Thursday October 23rd: Sun in Scorpio

On October 23rd, the Sun slipped out of cooperative Libra and into determined Scorpio. The Sun in Scorpio introduces steady, solid, but secretive energy into our lives.

Astrologers closely associate Scorpio with the sexual and financial intimacy; taboo, spiritual, occult, mystical, and paranormal parts of the universe; and finally death and regeneration. These themes probably explain why Scorpions get a bad rep for being “dark”, “sneaky” or “seedy.” In fact, Scorpios are all about transcendence: seeing behind the curtain and understanding the intangible—all the things those themes incorporate. Resultingly, while the Sun is in Scorpio over the next four weeks, we are encouraged to look at all the ways we can transform ourselves thoroughly. Scorpio pushes us to look beyond the physical and find the hidden.

As the second Water sign, Scorpio embodies all things mystical and spiritual. This trio represents the healers of the zodiac: albeit in different ways. Where the Sun in Cancer and Sun in Pisces take more subtle approaches, the Sun in Scorpio is a bit more abrasive. Scorpio draws out the ugly truths of life in order to reconstruct into something much more effective: making it the most appropriate sign for “death and rebirth.” Water signs also signify emotive possibilities—these guys are drawn to the nonverbal and nonphysical. For Sun in Scorpio, this “mute” quality manifests as observance and shrewdness— it’s tough to get things past a Scorpio! Therefore, the Sun in this constellation emboldens us to ferret out the truth about ourselves and each other : for Scorpio, it’s the only way to access our highest potential. It’s not uncommon for people to experience unexpected (but a long-time coming) change in their personal lives—-this also depends on where in your natal chart the Sun in Scorpio is moving through. Where Water Sun in Cancer and Pisces heal gently, Sun in Scorpio heals through tough love.

Scorpio is also a Fixed sign. When the Sun passes through Fixed signs, it literally signals the maintenance of a season. In this case, Cardinal Libra started Autumn, and Fixed Scorpio “maintains” whatever was started under the Scales. Astrologically, Fixed signs do the “dirty work” of the zodiac. These guys buckle in, hold steadfast and get the job done. With the Sun in Fixed Scorpio, this is a time for us to bunker down and stay on course until our task is completed. For those of us with a Sun in a Cardinal or Mutable sign, this enduring energy forces us out of our comfort zone in order to see things through. While the Sun passes through Scorpio, it’s a time to expand on ideas but play it safe: calculated gambles are the name of the game with Scorpions.

Scorpio is poised, calculated and often underestimated! While the Sun is here, it is a time to work steadily and intuitively (Image Courtesy of Google).

Scorpio is poised, calculated and often underestimated! While the Sun is here, it is a time to work steadily and intuitively (Image Courtesy of Google).

The combination of Water and Fixed traits for Scorpio points to “stagnant water”—-doesn’t flow until it’s ready. Metaphorically, the Scorpion is stubborn and unyielding: preferring to receive the curtsy than bow down to another. Essentially, the Sun in Scorpio encompasses determination and persistence: Scorpio season is also about patience. In addition to Virgo and Capricorn, Scorpio favors self-censorship: fancying introversion over the “big reveal.” The Sun in Scorpio highlights the importance of playing our cards close before knowing everyone else’s hand. This could lend explanation to why Scorpios get the title of being “sneaky” and “manipulative”—I just think they are the ultimate self-preservationists.

This Sun in Scorpio is most beneficial for those with a native Sun and/or Ascendant in Scorpio. The next four weeks provide you with the opportunity to satisfy personal agendas. It seems easy to make power moves that benefit self (as opposed to looking out for others). This Sun in Scorpio transit emits energy that’s identical to how you function in your daily life. Although you may feel empowered to be ultra-consistent, calculated and cautious, you must guard against being cut-throat unnecessarily.

Those with a natal Sun and/or Ascendant in Taurus may benefit from this Sun in Scorpio transition. This isn’t a time to focus on self; instead, Taureans may be drawn to a significant other (either a business or romantic partner). The next four weeks offer an opportunity to analyze how companionable you are and find new ways to function as the “support system” for another. How can you best help your partner? Water Scorpio prompts you to be less practical (as Earth signs are) and look for emotive or intuitive solutions.

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