Friday September 5th: Venus in Virgo

On Friday September 5th, Venus left grandiose Leo and moved into minimalist Virgo. Venus governs our romantic sphere and its transitions can mark major gains or upheavals in our love lives. Depending on your natal Venus sign (where Venus was on the day of your birth), the daily Venusian progressions (where Venus is now) can sometimes point to critical changes that need to occur in your relationship department. Venus reveals what we value from our partners and the type of partner we tend to be romantically. When in Leo, Venus is bold, fearless and high spirited. Leos want to be treated like Kings/Queens and accept nothing short of this. Jealousy rears its ugly head to the extreme when Venus in Leo feels they aren’t appreciated or admired . Naturally, the combination of Venus and the Lion encouraged us to go big or go home: Leos are some of the most theatrical , yet romantic signs in the cosmos. Getting caught up in passionate love affairs is a Venus in Leo staple so I wouldn’t be surprised to know that in recent weeks, you’ve been intensely idealizing or fantasizing about a partner (or potential partner). Negatively, we may have been dramatically stubborn in our romantic needs with little urge to compromise with a mate when things aren’t moving our way. The overt enthusiasm of Venus in Leo fades into something much more sensible and toned down.
Venus in Earth Virgo is not flattered by anything over-the-top. Earth signs are generally quiet, introverted and reserved; so Venus vacationing in this element means we take the “quiet strength” approach to our partnerships. Earth signs focus primarily on the physical/material world. In Virgo, Venus asks, ” is this mate helping me reach my personal goals?”…” can this mate provide me with material security?”. As the most efficient sign of the zodiac, Virgo seeks practical ways to express their care and devotion to a mate. Gifts abound, shopping sprees and an endless flow of roses don’t exactly fit the Virgo repertoire. This is quite different from our recent Venus journey in idealistic Leo who frequently wears “rose colored glasses”: preferring to only look at the good in place of the bad. Instead, Virgo prefers to demonstrate their level of usefulness and commitment to the relationship: fixing things around the house; picking up your dry cleaning; researching meals for their mate’s new diet plan; etc. Venus in Virgo is very much a hands-on lover and expects the same. Thus, over the next few weeks while Venus journeys through this constellation, we are all encouraged to find tangible ways that improve the a relationship we are in (specifically) or our overall love life (in general). Astrologers closely relate the Virgin with medicine, mental & physical health, service to others and overall self-improvement. During this transit, I’d recommend we all take the time to realistically evaluate our romantic needs and figure out the best way to evolve into better partners to our lovers.
In Virgo, Venus is a sensible, practical and very down-to-earth lover. There's also a sensual and "hands-on" approach when Virgo is involved (Image Courtesy of Google).

In Virgo, Venus is a sensible, practical and very down-to-earth lover. There’s also a sensual and “hands-on” approach when Virgo is involved (Image Courtesy of Google).

Earthy Virgo is also a member of the Mutable quartet (also comprising of Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces). These guys are the transformers, evolvers, finishers and most flexible members of the zodiac. They are able to adapt to changing circumstances quite easily. Virgo often gets a bad rep for being unyielding and controlling, but in actuality, Virgos are rather malleable by nature. Venus in Virgo can quickly assess the health of a relationship and immediately find a level-headed solution to the problem. In fact, a Venus in Virgo lover can be whatever their mates need them to be: similar to a chameleon. Unfortunately, this changeability can also cause Venus in Virgo to be noncommittal and flaky. Mutable signs are notorious for biting off more than they can chew: frequently promising more to a mate than what can be delivered. Of all modalities, Mutable signs are most inclined to spread themselves thin without thinking things through completely. As a result, during our current Venus in Virgo transit, the biggest challenge is to thoroughly consider all angles before making promises to a mate. Lastly, since Mutable signs coincide with the end of certain seasons (Virgo signaling the end of Summer), symbolically, they function best as “purgers”  or “evolvers” of the zodiac. In short, Venus in Virgo can also introduce the courage to end relationships we deem unbeneficial (impractical) to our own needs; or possibly end certain behaviors/issues within an existing partnership.
This Venus in Virgo transit in best for those with a natal Venus sign in Virgo. This is a time for you to settle on your own romantic needs and the best way to manifest these desires in your exchanges with a (potential) mate. You find may find the courage to make personal changes in order to bring about a healthy, sustainable relationship. Venus in Virgo urges you to discover practical ways to get your point across in these unions.
This Venus in Virgo transit is also beneficial for those with a natal Venus in Pisces. This is NOT a time to push your own agenda within a relationship; instead, you are encouraged to focus primarily on a partner and the best ways to satiate/entertain their needs. Venus moving through your “significant other” sector prompts you to slide into a support role in place of a “headlining” role. Venus in Virgo emboldens you to find pragmatic ways to please and compromise with your mate.
This Venus in Virgo transit inspires those with a natal Venus in Libra to retreat behind the scenes. As the shared home constellation for Venus (along with Taurus), the planet’s travel in the sign just before yours signals a need for privacy and introspection. Venus in Virgo encourages you to tie up lose ends and close chapters regarding certain relationships. It’s quite possible that karma will reveal previously held notions about a particular mate or partnership. This is a time for spiritual connectedness and clearing out negative energy that could potentially block your shine when Venus moves into Libra later in the month.
This Venus in Virgo transit is slightly favorable for those with a natal Venus sign in Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. Earth and Water signs share a distinct need for reliable material and emotional comfort: regarding relationships, the unknown does not titillate this group. Naturally, the introversion of Venus in Virgo offers gentle support the characteristics these four signs share.
This Venus in Virgo transit may be uncomfortable for those with a natal Venus sign in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. The high energy and extroversion of these signs clash immensely with the quiet energy and introspection of Virgo. It’s possible there may be tension in the relationships of these individuals. Positively, Venus in Virgo encourages these five signs to inject a bit of rationality and realism into their love exchanges.
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