Wednesday June 29th: Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury represents the mind: observing, gathering information, processing information and sharing information. In general, Mercury is objective, rational and prefers to reason with individuals based on bare facts. As Mercury shifts through the 12 signs, the intellectual perception of the planet sharpens (say, as in Gemini or Virgo) or blurs (as in Sagittarius or Pisces). With Mercury moving through affectionate Cancer, communication loses clarity and perspicacity. The line between “fact” and “feeling” –so distinctly defined under Gemini–obscures immensely now. The information we receive now is categorized under “makes me feel good” and “I don’t want to hear this.” Gut reactions are more common now than when Mercury was home (and comfortable) in Air Gemini. We search for ways to emotionally connect with those we communicate with. Positively, Cancer motivates us to to understand things from another’s perspective. Negatively, Mercury in Cancer is hypersensitive and easily slighted when conversing with others. Astrologers consider Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) as “mute” when Mercury passes through them. This means there’s emphasis on nonverbal cues: eye contact, verbal tone, hand gestures and other forms of body language. When offended or uncomfortable, this trio tends to withdraw into the depths of their mind for protection. Once this happens, it’s very difficult to get them to open up again. Mercury in Cancer tends to be an indirect communicator: speaking in metaphors, offering partial details, etc. There’s also an inclination to exaggerate based on how a piece of information makes them feel.

**From June 29th until July 13th, both the Sun and Mercury will be positioned in Cancer. The ego/true core (which is what the Sun represents astrologically) and mind (Mercury) will be working in tandem with one another for the next 3 weeks. This 3 week period is a perfect time to tap into our maternal/paternal side and give of ourselves to others. We are more inclined to use our gut to make decisions: depending on our intuition to tell us how to move. We are drawn towards activities that may not necessarily be practical but make us feel good. Mercury in Cancer guides our attraction to the whimsical and mystical parts of life. To see where Mercury in Cancer is likely to make the biggest impact in your life, check my previous Sun in Cancer post for 2016 and find your Mercury/Sun sign.