Tuesday June 21st: Sun in Cancer

Today is the first day of Summer! In astrology, Cardinal signs always mark the commencement of a new season. Generally, Cardinal signs point to new beginnings, fresh starts and an abundance of opportunity. There’s emphasis on taking acting and leading the way. This is a great time to start new projects and funnel any excess ambition into something grand. Astrologically speaking, Cardinal signs look got ways to be proactive and seize control of things. There’s restless energy that favors innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and “getting the ball rolling.” The challenge is to be assertive instead of reactive. Cancer is also a Water sign. As a member of the Water trio, Cancer encompasses compassion and kindness; these traits are pushed to the forefront of our personalities over the next four weeks. Of all the signs, Cancer is most drawn towards nesting: nurturing others comes naturally here. We actively seek avenues in which we can care and comfort others and get the same in return. Cancers tend to move in a roundabout way: going out of their way to show how much they adore someone when they are too shy to say it directly By and large, astrologers tie Water signs with hypersensitivity, intuition and mysticism–Cancer is no exception ! Cancer possesses this “otherworldly” quality and it transforms our lives over the next month. Water folk, in general, are subtle creatures that prefer the “go with the flow” method to life. Crabs in particular try the hardest not to make ripples and avoid surface tension.


The Solar transition between Gemini into Cancer signals a period of creation and planting seeds. Everything in the universe works in cycles: Cardinal Cancer resets the program and brings fresh designs to the table. Big plans that you’ve been brainstorming are best implemented now. Water Cancer encourages you to push forward ideas the stimulate you emotionally. Read below for a brief description of where you may shine your brightest over the next four weeks. I recommend reading for your Sun sign and Ascendant/Rising sign (if you know it).

Aries: With the Sun in a fellow Cardinal sign, your attention is turned to the home, domestic sphere and private life. This is a great time to renovate, move, sign a new lease/close on a house, reorganize things or something similar. You seek environments that supply you with the “homey feel” (regardless of how you define the term). Ultimately, household concerns are cause for emotionality over the next month. You are immensely sentimental about people and possessions inside your home –this is quite unusual for you! The Sun in Cancer rouses your tender side and inspires you to approach domestic affairs with compassion and sensitivity. New ideas about home and hearth crop up that you feel excited (or anxious) to set in motion: big changes are on the horizon!

Taurus: The Sun in Cancer brings focus on thinking, learning and socializing with others. You are prompted to seek new ways to exercise your brain, process information and share it with others. As an Earth sign, Taureans prefer to view life under the umbrella of practicality and realism. With the Sun in emotive Cancer, Bulls have an opportunity to tap into their intuitive side. Communication between yourself and others take on a hypersensitive quality. You may feel dreamy, transcendental and sensitive. Taureans look for new things to learn and share with others; knowledge that stimulates you intellectually and emotionally is important now! Say hello to your inner spiritualist for the next four weeks! People seem to be drawn to you because you know just what to say to make them feel warm and comfortable with you.

Gemini: The Sun has just left your sign–shifting your attention from self to money. The next month is a perfect time to focus on your finances and material possessions. New ideas surrounding how to increase your income or make an existing income stretch further become clearer for you. Gemini intuitively finds ways to purchase the items you want and make smarter investments. Generally, Gemini filters life through an objective lens: rationality over emotionality is the default mechanism for this sign. Now, however, employing compassion and sensitivity provides opportunities for material and financial growth.

Cancer: Now that the Sun is in your sign, this is a time to focus on self and personal needs. It’s important to find new ways to create, protect and assert your identity to the outside world. The next four weeks offer opportunities to make sure your self-interests are met and the bullets on your personal agenda are fulfilled. Sensitive and nurturing Cancer is always quick to lend an ear, a shoulder or helping hand to someone in need. This isn’t a period to worry about the needs of others—especially if they conflict with what you need for yourself. Instead, learn to invest in self.

Leo: The Sun will return to his home placement in your sign in just four short weeks. Because the Sun is so close to your sign, this is not a time to dance in the limelight. For the most part, Leos enjoy being the center of attention and socializing with others. Now is a period to retreat, withdraw and tie up loose ends. Cardinal Cancer encourages you to look for new ways to handle old problems and settle unresolved issues in your life. Past karma may have you a bit emotional over the next month thanks to the hypersensitive Crab. If you leave things unfinished before the Sun transitions into Leo, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the spotlight when the Sun shines on you. Ultimately, the Sun in Cancer highlights a spiritual placement in your life. Lions are encouraged to seek (and offer) forgiveness and closure in order to grow.

