astral body represents expansion, generosity, and goodwill. In the natal chart, the planet reveals how we prefer to manifest good fortune and material abundance; in day-to-day transits, however, the Jupiter placement reveals where you are most likely to experience good luck, good fortune and “windfalls.” When in poor aspects to other planets, it can point to where you are most likely to be wasteful, overly indulgent and negligent with your responsibilities. The goal during this transit is to stick to your guns by following the path over the next 12 months to ensure “blessings” fall at your feet. Astrologers describe Jupiter as being optimistic, extroverted and generous: naturally, it feels comfortable here in Fire Leo.

When Jupiter traverses Leo, luck arrives through creative and imaginative pursuits. There’s an undeniable love of life with a strong tendency to romanticize EVERYTHING (rose colored glasses are in no short supply here). The Lion finds good fortune in the form of leisure activities/recreational events, hobby exploration/expansion, and anything that activates your creative side. It may be necessary to integrate children within the picture at some point or another (this will be explained further, below). Essentially, opportunity emerges through creative outlets and “pleasure seeking” tasks.  This is quite a different approach when Jupiter was in Cancer: as we were more focused on hospitable, nurturing and compassionate interactions. Overall, this change could be considered disharmonious if Leo is not complementary to your natal Sun and/or natal Jupiter sign. In actuality, it is merely an opportunity for you to move outside of your comfort zone in order to be successful.

As a Fire sign, Leo is warm, gregarious and generous: prompting us to be outgoing and approachable in our pursuit for material stability and personal success. Fire is a high energy element: highlighting a need for sustained thrills but endless adventure. Naturally, this trio is hot-tempered and explosive when buttons are pushed. This can occasionally be contributed to the Lion’s zest and passion for life and leisure. While Jupiter is here, there’s an intense desire for others to continually recognize our talents and achievements. Yes, even the normally meek star signs revel in outward praise and approval over the next year. The Lion emboldens us with a flair for the dramatic. As a Fixed sign, Leo possesses a slow and willful quality—common in this quadrant. Fixed signs move when they get ready to: not when others tell them they need to. Of all three modalities (Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable), Fixed signs are more inclined to be stubborn and inflexible. This Fire-Fixed Leo combination means that we may all feel possessive and controlling over our creative outlets and are unlikely to compromise when it comes to leisure/recreational/social interactions. This Jupiter progression stirs our deep reserves of concentration and the ability to hold steadfast. Unsurprisingly, impulsivity is uncommon with Leo. Positively, there’s sustained energy to “find a good thing and stick with it.” Any opportunities we are presented with at this time are reviewed carefully, cautiously and in great detail (remember, Leos don’t like to rush).

Read for both your natal Sun sign and/or natal Jupiter sign (if you have it) in order to get a clearer picture of where good fortune may meet you over the next 12 months.

Aries: With a benefic planet in a fellow Fire sign means blessings and good fortune arrive in your leisure, romance and creative sector. You may get lucky and find yourself knee-deep in a fiery and flirty love affairs that invigorate you. Someone with a dramatic flair for the finer things in life may catch your attention. The next year offers a wonderful period for you to consistently pursue fun and recreational activities that you may have skipped out on recently. For you, Jupiter in Leo prompts you to turn a long-time hobby into something much more—-you may find that love affair I spoke of while you’re engulfed in these pastimes. OR you could look for ways to explore new hobbies that stimulate your creative and expressive side. This is an overall social position in your natal chart. You must watch for being too generous with your new lover, your children, or spending too much money on recreational events instead of taking care of your responsibilities. The extroverted and warm qualities of Leo mimic that of your natal inclinations as an Arian. As a result, this Jupiter transition should equal fun! Your playful and idealistic side makes an appearance. Positively, Fixed Leo encourages you to slow down (which is often hard for a Ram to do) and take in the scenery. Leo moves at a leisurely pace and you pick up this characteristic, at least temporarily. While Jupiter was in Cancer (June 2013-July 2014), there was a strong focus on your private sector, domestic sphere/household needs, and relations with women. You may have experienced a great deal of “luck” and “fortune” through your interpersonal connections with women close to you—particularly the mother. During the past year, women in your life ushered in a lot of assistance to you for material abundance. You may have settled a home related issue (i.e. repairing/renovating/relocating etc.) For the next year, however, opportunities for emerge when you creatively and optimistically explore hobbies/entertainment/leisure activities that stimulate your imaginative side.

