Happy New Year!: Part I

Happy New Year! I have taken a very long hiatus from astrology blogging to finish school ( I recently received two Master’s degrees 🙂 ) and establishing myself professionally; I’ve decided to return to my favorite hobby and look forward to putting out new articles in the coming weeks!

This particular article is part one of three and focuses primarily on the Sun’s position at the start of 2017. The second part focuses on both Mercury’s and Venus’s position at the start of 2017. Finally the third deals with in in-depth look at Mars’s position as of January 1st, 2017.

There’s a bunch of funny business that takes place during the month of January. The Sun in Capricorn brings a grounded, enterprising energy thanks to the dual Earth-Cardinal quality of the sign. The new calendar year marks a time to take charge and embrace accountability in your life. Capricorns are notorious for their (relatively) responsible behavior. The Sun’s placement here emphasizes the practical, the tangible and the present. Earthy Cap doesn’t mind a little hard work: they actually revel in being able to get their hands dirty and see evidence of their hard labor. As a Cardinal, Capricorn encourages us to delve into new projects and take initiative to make things happen. Self-starters jolted by new opportunities that present themselves at the beginning of the New Year. Read below for a brief description of what each sign can expect during the Sun in Capricorn transit. I would strongly recommend reading for both your natal Sun sign and your Ascendant/Rising Sign (if you know it).

Aries: For Arians, new opportunities in the form of professional endeavors and your public persona. Reputation is everything now and making sure the outside world takes you seriously is important. New job offers, interviews, employment contracts, promotions, raises and awards manifest now. Changes in your social status occur: you actively look for realistic ways to climb the ladder and make it to the top. Arians tend to be rather headstrong: now is a time to dampen the fire some and take a more grounded , calculated approach to your career. Clashes with authority figures or instances where others don’t respect your authority run high. It’s time to take your responsibilities seriously to get to the next level. You want others to recognize your success and you delight in your professional achievements. Your inner leader reemerges confidently, with poise. The challenge here is to refrain from stepping on the little guy to get ahead.

Taurus: With the Sun in a fellow Earth sign, moving away from your comfort zone actually feels most comfortable for you now. Your mind is far away from the minute details and hum drum of everyday life. New opportunities surrounding higher education, long distance travels and socializing with others crop up. This placement highlights a need for both intellectual and literal exploration of cultures, languages, philosophies, and lifestyles different from your own. Taureans seek first hand experiences that provide a chance for you to learn. Being a master of knowledge and viewed as a guru of sorts is important to you now. Understanding “universal truths” and sharing this information with others also becomes a priority while the Sun traverses Capricorn. Ethics, religion, law and education emerge as common themes. The Sun encourages you to challenge your current set of beliefs and expand your mind. This is a great time to take a long-distance trip or at least begin the planning stages of one for the near future. The urge to move outside your immediate environment intensifies. The biggest challenge for you now is learning how to share information without displaying pretentious behavior and acting like a “know-it-all.”

Gemini: The year opens with the Sun in a sensitive placement for you. Joint finances and shared material possessions move to the forefront of your priorities. The Sun in Capricorn emboldens you to look for realistic ways to reduce your debt, reorganize your budgets, and lessen your dependence on others. Air Gemini can often spend a lot of time with their heads in the clouds; the Sun in an Earth sign grounds these whimsical ideas and spur you to act on them in an efficient manner. Now is the time to reset the balance between your reliance on income that you do not generate yourself (i.e. child support, alimony, estate holdings, legal settlements, lottery winnings, etc.) and overall financial security for yourself. This solar placement represents a position of self-mastery and personal transformations through struggle—-and boy are you struggling at the moment! There may be a symbolic death to parts of your personality that are no longer self-serving with a subsequent rebirth: like a phoenix rising from the flames. Ultimately Twins are intensely focused on wealth development, management and inner growth.

