Saturday September 13th: Mars in Sagittarius

In Sagittarius, Mars is changeable, open, generous and warm. The need to expand intellectually and explore physically becomes extremely important.

In Sagittarius, Mars is changeable, open, generous and warm. The need to expand intellectually and explore physically becomes extremely important.

On Saturday September 13, Mars slipped out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius. Mars functions as the planet of action, ambition and assertion. Essentially, this astral body looks at how we prefer to expend energy and what things serve as motivation to us. Mars transitions throughout the year reveal where we feel most inclined to take action and assertive ourselves. At the other end of the spectrum, Mars points out where we are predisposed to be hostile and tyrannical with others.

Astrologers associate Sagittarius with the “higher mind” : philosophical, ethical, moral, cultural and religious pursuits are favored here. Mars in Sagittarius motivates us to expand ourselves with a distinctive need to absorb as much information as possible. Remember, the Archer serves as one-half of the “communication axis” (read my article here about astrological dichotomies). This final Fire sign links itself with long-distance voyages that stimulate our need to make meaning of the world. Sagittarians could be considered the “gurus” of the zodiac, with emphasis on the abstract and impersonal: focusing on the collective instead of the individual. With our planet of ambition and action in this intellectually curious sign, we feel compelled to integrate these topics into our own lives (even if your natal Mars isn’t in Sagittarius).

As a Fire sign, Sagittarius is outgoing and engaging. Archers are passionate risk-takers with a need for adventure and fun. Sagittarians possess a naturally curious personality , especially regarding the mysteries of life. Mars in Sagittarius emboldens us to explore things around us: both intellectually and physically (through travel). Fire signs are bold, warm and inviting. This attitude complements Mars’ instinct towards action and assertion. Friendly Sagittarius meshes easily with others from different backgrounds and we adopt this preponderance for open-ended tolerance. As an extrovert, Mars in Sagittarius prefers to share and enlighten through the means of entertainment. This is a social placement that involves frequent expression of personal goals and objectives with the outside world (much different from the secretive qualities of Mars in private Scorpio).

Archers also members of the Mutable modality. In astrology, Mutable signs are flexible and malleable. When planets travel through Mutables, it shows where the individual is most likely to be adaptable and easy-going. Mars in Mutable Sagittarius means we must be flexible and expansive in the goals we set over the next few weeks. This is quite different from our recent Mars transition through Fixed Scorpio —which urged us to remain steadfast and persistent as we exert energy to accomplish goals. Now, opportunistic Sagittarius tells us to lighten up a bit and check all options before settling on one course of action. This ideology veers away from Mars in Scorpio which supported staying the course until the job is done (even if more efficient paths were available). Mutable signs adjust easily to changing circumstances; the Archer prompts us to create “outlines” instead of plans that are “etched in stone.” This ability to effortlessly go-with-the-flow can translate into noncommittal and flaky attitudes if not held in check.

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