Taurus: For Taurean natives, “blessings” and good fortune make an appearance in your domestic sphere. The next year offers a wonderful opportunity for property purchases or changes; this could also include creative renovations, redecorations, repairs, relocations or something similar. You may luck up and find a piece of comfortable/luxurious real estate at a great deal; or locate the perfect furniture piece to add to an existing residence. More so than usual, you seek to create a home environment that accurately reflects your need for comfort, fun and creative expression. It’s not uncommon for people to move inside/outside of the home when a planet passes through this sector of the natal chart. The grandiose and idealistic quality of Jupiter coupled with the naturally hedonistic manner of the Bull signal a serious challenge resigning your optimism with your need for realism. It’s easy to overextend/overpromise with this transition (i.e. moving into an apartment that you know you can’t afford but have “faith” things will work out; or moving someone into your home without fully considering the complete scope of the new living situation, etc.). Hosting parties/events (either of the artistic or athletic variety) at your home become commonplace until Jupiter moves into Virgo next summer. As mentioned in the introduction, Leo is artistic and passionate; with expansive Jupiter in this area of your life, you seek imaginative and funky solutions to residential conundrums. I’d also recommend connecting with women, particularly the mother (or mother-figure). It’s not unusual to find favor and blessings from women you are close to when planets touch this sector of your natal chart. Ultimately, the next 12 months embolden you to be persistent but slow to react to domestic concerns. The lesson here is to be hospitable and caring, more than you usually are, to increase your chances for success.

Gemini: Windfalls and good fortune emerge in your mental connections and exchanges  with others in your immediate environment. Abundance and “luck” emerge possibly in the form of new electronics/gadgets, a new mode of transportation (i.e. car, bike, boat, motorcycle, etc.) or some other object that makes sharing information with others much easier for you. The Twins are often titled as having the “gift of gab” and this trait intensifies under high spirited Jupiter in Leo. The fiery Lion complements the optimism of Gemini so this astral change would be considered favorable. The next 12 months mark an extremely persuasive period: you seem to talk yourself into a lot of great opportunities, even more so than you usually do. Good fortune and success arrives in how well you network and disperse information. The biggest challenge is to watch for overpromising and underdelivering. The idealism of Jupiter coupled with the imagination of Leo added to the noncommittal attitude of Gemini means it’s effortless for you to agree to do something that you have little intention/ability to follow through on. Researching/processing/sharing knowledge emphasized under this Jupiter progression. Relationships with siblings and neighbors are also spotlighted (especially if there has been a literal/emotional distance between “you” and “them”). From June 2013-July 2014, Jupiter in Cancer provided great opportunities for you to increase your income based on your own merits/talents. You may have looked into the purchasing of tangible possessions that you’ve been lusting after in recent months. Now, is the time to shift gears and refocus on your intellectual side (versus your practical side when Jupiter vacationed in Cancer). Fixed Leo emboldens you to be relentless, persistent and passionate about your ideas and the expression of these ideas to others. Debates/discussions held over the next year are fiery and lie at the root of your success now. Overall, learning is stimulating, fulfilling and desirable—–luck originates in both what you know and how you share it.

Cancer: Jupiter just exited the Crab in exchange for the Lion. With this transition, there’s less emphasis on “self” (as was the case in the past 12 months), and your attention is redirected to financial and material security. From June 2013-July 2014, good fortune and luck emerged when you exposed your compassionate and nurturing side to the external world. During that time frame, success was easiest to capitalize on when you were forward-thinking and understanding. For now, Leo points to honing in your talents/craft in order to maximize finances and “self worth.” Imaginative Leo in expansive Jupiter signals a time to seek creative solutions that are outside of the box to ensure financial and material success.  Crabs may be quite optimistic and idealistic in the coming year; I’d definitely encourage the purchasing and collection of objects/goods that are both luxurious and comfortable. If you’ve been eyeing some new “toys”, you may find that you’re actually able to afford these items thanks to lucky Jupiter moving through this constellation. The biggest challenge during this transit is learning to limit/control the amount of money you spend and the objects you choose to spend it on. Opportunities in increase your income are in abundance now, but don’t blow it all so carelessly [sometimes, idealistic Jupiter can prompt us to be too optimistic, to the point that we are virtually unrealistic about our money]. As I mentioned in the intro, Jupiter can sometimes be labeled as a planet of “excess”—and wasteful spending should be something all Cancers watch out for until Jupiter moves into Virgo next year. A great deal of your money may be sank into your favorite hobbies/recreational activities (remember, these are the themes astrologers closely associate with Leo). Overall, Cancer can attract good fortune when exploring creative approaches to activities/environments that reaffirm your self worth and stimulate financial growth.
Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.