Cancer: 2017 begins with your entire being focused on the “other” in your life: specifically a romantic partnerships. With the Sun in your astrological opposite, Capricorn, this is a period to reexamine how supportive and companionable you are. Remember, Cardinals mark new beginnings: it’s possible that you begin a new relationship now or try something new in an existing relationship. It’s also not uncommon for you to completely overhaul beliefs you hold about love and how you go about seeking it. Water Crab tends to function primarily through their emotions: feeling their way around the world. Earth Capricorn grounds you and emboldens you to be realistic in your expectations of a partner. Capricorn season also prompts you to offer tangible evidence of support for a love mate. For now, emotional and material security intensifies Cancer’s need to nest and nurture another (even if their isn’t a prospective partner in sight). You are drawn to intimate settings in which you can create a meaning connection with someone else. You strongly identify through a relationship so the need to be in one (even an unhealthy one) feels most pressing. The challenge here is to abstain from impulsive romantic behavior.

Leo: The Sun in Capricorn ushers in new opportunities to regain control of your health and wellness. This Earth sign supports a practical approach to chores and routines. Now is the time to create (and stick to) new diet + exercise regiments; strengthen your mental health and revamp your overall lifestyle. This placement signals self-improvement and self-sacrifice. Earthy Capricorn encourages realistic changes and influences you to set them in motion. Stubborn Leo can often find themselves stuck in a rut—preferring their own way or none at all. With your zodiac ruler (the Sun) in a Cardinal sign, you now have the tools to try something new that offers tangible results of success. Use this opportunity to deviate from your norm! Ultimately, you feel confident taking charge of your health and creating routines that can actually work. The challenge under this transit is paying close attention to details and being as disciplined as possible.

Virgo: New opportunities surrounding casual romantic affairs, creative self-expression, leisure activities, art and children manifest while the Sun vacations in Capricorn. This is a perfect time to explore new hobbies or introduce your existing ones with another person (perhaps a new love interest?). This is a light-hearted, fun spirited and easy going placement: reminding the ever stern Virgo to not take life so seriously. The Solar Capricorn transit emboldens you to let your hair down and enjoy the brighter side of life. Simultaneously getting in touch with your inner child and inner romantic highlighted now. New love affairs crop up (or turning over a new leaf with an old fling). Maidens may feel rather hedonistic over the next few weeks. This placement prompts the embrace of all things sensual and pleasurable. Maybe you haven’t had the time or interest to indulge in all the things that you like. Taking charge of your creative and playful side becomes a bit easier: you must make time for fun. The challenge here is to curb selfish and dramatic behavior.

Libra: The Sun in a fellow Cardinal sign brings new opportunities connected to your domestic sphere and private life. Perhaps you relocate to a new city; purchase a new home; sign a new lease; renovate, redecorate or repair an existing residence; move someone in /out of the home; or something similar. Libras trade in their inner social butterfly for a restful homebody. Cozying up at home and making your domain as comfortable as possible becomes a priority. Buying new things for the home or even just spending a great deal of time there emphasized under the Sun in Capricorn. Intimate gatherings appeal now: hosting small house parties and “get-togethers” feels quite natural. There’s a strong desire to take charge in bringing people together for a good time. Strengthening relationships with women in your life is also favorable now. You seek opportunities to deepen your roots and fortify your emotional bonds.

You may fare well with DIY home projects, hosting shindigs, and other major “goings-ons” at this time.

Scorpio: The New Year opens with the Sun in Capricorn spotlighting the sector of your life tied to communication, learning, and transportation. The next few weeks offer opportunities to make connections and exchange information with others. Expect a high volume of calls, texts and emails from others requiring your opinion, input or additional information. Brushing up on a particular skill set or engaging in activities that require immense concentration/research serve you well under this transit. There;s easy energy between Capricorn and Scorpio—both signs possessing very similar qualities. Both signs are reserved, conscientious of how others perceive them and preoccupied with being in positions of power. Now is a good time to seize power through intellectual pursuits and by out-maneuvering others who underestimate your determination. You may toy with the idea of furthering your education. You strongly identify with your ability to absorb and process complex pieces of information rather quickly; right now, your mind is your strongest weapon. Curiosity gets the better of you under this transit and urges you to expand your knowledge. The biggest challenge here is to refrain from opinionated and bossy behavior: offering POVs that nobody asked for or needed.

