Monday September 22nd: Sun in Libra

On Monday September 22nd, the Sun passed into Libra. Represented by the Scales of Justice, astrologers closely associate this sign with law, fairness, balance, and order; art and beauty; and intimate relationships (of a business or romantic nature). Naturally, the Sun’s transition into this constellation encourages us to inject both balance and beauty into our lives—-even for those of us whose natal Sun isn’t Libra. Extroverted Libra infuses spiritedness and enthusiasm into our daily lives. In a general sense, this is a great change for those with a natal Sun sign and/or Ascendant sign in Gemini, Aquarius and Libra.

As an Air sign, Sun in Libra natives process the world primarily through mental energy. Air signs prize intellectualism and brainwork. The Air trio is the most social of all elements; with the Sun now in Libra, this is a time to make social connections and exchange with others (particularly those who we share intimate bonds with). This is a time to hone those skills of diplomacy, tact and charm—–all infamous Libran traitsAir signs are drawn towards abstract mental stimulation and preoccupied with endless possibilities. This uncharted idealism can manifest in “rose colored glasses” : seeing the potential instead of the present. Negatively, when the Sun in Libra poorly angles other astral bodies over the next four weeks, manipulation and superficiality run high (a common downfall for all Air signs).

In terms of modality, Libra is a Cardinal sign. When the Sun passes through Cardinal signs, it literally signals the start of a new season. Metaphorically, the Sun in Cardinals symbolizes the need to take charge. The Equinox on September 22nd each year ushers in Autumn and new beginnings. The mind (Air) is brimming with new (Cardinal) ideas that we want to share with others. Essentially Cardinal Libra reinforces subtle leadership through diplomacy and grace. This is quite different from our recent Solar journey through Mutable Virgo. As I mentioned last month, Mutable signs spotlight transformation, evolution and finalizations. The Sun in Virgo marked the end of Summer and the task of “wrapping up” loose ends to prepare for the start of something new under Cardinal Libra.

Astrologers link Libra, represented by the Scales of Justice, with equality, balance, law and beauty. This is a social placement in which everyone seeks their "fair share" of things  (image Courtesy of Google).

Astrologers link Libra, represented by the Scales of Justice, with equality, balance, law and beauty. This is a social placement in which everyone seeks their “fair share” of things (image Courtesy of Google).

With all of this in mind, our Sun in Libra progression points to new solutions to legal, business or romantic problems using charm and diplomacy; seeking intellectual approaches to legal or romantic concerns; renewed interest in fighting for the “underdog” and incorporating fairness into our daily interactions; exploring art and culture (e.g. drama and theatre, music, creative writing, dance, painting, drawing, decorating, etc.) and sharing these activities in our small social circles; and even starting new business endeavors.

This placement is great for those with a natal Sun sign and/or Ascendant sign in Libra. You refocus on personal goals. Self-awareness and self-promotion important now; this is a time to woo the outside world with your subtle charm in order to get the things you want. Libra must learn to assert their own agenda instead of seeking an outcome that is one sided; now, is the time to push forward with your own needs instead of preoccupying yourself with the needs of others.

Those with a natal Sun sign and/or Ascendant sign in Aries are urged to refocus their attention to an “other” (either a business partner, a romantic partner or even both). The lesson here for Rams is taming those abrasive (and seemingly selfish) qualities into something much more refined. Essentially, the “me-oriented” nature of Aries is redirected to activities that promote cooperation between yourself and another. Headstrong Rams are encouraged to learn the skills of negotiation instead of being forceful with others.

Those with a natal Sun sign and/or Ascendant in Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius benefit from this change as the free-spirited and intellectual mannerisms of Libra blend perfectly with the Twins, the Lion, the Archer and the Water Bearer. Socializing and exchanging with others is strongly supported for these four signs over the next month.

Those with a natal Sun sign and/or Ascendant in Taurus, CancerVirgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces may find this Sun in Libra transition to be a bit uncomfortable. The carefree and fleeting social disposition of Libra is quite different from how Earth and Water signs prefer to filter the world. Sun in Libra encourages these 6 signs to move outside of their practical (Earth) and emotional (Water) comfort zone and seek intellectual approaches to their interactions with others.

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