Thursday July 31st: Mercury in Leo

On July 31st, Mercury left emotive Cancer and entered expressive Leo. Mercury, in astrology, deals with our intellectual processes. In the natal chart, Mercury reveals how we gather and process information, how we learn, and how we overall prefer to communicate/share information with others. Astrologers connect Mercury with pure brain power. As Mercury passes through signs that are not complementary to our own, we may have difficulty expressing our ideas thoroughly or may feel others don’t seem to receive our message the way we intended. As Mercury moves through constellations, the planet picks up the characteristics of the sign.

In Leo, Mercury is creative, fun and bold (thanks to its dual Fixed/Fire quality). Astrologers tie Leo with recreational/leisure pursuits, hobbies, the arts, children, romance and creativity; resultingly, those with a natal Mercury in Leo enjoy learning and exploring these subjects in extensive detail. As a Fire sign, Mercury in Leo communicates in a grandiose and exaggerated fashion: information is passed only when Leo can be sure their audience will be captivated. Sometimes, the Lion can fudge the truth in order to make a discussion much more lively than it would have been. Fire signs are “fun communicators” preferring not to be bogged down with boring details; this trait is amplified in creative Leo. Enthusiastic Mercury in Leo has a flair for the dramatic and this characteristic is best observed in a motivating capacity. Lions are the ultimate salesmen: effortlessly persuading you to hand over whatever it is that they’re asking for. Leo possesses a commanding presence when conversing with the external world and can occasionally be intimidating to more introverted communicators. Leos are opinionated and dominant: preferring to dominate conversations, meetings and conferences. All of this is quite different from our recent Mercury in Cancer transition. As a Water sign, Cancer’s communicative approach is much more subtle than bold Leo. The Crab intuitively knows what to say and when to say it; conversely, the Lion doesn’t read conversational cues so well. In fact, Mercury in Leo says what they want—tact be damned.

Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.

As a Fixed sign, Leo is much more calculated in their mental activities. It is extremely difficult to get Fixed signs to change their minds once they’ve made a decision: Leo is no different in this aspect. Mercury in Leo can hold onto ideas, thoughts, theories and attitudes that are no longer offering beneficial to them simply because they are resistant to change. This also applies to Leo’s slow decision making skills: getting Mercury in Leo to make a choice is like pulling teeth but getting them to change the choice they made is damn near impossible. Positively, this trait means that Mercury in Leo can lock in on a target and stay the course until completion. The intellectual willpower of this sign is great: Lions possess deep reserves of concentration and determination. Fixed signs hold steadfast to their purpose and we adopt this characteristic in our mental activities over the next few weeks.

Positively, Mercury in Leo energizes our creative thought processes and may introduce some great ideas that you may not have considered before this cosmic transition. We are optimistic and forward thinking in our intellectual pursuits thanks to Fire Leo. Negatively, Mercury in Leo pushes us to refuse new (and valuable) information simply because we stubbornly hold steadfast to ideas we already have.

This Mercury in Leo transition is extremely beneficial to those with a natal Sun sign and/or natal Mercury sign in Leo or Aquarius. This is a wonderful time to have idealistic conversations that promote your personal agenda (for Leos) or idealistic conversations that reveal your need(s) to a significant other (for Aquarians).
Those with a natal Sun sign and/or Mercury sign in the Fire (Aries/Sagittarius) or Air family (Gemini/Libra) may find this Mercury in Leo transition somewhat favorable as Leo’s spirited intellectual processes mimic your natal communication/personality style.
Those with a natal Sun sign and/or Mercury sign in the Earth and Water family may feel somewhat uncomfortable during the Mercury in Leo change. The practical and emotive qualities of this group clash with the extroverted and dominant characteristics of Leo.