Sagittarius: With the Sun out of your sign, the time to egotistically worry about self expands to worrying greatly about your bank account. 2017 opens up with abundant financial opportunities available—if you know where to look. Getting your money in order becomes a great priority. The Sun in Capricorn compels you to take charge of your finances. Creating a budget (you can actually stick to), keeping track of how much money you bring in compared with how much is going out, and reining in unnecessary purchases highlighted by this Solar transition. The link between your income, material possessions and self esteem moves to the forefront. The Sun emboldens you to surround yourself with things that you feel accurately reflect the amount of money you make. Sagittarians tend to be optimistic about generating money and have the uncanny talent to make money appear out of (seemingly) thin air. Capricorn urges you to actually map out a plan to put into action. Ultimately, it’s time to get organized and pay closer attention to minor details/fine print. The challenge here is figuring out the best way to achieve financial independence and curb reckless spending on luxuries.

Capricorn: Happy Happy Birthday! The Sun in your sign forces you to focus on yourself and the bulletins on your personal agenda. The previous solar transition in Sagittarius compelled you to retreat from the social scene and introspect: karmic energy and spiritual healing presented themselves. Now is a time to reappear in the public and truly make your presence known. Is your perception of yourself the same image presented to the outside world? This is a time to refine your mannerisms and even your physical appearance. The Sun in Capricorn, for you, means others are definitely seeing things your way; your quiet strength, respect for tradition and preference for orderliness resonates deeply with others. You have an opportunity now to redefine your identity and put on the charm to manifest the things that you want. Taking charge of your own needs and wants, instead of relying on others is reaffirmed for you during this solar movement. Capricorns can be so obsessed with self-image and how others may view them that they forget to do things for fun. Let loose, learn a little more about yourself and indulge in things that make you happiest.

Aquarius: The next few weeks prompt you to pull back from the social sphere and introspect. This is a time to revel in privacy, quietness and stillness. Right now, the strongest way to play your position is behind the scenes and not in front of the camera. This is a placement for self-reflection, spiritual reconnection and solitude. Aquarians tend to be loners at heart: appreciating friendships but preferring to learn and wander alone. You explore your true identity by healing past trauma, resolving karmic debt and making yourself whole in order to move forward. It’s important to handle all of this before the Sun transitions in Aquarius at the end of the month, when you can reemerge from the shadows and show the world what you’ve been working on. This is a perfect time to develop or refine your skills of meditation, engage in energy work (crystals, gems, etc.) and realign yourself with…yourself. Capricorn emboldens you to come down from the clouds to refocus on what’s real and verifiable (thanks to Capricorn’s Earth influence). Sometimes it’s hard to get Aquarians to make changes (you all are a stubborn bunch!); Cardinal Capricorn drives you into action, inspiring you to take charge of your inner healing.

Pisces: The Sun in Capricorn marks a social placement connected to networking, friendships, and fellowship. The need to reach out and make links with others intensifies. It could signal the start of a new friendship or perhaps a turning point in an existing one. This position often denotes your dependence on a friend or theirs on you. This isn’t really a time to withdraw behind the curtain: instead, making yourself available to others becomes a priority. Employing technology to find social groups/clubs/memberships/etc. and present your platform also comes with this solar transition. Earth Capricorn encourages you to be hands-on, practical and realistic in your social relationships. The challenge here is figuring out how to maintain boundaries between yourself and others. It’s easy to wear yourself out, spreading yourself too thin in the spirit of being self-sacrificial for a friend. The lesson here is learning how to be a productive, efficient team player.

Happy Star Gazing!