Happy New Year! : Part II

This is part 2 of 3.


The New Year opened on the tail end of a Mercury Rx (retrograde) in Capricorn. For astronomers, when a planet is considered retrograde, it merely means that it appears to be moving in reverse in the sky. Of course that is impossible, it is merely an illusion. Conversely, for astrologers, when a planet is considered retrograde, symbolism surrounds a need to “go back” over things —particularly things the planet governs. In Mercury’s case, communication has possessed an “illusory” feel since December 19th, when the planet first moved into the shadowy, retrograde world. Mercury Rx, a master of confusion, brought frequent misunderstandings, inconvenient schedule delays, transportation problems and technological malfunctions. In addition to this conundrum, Mercury spent the last week in Sagittarius while retrograde. Sagittarius marks a weak position for the planet. Astrologers label Sagittarius as overly optimistic, unpredictable and quite changeable without formal notice. Subsequently, the objectivity and conciseness ascribed to Mercury are blurred under the Archer. While Mercury is in Sagittarius, it’s rather easy to make promises –that sound good at the time–that cannot be realistically carried out; exaggerate or stretch the truth to enliven a story; or even overlook minor (but important!) details in the name of the “bigger picture.” Mercury in Sagittarius doesn’t always make for effective communication; this mismatch was merely exacerbated while Mercury remained retrograde. The past three weeks were not a time to sign contracts; schedule interviews, major meetings or important discussions; etc. It was rather easy to misinterpret information or be intentionally deceived by others during the transit. Effective research ground to a halt as mental blocks and writing blocks intensified. Imagine a hazy world where everyone speaks before thinking and make judgments before truly understanding what has been presented before them—that is exactly what can be expected under Mercury Rx. There may also have been a return of old arguments, old friends, and old lovers who reappear unexpectedly—and probably introduce even more confusion in your life. Today, January 8th, Mercury remains in Sagittarius but eases out of its retrograde.

On January 12th, Mercury will leave Sagittarius and settle into Capricorn (once more) for a few weeks. Mercury prizes industrious research, efficient communication and the absorption of practical information while in this grounded Earth sign. Capricorn is a reserved, speaking only when something important needs to be stated: this energy rubs off on our communication styles. We may all take a more aloof and cautious tone as we interact with others. Mercury in Capricorn urges realism, honesty and attentiveness regarding intellectual pursuits. Those with natal Sun signs and/or Mercury signs in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn benefit best from this Mercurial transit. The pragmatism, self-sufficiency, and detail oriented qualities of these three signs are well understood and appreciated by one another. Those with natal Sun signs and/or Mercury signs in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces benefit slightly from this transit: Earth and Water are symbiotic elements and the qualities of each ground tend to gel together effortlessly. Those with natal Sun signs and/or Mercury signs in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius may find this Mercury change a bit stifling. It’s quite difficult to control Fire and capture Air; thus, Mercury in Capricorn forces these six signs to stay grounded and present in the here-and-now in their communication. Mercury will stay in Capricorn for the remainder of January 2017.


On January 3rd, Venus moved into Pisces. This is a wonderful place for this planet! Astrologers label Venus as compassionate, generous, affectionate, agreeable and rather creative. Pisces heightens the qualities of Venus when the planet is positioned here; so much so that this sign is considered a position of exaltation. All of the dreamy, whimsical, idealistic, unconditional and self-sacrificial characteristics we attach to “true love” and “intimate partnerships” intensifies under Pisces. As a Water sign, Pisces is emotive, intuitive, sensitive and somewhat mysterious. This elemental influence means Piscean love tends to run true, run deep and is not for the faint of heart. Venus in Pisces intuitively picks up on when things aren’t right with their mates and obligate themselves to finding ways to make their lovers happy again. Tender and compromising, Pisces encourages Venus to take a conciliatory approach to love matters. I’d like to think that of all signs, the Water trio (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) hold an ethereal quality about them and have the ability to tap into the unseen forces of the world. As a result, Venus in Water signs looks for spiritual connections. More specifically, Venus in Pisces prompts us to seek partnerships that transcend the here-and-now, expand beyond the tangible, align us (and our mates) with something much bigger than ourselves. This need for an all-consuming love offered by Venus in Pisces can sometimes push us into “savior mode”: staying in toxic, unhealthy relationships simply because we want to “fix” our mates (or we expect them to fix us).

In addition to being a Water sign, Pisces is also apart of the Mutable family. Mutable signs tend to be unpredictable, malleable, opportunistic and noncommittal. When Venus occupies one of these signs, expect love matters to be constantly in flux and ever changing without warning. Mutable signs have the extraordinary ability to be precisely the type of partner their mates need them to be: like human chameleons, they are very much attune to the environment around them. In this case, Venus Mutable signs reorient themselves quite easily when there are shifts in their relationships. The dual Water-Mutable trait of Pisces means the Venus in Pisces transit brings changeable emotions in love unions. Romantic feelings for someone may crop up unexpectedly or love feelings you’ve had for someone for years may dissipate rather quickly. It’s easy to be “hot-and-cold.” Unfortunately, Pisces isn’t always the best communicator when hurt or slighted by a love mate; instead of verbalizing their pain, they tend to retreat inward and detach from the world around them. The biggest challenge for all of us under this Venus in Pisces transition is to abstain from losing ourselves in a relationship. Positively, this is a great cosmic change for creative types; romanticizing everything (and everyone) comes effortlessly. The arts flourish here. Perhaps indulging in art, music, dance, theatre, singing, etc. may bring you closer to an existing mate or help you find a new one!

Those with a natal Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio benefit immensely from this Venusian change. Deeply emotive, these three signs revel in partnerships in which they command their partner’s full attention. Water Venus signs are quite sensitive and enjoy relationships in which they become one with their significant other. Those with a natal Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will benefit slightly from Venus’s vacation in Pisces. Virgos, particularly, focus a great deal of romantic attention on an “other” as Pisces serves as your polar opposite. Those with natal Sun signs and/or Venus signs in the Fire and Air family have an opportunity to connect primarily on an emotional with a partner (vs. on a mental level for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius; and on a physical level for Arians, Leos and Sagittarians).

Happy Star Gazing!