Leo: The planet of fortune and blessings has moved into the Lion and will settle quite comfortably in your sign. The best way for you to maximize your chances for success and good fortune is to emerge on the scene as a leader and trailblazer. Jupiter’s current position marks a strong emphasis on you creating broader goals that are beneficial to “self” and promote personal agendas. Over the next 12 months, success comes best when Leo finds creative and spirited methods to present the image they have of themselves to the external world. For Leo, the “image of self” leans towards recreational/entertainment pursuits; Leos also do exceptionally well in artistic environments (i.e. fashion, makeup, theatre, music, dance, film, painting/drawing, writing, etc.) as well as athletic environments (i.e. sports, fitness training, etc.). Beauty and luxury go hand-in-hand with ALL Leos so focusing a great deal of energy into these areas of your life will prove immensely beneficial from now until June 2015. The greatest challenge during this astral progression is self-centeredness (something that can come all too naturally to King/Queen Leo). In actuality, this flair for the dramatic is a characteristic quite common amongst the Fire folk (including Aries and Sagittarius). I’d also ward against looking for quick or easy paths to material abundance (which is also what Jupiter governs). Fixed Leo is definitely no stranger to hard work but the predisposition towards excess on the part of the Lion still remains. Positively, this is a high energy placement: both Jupiter and Leo are extraordinarily idealistic so the best way to capitalize on opportunities presented to you at this time is by carrying out tasks indicative of your leadership skills. Showcasing the natural courage and bravado of the Lion will introduce new opportunities for you to get a “leg up” in society (besides, you never know who’s watching from the sidelines!). More so than usual, Leos may be itching for a change (either in appearance, mannerisms or something similar). From now until next summer (when Jupiter leaves Leo and moves into Virgo), I’d strongly recommend seizing any chance(s) for adventure and leisure. Ultimately, this change in the cosmos will bring a great deal of warmth, enthusiasm and sociability to your personal life.

Virgo: Jupiter’s move into Leo activates a very spiritual and mystical placement in Virgo’s life. Luck and good fortune appear to contain some element of transcendence in them. The planet emphasizes the hidden secrets of the universe; subsequently, Virgo may spend the next 12 months seeking the best way to mix your hobbies and pastimes with helping others. Virgo is definitely a service oriented sign, but the general attitude of the Virgin is “service on a small, tangible scale.” This astral change, however, signals “service on universal scale.” Jupiter in Leo asks Virgo, “how can we give ourselves to make the universe a better place?” If these are things you normally shy away from, they’ll move to the forefront of your mind over the next twelve months. For the Virgin, success and material abundance emerge when expressing sympathy, compassion and forgiveness to others. This transition creates a desire for Virgo to share, heal and connect with something much bigger than self. Creativity, idealism and intuition heighten: with significance placed on the metaphysical. From now until June 2015, Virgo will wrestle with an attraction to the divine (however you choose to define it. For some, it’s “spiritual” and for others, it’s “religious”); and “blessings” occur when you reconnect with those beliefs. The persistent and relentless quality of Fixed sign Leo couldn’t be more different than flexibility found in Mutable sign Virgo. This is a time to approach ideas about divinity cautiously but fiercely. This is a “behind the scenes” position so many Virgos may feel compelled to withdraw from the limelight in order to take full advantage of new opportunities given to them at this time. The indulgent characteristics of Jupiter manifest “in the dark”—-perhaps partaking in hedonistic fun away from the prying eyes of the rest of the world. The biggest challenge under this aspect is to watch for overzealous or fanatical behavior regarding your beliefs (especially if it becomes clear that those around you take a contrasting perspective). It’s extremely important that you refrain from pushing your own religious/spiritual agenda upon others as this may Segway into losing opportunities for success. Virgos may also want to ward against the “giving away” of your spiritual self to people, situations, and places that will not help replenish the supply. Compare this to Jupiter’s recent travels through Cancer, which spotlighted a time to focus on extended kinships, friendships, group memberships and other social organizations you were apart of. Where Jupiter in Leo (now) directs your attention to your spiritual needs, Jupiter in Cancer (then) directed your attention to your platonic needs. The next 12 months highlight the spiritual side of life, versus the tangible/material one.

