Thursday October 23rd: Venus in Scorpio

On Thursday October 23rd, Venus left one of its home constellations, Libra, and entered Scorpio. Venus, the planet governing romance, rules over romantic energy and values. Astrologers believe that the traits of Scorpio weaken the nature of Venus. Where Venus is open, compromising and approachable, Scorpio is cautious, controlling and closed-off. As a result, Venus is in her detriment when traveling through this Water sign.
In Scorpio, Venus is sexual, sensual and subtly enticing. The Scorpion is bringing a whole lot of "sexy" this Fall (Image: "Olivia's Dragon" courtesy of

In Scorpio, Venus is sexual, sensual and subtly enticing. The Scorpion is bringing a whole lot of “sexy” this Fall (Image: “Olivia’s Dragon” courtesy of

In Scorpio, the romantic bonds ruled by Venus take on a more private or secretive edge: sharing relationship business with others is disfavored during this transit. In fact, secrecy is paramount with Venus in Scorpio and it’s not uncommon for secret affairs to begin or gain momentum under the Scorpion. There’s a definitive inclination to be in complete control of self and partner. Jealousy definitely rears its ugly head here: Scorpions are unlikely to bend to the will of another unless absolutely smitten by them. Conversely, Venus in Scorpio encourages us to bond with another person on a deeper level: superficiality isn’t in this Water sign’s vocabulary. Where Venus in Libra has a tendency to fall in love with love, Venus in Scorpio fancies the “soul shattering” love I often tweet about with this sign. Essentially, Venus in Scorpio isn’t for the faint hearted! And those with this natal placement (or those dating someone with this natal placement) can attest to this. Venus in Scorpio pushes us to capture the very essence of our lovers’ souls ; unfortunately, we may be apt to employ covertly manipulative tactics to make sure our lovers stay riiiiiiiiiiiight where we want them.

As mentioned in my Solar Scorpion article, Water Scorpios are mystical healers. Since our love planet is positioned in this sign, we have an opportunity to transcend and heal ourselves romantically, through our partnerships. In my previous Scorpio article, I wrote that this sign signals death and subsequent regeneration. This Venus in Scorpio change rouses us to shed parts of our old selves that must “die” in order for us to prosper romantically. Natal Venusian Scorpios better understand this periodic “purge” better than the rest of us (especially me, since my natal Venus is in Libra) as they undergo these love changes several times during their lifetime. Positively, Venus in Scorpio gives us a chance to have a clear understanding of where we “stand” with a person or a relationship.

Fixed Scorpio is a steady and persistent lover; when immature (or in bad angle), this “steadiness” can manifest as stalking—-Scorpios aren’t called “crazy” for nothing! This tenacity, however, emboldens us to be strong and enduring in our relationships through rough patches. Venus in Scorpio takes calculated gambles regarding matters of the heart; even if something “better” comes along. Astrologers often interpret this as stubbornness mixed with the inability to let go; I’d prefer to call it unyielding loyalty. I’d encourage everyone to take the next few weeks to revamp romantic perspectives/needs : cleansing the parts of yourselves that have been ineffective in securing a healthy relationship. Those rose-colored glasses I wrote about during the Venus in Libra transit? Scorpio has tossed them! This is a time to stare down those hard, ugly truths in order to get what you want outta love.

Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.

Those with a natal Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Scorpio flourish during this transit. You feel comfortable pushing your own relationship goals/agendas to ensure personal needs are met. Natal Scorps are bent on doing what is necessary to protect self in matters of the heart. This cosmic change is a time to focus on your own values (and possibly revising them) to be certain that what you are searching for is actually what you want.

Those with a natal Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Taurus preoccupy themselves with a significant other at this time. With the “love planet” moving through your “love life”, you become increasingly concerned with intimate relationships: how companionable you are to your mate and more efficient ways to open up and make yourself available to them. Venus in Scorpio urges Taureans to learn the true meaning of “support roles” in their partnerships, versus forcing their will upon another.

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