Virgo: Focusing on shaking up your normal and make a “new normal” for yourself. Finding new ways to relate to others becomes more important than usual. Earth Virgo favors pragmatism : dismissing or avoiding things that trigger an semblance of emotionality in them. Now, however, you feel compelled to make emotional connections with others. Groups, organisations or associations you find yourself drawn to more than likely tap into your nurturing side–thanks to hypersensitive Cancer. The next four weeks provide you with a chance to reconsider how you define your individuality in relation to society or a larger group you’re apart of. This period highlights originality and deviating from your status quo. You intuitively gravitate towards people who inject something fresh and fun in your life. Networking, socializing and extending the olive branch is often a challenge for reclusive, introverted Virgo. The Sun in Cancer is pushing you outside of your comfort zone and forcing you to redefine your idea of “personal boundaries.”

Libra: The Sun’s journey in a fellow Cardinal sign readjusts the focus on the professional and public parts of your life. New changes are on the horizon at work. This is a perfect time to suggest ideas in the workplace that you’ve been hesitant to push forward . Praises, raises, honors, promotions and achievements are common when the Sun is in this position. Libra becomes intensely preoccupied with your reputation and public image. Thanks to sensitive Cancer, you intuitively seem to know which steps to take that will enhance your social and career standing. Remember, Cardinals are all about new beginnings; it’s important to take time to plant the appropriate seeds so that you can reap them later in the year. It’s not uncommon for people to be hypersensitive in their interactions with authority figures.

Scorpio: As the second Water sign, Scorpio generally understands the inner-workings of sensitive Cancer. With the Sun in this position, your focus settles on the “higher mind” and your “higher self.” Scorpions are drawn to new ways to connect yourself with something bigger and more important than self. Understanding universal truths includes delving into philosophy, religion, ethics, morality, foreign culture/languages —all things that are quite appealing to inquisitive Scorpio. The next four weeks offer the perfect opportunity to recommit to exploring new cultures and backgrounds that differ from your own. You may also intuitively reinvest in the religious and philosophical parts of yourself. When sharing these topics with others, it’s important to be compassionate, understanding and open-minded—all qualities closely associated with Cancer.

Sagittarius: This is a sensitive placement. The next four weeks bring financial and sexual intimacy to the forefront of your attention. You can definitely expect deep, intense transformations regarding how you view/handle money and how you view/handle sex. This Solar position places emphasis on self-mastery and you may attempt to control others financially and sexually as you work towards regaining control of self. The Sun in Cancer prompts you to reevaluate resources (financial and material) that you share with another. This person could be a roommate, parent, spouse, etc. Taking care of debt and getting your financial affairs in order is extremely important now. It’s time to approach these matters compassionately–thanks to sensitive Cancer’s influence.

Capricorn: With the Sun in your polar opposite, relationships, relationships and more relationships are all you can think about right now! Not only is Cancer your polar opposite, it is also a fellow Cardinal sign. You both understand and appreciate the need to start subtle and end big! Right now is the perfect time to seek new methods to connect with another. There’s emphasis on one-on-one partnerships: either of a romantic or business variety. The Sun in Cancer encourages you to reexamine how companionable you are to others and novel ways to compromise with your mate. In what ways could you be a better partner? Water Cancer emboldens you to openly express your sensitive side to a significant other—instead of “playing it cool” like you usually do! It’s quite common to “fall” into new relationships or stabilize existing ones when the Sun moves into this position.

Aquarius: As a Fixed-Air-Yin sign, you have absolutely nothing in common with Cardinal-Water-Yang Cancer. However, when the Sun moves into this position, it definitely strikes an important place in your natal chart. This is a perfect time to focus on health, diet and daily routines. New and alternative ways to heal your physical and mental self. The Sun in Cancer offers a great opportunity to create and implement dietary changes, exercise habits and overall improvements for your well-being. In general, Aquarians are “big picture” kinda guys. Over the next month, the devil is in the details and overlooking them now will most definitely backfire when the Sun moves into fellow Fixed sign, Leo.

Pisces: There’s a focus on the fun and lighthearted when the Sun dances in fellow Water sign, Cancer. Creative self-expression, romance, children and hobbies flourish in full force now. When the Sun is in this position, the tendency to romanticize everything and view the world through rose-colored glasses increases now. You feel motivated to dip into new recreational activities that stimulate your internal urge to connect emotionally with another. Life feels perfect and you want to share this perfection with everyone you encounter. Exploring the hobbies of a mate or a child feels natural. You see the best in everyone. The challenge is seeing people and situations for what they actually are instead of what you want them to be. It’s quite easy to get swept up in this “feel good” energy.