February 25th: Mercury in Pisces


On February 25th, Mercury entered Pisces. Since Mercury governs the realm of intellect, learning, communication and short commutes, this astral change brings introspective, receptive and compassionate energy to our interactions. Water signs tend to be empathetic and intuitive. The hard logic astrologers ascribe to Mercury washes away into subjectivity and hypersensitivity under Pisces. There’s a palpable shift from speaking directly with an air of detachment (as Mercury in Aquarius encouraged) toward something much more personal and involved. Deep interpersonal connections are favored now versus logical observations. Facts and figures don’t hold much sway during the Mercury in Pisces transit: how something feels to us will determine whether or not we are likely to accept or reject the information. Astrologers consider Pisces to be one of the most imaginative, creative and fervently passionate signs; subsequently, the line between reality and fantasy blurs quite frequently.

Pisces is also a Mutable resident, the flexible and transformative signs of the zodiac. Mercury in Mutable signs tends to change ideas and opinions very easily. In fact, this group is the most open-minded quartet of all 12 signs. As a result , the mind is constantly roving: looking for new information to learn for self and new information to share with others. Mercury in Pisces moves us to direct our attention over as many things as possible: wide-sweeping research is favored now. This could also be a period to evolve, transform or restructure current projects that you have in the works. Unfortunately, the biggest challenge is putting too many things on your plate because you feel optimistic about your ability to handle them all simultaneously. Mercury in Pisces is notorious for promising more than they can deliver simply because they have a hard time saying no and want to help as many people as possible. Those with a Mercury in Pisces in their natal chart are even more so encouraged to learn when to agree to do something and when to just be silent. Mutables are also infamously inconsistent: what may be said isn’t entirely what is thought. Mercury in Pisces may bring incomplete thoughts , information provided in metaphors/riddles (instead of directly stated) and confusion.

Ultimately, the next few weeks bring the mystical, ethereal, spiritual and divine to the forefront of our consciousness. This is a placement for healing and understanding: our Mercury transition symbolizes tolerance and compassion in how we think and respond to others. “Living in your head” also applies here. The next few weeks provide a great opportunity for artists and creative types to flourish : writers, actors, musicians, dancers, fashion designers, painters, etc. all find favor in the haze of romanticism that Pisces brings. The rest of us can use this time to be more self-reflective (paying more attention to what we are thinking before we actually express it) and careful in how we speak to others (words have power!)