Libra: Luck and good fortune make a grandiose entrance through your friendships, extended kinships, and other organizations you may be apart of. This is a placement for innovation, progression, and cooperation between yourself and others (i.e. society in general, a club, etc.). Fierce Leo encourages you to be both creative and idealistic as you work to make the world a better place. As a thinker, Air Libra can appear detached and superficial: now is the time to tap into those inner passions for humanity and boldly express them. For Libra, this Jupiter in Leo transition introduces a burning urge (pun intended) to do good and help those around you reach their highest potential. Your intellectual curiosities will be strongly stimulated (even more so than usual). You can surely expect an increase in the sharing of knowledge with ideas bouncing back and forth in a wide variety of group settings. Being “alone” (either literally or intellectually) isn’t favorable for you now. It’s not uncommon for individuals to gain new membership or reenlist in an existing one. Overall, opportunities and “blessings” will be deeply rooted in your platonic bonds. The next 12 months make for an active social life. As I mentioned in the introductory paragraph, astrologers strongly correlate Leo with leisurely and entertainment pursuits. As a result, Jupiter in Leo prompts Libra to incorporate your friends into existing hobbies OR you may find new hobbies through friends that you have. Others will label you the “most popular.” The biggest challenge here is to watch fro overindulging in your social life while neglecting your day-to-day responsibilities. This is quite different from Jupiter’s most recent travels in Cancer, a fellow Cardinal sign. Between June 2013-July 2014, Jupiter in Cancer directed your attention to your public persona: you may have been extremely conscientious about the way the external world received you, especially as it related to your reputation and your career. During this past year, good fortune and windfalls, of sorts, may have surfaced in your professional life—-which also translates into a higher social status. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that some Libras have had great improvements regarding a job: possibly a raise, promotion, a new job, positive changes in the existing work environment, or something similar. There were several opportunities for success and advancement for you under Jupiter in Cancer. Now, with Jupiter in Leo, there’s a definitive shift from “work” to “friends.”

Scorpio: Jupiter in a fellow Fixed sign redirects your attention to getting your public persona in order. Fire-starter Leo inspires you to be immensely idealistic about your profession and how others perceive you. Opportunities for success arise out of new responsibilities bestowed upon you within the next year. With astrologers linking Leo with hobbies, leisure and recreation, Jupiter in Leo encourages Scorpio to integrate your hobbies into your professional life; perhaps as a way to make money, improve your public persona, or both. You may also find yourself enthralled in a new hobby/pastime because of your job. Opportunities for better job prospects are also a “side effect” of expansive Jupiter in this sector of your life (I’d strongly recommend blending into low risk environments). Fixed signs signal stability, consistency, and perseverance: the persistence of the Lion mimics that willful nature of the Scorpion. As a result, it’s effortless for you to “stay the course” over the next year as it relates to building/improving your reputation and career goals. Jupiter in Leo creates a strong urge for you to maintain an honorable reputation—-which will surely carry praises, achievements, prizes and awards in the near future. Ultimately, you want to make a name for yourself and now is the time to apply those resources in your arsenal to make it happen! Shying away from irresponsibility and appropriately handling professional resources are two ways that you can maximize your good fortune over the next 12 months. Essentially, Scorpio, this is a strong placement for maturity, self-discipline and self-mastery skills. The challenge is to guard against tunnel vision and loss of things in the periphery (which is all too easy for determined Fixed signs, like both yourself and Leo). Accomplishments, promotions and an increase in scrutiny from the public accompanies this transit, but positively, your enthusiasm for personal/professional success heightens!

Sagittarius: With your home planet passing through a fellow Fire sign, success and abundance introduced easier when Archers uphold universal values, ethics and principles. This is definitely a transition that highlights your “higher mind.” The next 12 months provide an outlet for the naturally optimistic and warm quality of Sagittarius. This is a period to fuse your creative and leisure side with your expansive and intellectual side. Jupiter in Leo is a strong placement for intellectual development : particularly from a cultural and philosophical point of view. There may be extensive opportunities for Archers to strengthen certain ethical beliefs. Thanks to Fixed sign Leo, you may take a very hard position on religious/spiritual/moral ideologies. The greatest challenge while your traditional ruler traverses the Lion is to refrain from pushing your intellectualism upon others: Sags can be pretentious when they know they know more than others. There will definitely be several chances for success with publishing, writing, reporting, teaching or studying esoteric material. Fixed Leo charges you to pursue these topics creatively, passionately, and idealistically. Jupiter just left an extremely sensitive area of your life that may have prompted you to overshoot the resources you share with another person. From June 2013-July 2014, you may have received “windfalls” from a spouse, relative or a different income source that is not of your own. The last year provided chances to appropriately juggle finances and material goods you share with another; the next year will provide chances to explore and develop your intellectual side. This impulse to “explore” may include an increase in long-distance voyages over the next year: it’s definitely time to break out of your shell!

