Friday July 25th: Mars in Scorpio

On July 25th, Mars left its eight month long vacation in Libra and moved into mysterious Scorpio. Astrologers label Mars the planet of action; Mars signs in our natal charts reveal what we are most passionate about, how we express this passion and how we prefer to expend energy. Mars links itself to our goals, aims, motivations and energy level: our overall verve. As Mars travels through the zodiac, moving through signs that are NOT our natal Mars sign, it is said that it impacts our energy expenditure. As a planet of action, Mars thrives best on taking charge and being aggressive. Libra, however, is a sign of subtle diplomacy. The passivity often found in abundance in this sign clashes with the natural inclination of “go getter” Mars. Where Mars demands we press “play”, Libra demands the “pause” button. As a result, we may have had a difficult time mobilizing our goals and ambitions over the past eight months: in fact, you may have been hesitant to take direct action (consistently) in order to actualize these passions of yours. All of this will change now that Mars has progressed into powerful Scorpio.

Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.

As a Water sign, Mars in Scorpio is hypersensitive and intuitive: effortlessly grasping the subtleties of the environment and responding accordingly. Unlike Mars in Libra who seeks balance, fairness and equity, Mars in Scorpio prefers the “life isn’t fair so get over it” approach. We may temporarily take on this attitude as the planet traverses the Scorpion. Our motivations and goals during this period take on an emotional appeal: how does this objective make me feel? Compare this to Mars in Air Libra whose passions are much more objective: is this objective mentally stimulating to me? For those of us with a natal Mars in the Earth or even the Air family, this Mars in Scorpio cosmic change forces us to move out of that practical and intellectual comfort zone, respectively. Essentially, Mars in Scorpio encourages us to emotionally attach ourselves to our passions, goals: expending our energy towards pursuits that rile our sentimental side. All three Water signs possess an ethereal or mystical quality about them: possessing a unique ability to offer transcendental healing. The compassion easily found within this trio, however, is carefully guarded under the Scorpion influence and isn’t easily extracted (compared to Cancer or Pisces). Mars in Scorpio means we play our cards closely to our chest: hesitant to reveal our plans, goals or motivations with others for fear of rejection. Passionate Mars in intense Scorpio prompts us to concentrate our energy.

Scorpio also holds a spot in the Fixed modality (along with Taurus, Leo and Aquarius). Within the zodiac system, Fixed signs are the “stabilizers” and “maintainers” of the cosmos. This quartet understands the phrase “rock slow and steady” and employs it willingly. Of all 12 constellations, Fixed signs are the least impulsive but also the most stubborn. Essentially, Mars in Scorpio makes calculated moves; even more so, they look for goals/motivations in which they can be in complete control. In fact, Scorpio may be the most controlling sign : they don’t fold when pushed, instead moving when they get ready to. This trait may surface in all of our lives, albeit temporarily, even if our natal Mars isn’t in the Scorpion.

The biggest challenge is to watch for inflexibility during this period; it’s quite possible that we develop tunnel vision while pursuing our passions and become unnecessarily unyielding to changes in the process. I like to call this the “sinking ship syndrome”: you know there’s nothing you can do to make the situation better but you have a hard time letting go anyway. Positively, Mars in Fixed Scorpio provides us with the tenacity and sustained energy to accomplish goals we have in the works.

Mars will remain in Scorpio until September 13th, where it will transition into the Archer.

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Happy Star Gazing!