February 18th: Sun in Pisces

Happy March !! On Saturday February 18th, the Sun rolled into Pisces. This transition marks the close of the zodiac year before resetting in Cardinal Aries next month. Since the Sun deals with our “true cores”  and psyche, under this transit, we all redirect our consciousness towards the “hidden parts” of ourselves and the ethereal qualities of our world. Astrologers closely associate Pisces with spirituality, healing, atonement and universal harmony. Essentially, Pisces integrates all the characteristics of the previous eleven signs : representing everything that is good and wholesome in this world. The Sun in Pisces encourages us to be hypersensitive to the needs of others. This is a period where we are willing to let “bygones be bygones” , forgive, heal and move on. Those unwilling to let go and move forward will find this astral transit to be a very emotional and difficult one.


As a Water sign, self-sacrificial Pisces represents compassion, intuition and transcendence. Water folk are natural zodiac healers, seeking opportunities to help and nurture when they can. For Pisces, helping others comes on a much grander scale: they are “big picture” people. Although individuals may benefit, for the most part, Pisces wants to improve humanity at large. Pisces prompts us to move outside of our comfort zone and “be the change we want to see in the world” (cliché, I know!). The dreamy, imaginative and charitable parts of our personalities reemerge thanks to this Water sign. Additionally, Pisces is a Mutable sign. When the Sun traverses through Mutable signs, it highlights the end of one season. In this case, Pisces signals the end of Winter (in preparation for a new season : Spring , brought by Cardinal Aries). Subsequently, Mutable signs tend to be flexible, adaptable, transformative and open-minded. These signs are quite responsive to their environments: soaking in the things around them and making swift changes that reflect new circumstances. The dual Water-Mutable combination means Sun in Pisces natives easily blend into any role needed: going with the flow without offering much resistance. Unfortunately, this can also point to being flaky and inconsistent when things get too tough. We are all emboldened to be more flexible, tolerant and understanding when exposed to unfamiliar (or uncomfortable) situations.

The next three weeks provide the perfect environment for artists/creative types, “New Agers”, mystics, spiritualists and others who love to blur the line between this realm and the next; between reality and surrealism; between the tangible and the imaginative. Find your Sun and/or Ascendant sign (if you know it) below and read for a brief description of what you can expect for the next few weeks.

Those with a Sun and/or Ascendant in Pisces will benefit the most from this solar change. This is the perfect time to put your best foot (and face) forward. The world is particularly responsive to your emotive and eccentric personality. Your sentimental quality serves as the foundation to your confidence: urging you to move without fear or hesitation. Pisces is very much a giver to others in need, often without reservation. While the Sun is in your sign, however, it’s best you focus less on what others need and more on what you need in life. Learning to say “no” and engage in “self care” is emphasized over the next few weeks.

Those with a Sun and/or Ascendant in Virgo redirect a great deal of their inner selves towards relationships (either of a romantic nature, business nature or both). Now is a time to transform how you approach a partnership, the expectations you have of a partnership or dissolve the union altogether. Instead of focusing on self, the Sun in Pisces encourages you to reexamine how companionable you are. Learning to forgive, be understanding and seek compromise in your intimate relationships is highlighted now.

Those with a Sun and/or Ascendant in Aries should pull away from the spotlight and take care of business behind the scenes while the Sun is in Pisces. This placement is related to endings, finality and closure: learning to let go of something that has been hurting you (or haunting you) spotlighted now. Water Pisces urges you to be empathetic with those who have wronged you and take the mature (evolved) way out. Anything hidden comes to light now. You may feel compelled to reaffirm your faith or spirituality (regardless of what you choose to believe) and seek enlightenment about your purpose on Earth. Fiery Aries is feisty and always on the move, flitting from one activity to the next; now, however, Water Pisces prompts you to slow down and take in your surroundings instead of trying to manipulate them to your preference.

Those with a Sun and/or Ascendant in Taurus direct their inner selves towards friendship, fellowship and organizations. A membership/group/club you are apart of undergo serious changes now. Anything or anyone that represents ingenuity, innovation or originality appeal immensely. You feel an intense need to pull away from the status quo and tradition and move into your own lane: people who respect this need or encourage it are people that you definitely want to be around over the next few weeks! Water Pisces urges you to be empathetic with friends–even more so than usual.

Those with a Sun and/or Ascendant in Gemini need to pay close attention to their reputation, public image and professional life. The Sun’s placement in Pisces encourages you to be understanding and empathetic with bosses, colleagues, clients, etc. You may give out free or discounted services to those in need or hand out favors that you wouldn’t be ordinarily inclined to. You intuitively know how to move in your chosen career and find opportunities that aid in your climb on the social/financial ladder. Honors, prizes, promotions and praise related to your professional title and reputation pop out of the woodwork during this transit. It’s extremely important to stay on top of all your responsibilities as they expand and transform under Mutable Pisces.