Capricorn: Jupiter just left your “significant other” sector in Cancer, from June 2013-July 2014. During that phase, you may have experienced “windfalls” or great opportunities for personal success that involved a romantic partner OR a business partner that you could depend on emotionally in order to make those goals a reality. There may have been new business deals that required you to work closely with this other person. Now, with Jupiter in Leo, this expansive planet has moved into yet another sensitive place in your life. Whereas Jupiter in Cancer introduced opportunities via your emotional connections to someone close to you; Jupiter in Leo will introduce opportunities via your financial and material connections to people/entities close to you. Leo prompts you to focus on income generated that you did not earn: i.e. alimony/child support payments, legal/judicial settlements, credit cards/loans, estate taxes or something similar. With the planet of luck in this sector of your life, you can expect favorable outcomes regarding financial intimacy and shared resources; perhaps you’re able to take out a bank loan (or secure a great interest rate), borrow money from relatives or even just depend on them to help you out financially with certain bills. Since astrologers link Leo with leisure, recreation and entertainment, this theme reigns supreme over the next 12 months. Shared hobbies and/or creative pursuits may bring new opportunities for you to create (and expand) financial/material intimacy between yourself and one other. The primary challenge here is to avoid overindulging (read as: overspending) money or resources you share. A secondary challenge is to refrain from controlling others through the shared resources. Fixed signs are slow and concentrated, so Fixed sign Leo provides you with the ability to hold steadfast until monetary goals have moved into total fruition. Caps may feel extremely optimistic about finally coming to an agreement regarding their debt and finances. This is a wonderful placement for financial investing and material acquisition (i.e. through a bank, a spouse or business partner) and I urge you to look into while good luck is on your side. Although it’s not frequently discussed, sexual intimacy also falls in this category. Creative and passionate Leo emboldens you to inject a bit of imagination and romance in your sexual encounters. Capricorns may feel extremely optimistic about your sexual experiences and your level of sexual dependency on your partner. Ultimately, Jupiter in Leo encourages you to reevaluate how you depend on others for financial, material and sexual comfort—including the role you play in these intimate interactions. Conversely, you may want to reexamine how others depend on you in those same areas.

Aquarius: The Lion is the polar opposite of the Water Bearer; resultingly, the planet of luck and good fortune, Jupiter, is moving through your “significant other” sector for the next 12 months. Optimism and idealism run high regarding “self” and an intimate partnership (either of a romantic or business origin). For Aquarians, good luck and “windfalls” surely follow building creative and passionate bonds thanks to adventurous Jupiter moving through this area of your life.  This is definitely a time to redefine or solidify these close bonds as they will offer immense opportunities for success and material abundance. Fixed sign Leo has “stubborn” qualities similar to that of Aquarius; subsequently, there’s a strong emphasis on consistency and “staying the course” with these intimate relationships over the next year. Aquarians will experience the expansion of self through these partnerships. Jupiter in Leo emboldens you to be charming, free-spirited and high-energy —versus the normally detached mannerisms of Air signs. This is also a period for compromise and negotiation within these romantic or business partnerships—-two traits not always employed by the willful Water Bearer. The Jupiter in Leo teaches you the lesson of justice and equality as the best way to manifest success in your personal life. Over the next 12 months, you learn to be self-sacrificial in an effort to maintain these unions. Jupiter is all about fair play as you continually search for “win-win” scenarios (even more so than usual). Overall, this is a placement for social and cultural development and creative Leo will draw your attention towards all things artistic and athletic. The Jupiter/Leo combination leads you to merge your recreational pastimes with your relationships. Overindulging a mate (or vice versa: demanding it from a partner) will be the greatest challenge for Aquarians while Jupiter travels through your astral opposite.

Pisces: Details and organization will be the name of the game for Pisceans as Jupiter rests in Leo for the next year. The best way for you to attract good fortune is seeking environments in which you can serve others. As the most “evolved” Water sign, the idea of sacrifice isn’t foreign at all the Piscean natives. Generally speaking, however, Pisces possesses a natural inclination to ponder about helping others on a grand scale. While Jupiter is in Leo, though, Pisces will need to focus on helping others locally or much closer to home. This is a position for self-improvement in order to improve the lives of others. Subsequently, making personal changes to be the best version of yourself that you can be to help others be the best that they can be increases your chance for good fortune and “windfalls” in the next 12 months. This “improvement of self” can manifest in the form of diets, fitness/exercise routines, self-help books, and reevaluating your overall work ethic. Fire sign Leo embodies optimism so Jupiter in Leo teaches you to be both creative and idealistic in your quest for personal purity. You’ll feel most comfortable completing tasks and functioning in environments that make you feel needed and appreciated. Hard work is a priority and Pisces will benefit immensely from projects (or people) that offer you tangible proof that your assistance is appreciated. The greatest challenge for Pisces during this Jupiter in Leo transit is over-giving of self to those who are undeserving. Jupiter will remain here until June 2015.