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In Greek mythology, Ares was the god of War and is associated with Mars. This planet is connected to how we chase our goals and how we take risks. The sign your Mars falls in determines what your “get it done” energy consists of. This planet has an aggressive, yet opportunistic energy and provides momentum in our lives. Since Ares was a warrior, sometimes astrologers link your expression of anger to Mars as well. Mars also represents raw, pure sexual energy. The sign your Mars falls in can explain your style of sexual gratification. Are you passionate and intense like a Mars in Scorpio? Or are you attentive to details like a Mars in Virgo? Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries  [Those looking to understand a more complete picture of how they behave in relationships, identifying five particular signs is key: the Sun describes how you express your ego to the world; the Moon describes how you express yourself emotionally; Mercury describes how you communicate with your partner; Venus describes how you express yourself romantically; Mars describes how you express yourself sexually. All create the product of a total you]

**Mars in Fire Signs: Enthusiastic and feisty! These people are constantly on the move and usually have each finger in a different pie. Because Mars in Leo, Sags and Aries individuals are restless, they prefer to chase goals that allow them to exert physical energy. You may find these people in professions that offer them the ability to use their hands, stay on their feet and expect the unexpected. Routine is a sure fire way to drive a Mars in Fire sign away for good. As a result of their fervid passion, it doesn’t take much to rile them: most are very honest and aware of the temper issues they have.  In general, they get what they want and are not shy about expressing this. They do not want to engage in mind games and are often direct about what they want from a lover. Their overconfidence can sometimes be interpreted as arrogance and boasting (sometimes, rightfully so!).  Sexually, Mars in Fire signs love to perform in the bedroom. Unfortunately, they are prone to selfishness because they want to be the center of the attention and can neglect their lovers’ needs in place of their own. When Mars is positioned in Aries, it feels “at home” because it is the ruler planet of this sign [Ares= Greek god associated with Mars, Aries=home sign of the planet…see the connection?]. These lovers are open and assertive in bed: they know what they want and make it happen. When angered, it is VERY likely that they will fly off the handle immediately: finding it difficult to save face. Mars in Leo men and women feel they should be pampered in bed. They flourish on instant sexual gratification and make it well known.  Likewise, Mars in Sagittarius types are very open and tolerant in bed. They need to explore taboo and kinky sex in order to feel complete. These people will become exceedingly impatient with their partner if they perceive them to be prudish or unaffectionate between the sheets. Like a Venus in Sagittarius who doesn’t mind sharing their heart with more than one person, a Mars in Sagittarius doesn’t mind sharing their bodies with more than one person. And if it’s at the same time? A Mars in Sagittarius may say, “Well, the more the merrier!” Just as quickly as a Mars in Fire sign sweeps you off your feet, you may find yourself alone after the sparks have fizzled and the dust has settled. These lovers have a one track mind and are far too impatient to stay in one bedroom for too long.

**Mars in Earth Signs: A Mars in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn are results oriented individuals. When planning goals and the steps to achieve them, these types are steady and practical. They understand the value of hard work and don’t mind getting their hands dirty every now and again in order to support a cause. Mars in Earth people prefer to deal with concrete facts/evidence and derive satisfaction from getting a job done correctly the first time. These three are the most ambitious of all Mars signs and find comfort, maybe even pleasure, from material success. Their sex lives are no different: they are efficient and realistic with their sexual partners. A Mars in Taurus is the most sexual of the three. They enjoy sensual pleasures and are physically affectionate with a partner they have an emotional connection too. Negatively, the Bull is stubborn. Once the romantic relationship subsides, a Mars in Taurus may still want the sexual connection, especially if it was satisfying. These lovers are resistant to change and may take a while to process and comprehend that the dynamics of the relationship have changed. A Mars in Virgo is slow to heat, but once they are ignited, white heat is a guaranteed result. These partners want to find the best way to satisfy their lovers and can be extraordinarily subservient if it pleases their mate.  A Mars in Capricorn may appear uptight and detached, but underneath the persona, they are very loyal spouses. They are determined and can be quite resourceful with sexual partners. They must be coaxed out of their “safe zone” by a lover they feel secure with.

**Mars in Air Signs: Because Mars has such an aggressive energy and Air signs are diplomatic and more intellectually driven instead of practical, Mars feels uncomfortable in these constellations. Mars in general has a “get it done right now” aura and Air signs may say, “Well maybe I should wait to review all of my options.” Of course this can be a great thing under certain circumstances; however, Air signs may take time to ponder the best way to achieve their goals and never take the first step to make them an actuality. These signs are abstract thinkers, preferring theories and concepts. This is in contrast to Mars in Earth types who only review concrete details and Mars in Fire signs who don’t take time to think too much about the future because they are already rushing to get there. Positively, Mars in Air signs are clever and witty. Sexually, a Mars in Gemini is flighty and restless. They need constant stimulation in order to remain interested in their mate. They enjoy the thrill found in the “honeymoon” phase and are prone to move forward once the adventure has escaped the bedroom. Those with a Mars in Libra are quite polished and graceful in bed. Bad manners and a few too many sexual faux pas from a lover can turn them off quickly. They need balance in bed and understand the nature of a “give and take” experience. A Mars in Aquarius lover runs on the motto of “free love.” They do not like boundaries in the bedroom and are predisposed to take flight should they feel their lover (s) is (are) crowding them.  All three signs can be somewhat manipulative and enjoy mind games in order to bag a potential lover. Mental foreplay is a requirement for these intellectual signs.

**Mars in Water Signs: These three are intuitive and instinctive when it comes to accomplishing goals. They are not aggressive, like Mars in Fire signs and feel their way through life, similar to Mars in Earth types.  They may not be as polished as those who have Mars in an Air sign, but they can be strategic when planning for the future. Security is always a top priority for these signs and they don’t mind working hard to achieve it. Mars in Water signs have a unique ability to employ their intuition when reviewing business contracts: if something doesn’t feel right, they will promptly walk away from it. From a sexual perspective, these signs are just as passionate as those with their Mars in a Fire sign. A Mars in Cancer lover is passionate affectionate. They want to connect with their mate on a spiritual level. Deep kisses, long embraces, and extensive love making sessions is not foreign to these individuals. The Mars in Scorpio is the most intense Mars sign of all 12 zodiacs. They demand complete control, loyalty and devotion from their sexual partners. Those who may not be as intense as a Mars in Scorpio could possibly be frightened or turned off by it. These lovers seek to please their mates in every way: physically, emotionally and spiritually. The art of love making is embodied by these lovers and they make no qualms about their sexual energy. A Mars in Pisces mate is emotionally unpredictable. Again, because Mars is action driven, when it is positioned in the constellation of Pisces, it is passive and imaginative. These lovers are impulsive yet dreamy with their other half. Empathy in the bedroom is a key theme.