April 2, 2017: Venus in Pisces Rx



On Sunday April 2nd, Venus drifted back into Pisces from Aries–all while retrograde. Retrogrades are intense periods for a planet ; and since Venus governs our romantic and, to some degree, financial interactions, these areas of our lives face some serious hurdles until Saturday April 15th. Pisces is considered the sign of exaltation for Venus. The agreeableness, generosity and compassionate often associated with Venus is not only met but intensified in sweet natured Pisces. Venus in Pisces is creative, passionate , whimsical and imaginative. Those individuals with a Venus in Pisces in their natal chart tend to be self-sacrificial, forgiving and understanding in relationships. Water Pisces is a natural healer and drawn to partners they can “save” or care for. An intuitive partner: Pisces instinctively knows what their lovers need ..often before their love is aware of it themselves. While Venus traverses this sign of enlightenment, we take a softer approach to our relationships. Water Pisces encourages us to be affectionate and emotionally sincere in our love partnerships. This is a whimsical period where we feel compelled to bring out our “rose colored glasses” again—we stored them away while Venus Rx was in bold, fiery Aries.

The tendency to romanticize everything related to love increases now. We may over-idealize a lover who is not kind to us; over-idealize statements made by a crush simply because you are sweet on them; even over-idealize an entire relationship that exists solely in your head. It’s also likely that we misremember things in our romantic relationships : never seeing things for what they really were. We may allow our partners to “get away with murder” simply because we don’t want to disrupt the harmony and create conflict. Ideas about “the one”, soul mates and twin flames occupy a great deal of your attention during this transit.

Pisces is also a Mutable sign: flexible, tolerant and open-minded. Mutables are heavily influenced by their environment. These signs internalize the things happening around them–versus attempting to project themselves on their surroundings. This quality means they easily adjust to the ups and downs of their relationships –taking tribulations in stride. Flexibility can also manifest as flakiness and unreliability if Pisces isn’t careful. The dual Water-Mutable combination could also signal emotional avoidance: seeing what we want to see in our partners instead of what is actually there. Venus in Pisces can also be emotionally unpredictable in their relationships: hypersensitive and withdrawing when hurt by a partner. Positively, Mutable Pisces provides us an opportunity to evolve or transform existing unions : there may be a break up in the works if that person is no longer able to help us attain our emotional/spiritual goals.


Because Venus in Pisces is currently retrograde, our relationships come to a grounding halt. We need to take this time to reevaluate our partnerships: are we getting what we need out of them? Are we being the best partner that we can be to our mates ? Is it time to part ways ? Is this person really “the one?” Have you been unrealistic about relationship goals over the past few weeks ? It’s not uncommon for misunderstandings and miscommunications to increase while Venus is retrograde in such an emotionally sensitive sign. Break ups, separations and divorces increase during the Rx phase. The confusing haze of dreamy Pisces will pass and our romantic paths will be clear once Venus goes direct. Venus will be in retrograde until Saturday April 15th.

Those with a natal Sun and/or Venus in Pisces or Virgo will be heavily impacted by this astral change.


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