Those with a Sun and/or Ascendant in Cancer are daydreaming about getting away: breaking free of the mundane parts of your life, in search for some sort of adventure. Expanding your “higher mind” and ingesting new knowledge reigns supreme on your list of priorities right now. Mutable Pisces encourages you to transform yourself intellectually over new and complex ideas. Foreign languages/cultures, ethics, religion/spirituality, and education are recurring themes for you now. Taking (or planning) a long-distance voyage favored. You seek opportunities to meet with people of different backgrounds ; and with the Sun in a fellow Water sign, interacting with others empathetically and from a place of compassion is also highlighted. Social issues reoccupy a place in your attention span.

Those with a Sun and/or Ascendant in Leo undergo serious personal transformations while the Sun vacations in Pisces. Shared resources between yourself and another person create power struggles : your need to be in total control outweighs your need to compromise with another. “Shared” money (either between yourself and a spouse, child, friend, etc.) can come in the form of loans, credit card debt, alimony payments, child support orders, legal settlements, lottery winnings, etc. Learning how to balance yours and another’s dependence on a particular financial source is highlighted now. Major changes are occurring now in your life and Water Pisces encourages you to approach these matters delicately, and with an open-mind. Lions may experience a rebirth or regeneration at this time.

Those with a Sun and/or Ascendant in Libra will be drawn to matters of self-improvement, daily chores/routines and community service. Now is the time to step up your efficiency game and reset your priorities so that you can be the most productive version of yourself you can be. With the Sun in Pisces, you may work tirelessly in the service of others: giving all of yourself and forgetting to heed the importance of “self care.” This placement is a reminder to regain control of health matters; diets, exercise routines and other wellness habits are highlighted. Pisces encourages you to be just as flexible, tolerant and compassionate with yourself as you are with others.

Those with a Sun and/or Ascendant in Scorpio are drawn to the lighter side of life while the Sun travels through a fellow Water sign. Scorpions are prompted to throw themselves into leisure activities, hobbies and other things that encourage creative self-expression. Your inner hedonist reemerges and finding earthly vices to indulge in take up a great deal of time. Perhaps things have been all work / all business and no play as of late; now, however, is the opportunity to let loose, relax and have a little bit of fun. Romance and children are especially highlighted. New love affairs may crop up (or there may be a rekindling within an old one). You seek entertainment, light-heartedness and taking time to smell the roses.

Those with a Sun and/or Ascendant in Sagittarius redirect your inner selves to your home and private life. You may feel the urge to disappear , even if only temporarily, from the world and retreat to the space you feel safest. Focusing on family (both immediate and extended), emotional security and domestic security are extremely important to you over the next three weeks. Real estate concerns, repairs, renovations, even relocations may be in the works now. Additionally, you may be very much preoccupied with spending more time with people in the household (children or spouse); if you live alone, spending more time alone, in the comforts of your own little sanctuary feels most natural.

Those with a Sun and/or Ascendant in Capricorn get a boost in mental activities over the next three weeks. This placement highlights learning and sharing new information. Now is the time to change how you communicate with others. Generally, Caps are aloof, detached and very “matter-of-fact” when interacting with others. With the Sun in Pisces, your inner self is drawn to emotive connections: speaking softly, compassionately and being tolerant of other viewpoints that don’t support your own. This also may be a period where you are pulled towards information that speaks to your intuitive, spiritual and humanitarian side. More than usual, you may have visceral, emotional responses to social media, the news, books, and any other venue in which you can pick up new information.  Your inner social butterfly comes out and the impulse to chat, connect and move around in your immediate environment intensifies. I suspect you can expect an uptick in phone calls, text messages, emails, and other forms of communication that require your immediate attention.

Those with a Sun and/or Ascendant in Aquarius should be primarily focused with wealth development, management and material acquisition under this Piscean transit. The Sun just left your sign: a time when focusing on self development and making sure you were pushing yourself to check off all the goals on your personal agenda felt most natural. Now, however, is a time to reexamine your income : how much money you make; how much money you save; how much money you spend. Are you generating an income based on how much you feel you are actually worth ? Are you saving a reasonable amount of money ? Are you purchasing things you need or things you want ? You may intuitively know where or how to improve your financial situation. Pulling away from the rationality that feels most comfortable to you and employing a bit of sensitivity can help extend your reach as you look for financial opportunities. Under emotive, Water Pisces, it’s quite easy to make emotional purchases that leave you short at the end of the month— a rare deviation from the cold logic native to Aquarians.

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Happy Star Gazing !