March 20th, 2017: Sun in Aries


On Monday March 20th, the Sun moved into Aries: thus restarting the zodiac cycle. Cardinal signs always mark the start of a new season, with Aries ushering in Spring. This is a period of new beginnings and changes (a symbolic planting of seeds, if you will). We may be brimming with new ideas to help us further personal goals–remember, Aries is typically a “me-oriented” sort of sign. The next four weeks offer the perfect energy to reassess personal agendas, focus on self and ensure we get whatever it is that we want. This quality intensifies for those individuals with a Sun or Ascendant in Aries in their natal chart. The ego channels into pursuits that further our own needs –even at the expense of those we care about. Honestly, the theory of “self-preservation” couldn’t be better applied to another sign. We seek out environments that allow us to be independent, if not the reigning authority figure making all the rules. Astrologer consider Cardinal signs the creators, trailblazers and initiators of the cosmos: these guys always need to be on the cusp of something new and exciting in order to feel alive and purposed. While the Sun is positioned here, we intuitively place immense value on enterprising and taking charge. If you have new projects in the works : this is a great time to implement them. The Sun in Cardinal Aries injects confidence behind our ambitions. This modality is naturally impatient, restless and opportunistic : compelling us to stay active , even when there isn’t much of anything to be done at the moment. Ultimately, we place heavy emphasis on personal achievement and manifesting our visions.

The Ram is also a Fire sign. This element embodies boldness, dynamism and fearlessness. Reaching out to others, putting your best foot forward and exploring your curiosities are highlighted now. Fire signs tend to be wild and spirited individuals: making it easy for us to pursue personal agendas without reservation. The enthusiasm of the Ram is intoxicating: life is an adventure and everything is worth trying twice. I’d like to imagine the dual Cardinal-Fire nature of Aries resembles something like a phoenix: purified by Fire and reborn into something new. For Solar and Rising Arians, beginning again and experiencing something new are trademarks of the sign. While the Sun is here, however, rebirths and fresh starts are upon us all. This energy is totally different from the more recent Sun in Pisces period. Mutable Pisces signaled finalizations, conclusions and realizations: a period of reflection, healing and nurturing. Cardinal Aries signals new opportunities and exploration: a period of action . We shift from being selfless to selfish –for good reason.

Lastly, the Sun in Aries represents a placement of exaltation. When an astral body is exalted in a constellation, it means that sign manifests and intensifies the best qualities assigned to that planet. Aries enhances the confidence, self-awareness and optimism of the Sun . A natural leader, the Sun in Aries shines brightly in positions of power.

Read below for a brief description of what you can expect over the next few weeks. Find your Sun and Ascendant to get a much clearer picture.

Aries: With the Sun in your sign, you feel much more comfortable exploring uncharted territory . Although Arians tend to be more focused on self than the rest of us on a daily basis, you may feel others are more receptive to this “me first” energy. Brainstorming new projects and then actually implementing them occur much more naturally now. It’s unlikely that you are willing to work in a group setting, preferring to strike out on your own and make things happen. You settle comfortably in your individuality and make no apologies for making your needs known. When the Sun travels through our own signs, we take greater pride in our appearance, mannerisms and reputation. You may make drastic or daring changes in your hair, wardrobe or outer persona. It’s not uncommon for us to want to make our outer image match with how we view ourselves internally.

Taurus: Retreating from the limelight and doing behind-the-scenes work is significant for you now. This placement highlights reflection, introspection, closure, finalities and healing. Over the next few weeks, it’s important for you to find opportunities to forgive and let go of things that have had a hold on you (also known as “karmic debt”). There’s an illumination of things that have been hidden from you. It’s not uncommon for individuals to become more secretive of personal information. Atonement, forgiveness, healing and spiritual work are recurring themes here: either you need to finally suck it up and apologize for some wrong you’ve committed or another will seek out forgiveness from you. Fire Aries lights a spark underneath you to reconnect with your spiritual side and achieve higher consciousness. You may feel enthusiastic about your spiritual beliefs and with the Sun in an extroverted sign, sharing these beliefs comes naturally. The Sun in Aries energizes you to self-reflect and take better care of yourself.

Gemini: The Sun in Aries marks a highly social position for you: Fire and Air are complementary elements. The Ram brings friendship, fellowship and associations to the forefront of your attention. Joining a new club–even starting a new club/organization–sparking up a new friendship or doing new activities with a group you are apart of all fall under this category. Essentially, this is a period of figuring out new ways of relating to people: your inner humanitarian peeks through and energetic Aries jolts you into making society a better place. Originality, innovation and eccentricism are all favored with this placement. Geminis tend to be independent but the Sun’s position encourages you to learn to embrace the individual within the collective. Breaking free of societal restrictions, disrupting the status quo and doing something new holds a great deal of appeal for the Twins.

Cancer: Aries is a fellow Cardinal sign, spotlighting your professional sector and public image. The Sun’s position here emboldens you to attack career goals with confidence and fervor. Over the next few weeks, you seek out new opportunities that allow you to exhibit decisive decision-making and true leadership skills. Prizes, honors, promotions, raises, and added responsibilities all come with the territory for you while the Sun traverses Aries. Although Crabs are normally reserved and cautious, the Fire element of the Ram encourages you to be bold, fearless and take action without hesitation. You seek to break free of limitations that restrict you from pursuing goals on your personal agenda. Astrologers consider the home/domestic sphere to be the kingdom of the nurturing Crab; now, however, you guys need to step into the limelight and make your presence known upon the world. Cancers are more at risk of making rash, impulsive business decisions that could hurt later on down the line. You may feel burdened by all your responsibilities at this time.

Leo: With your home “planet” (the Sun is actually a luminary) in a fellow Fire sign, the charisma and magnetism of the Lion intensifies. Getting out of your immediate environment, breaking away from the mundane and expanding your knowledge are common themes for you over the next few weeks. Exploring religion, spirituality, ethics and social issues then delving into these complex ideas with others. It’s not enough for you to gather information for the sake of having it: placing significance behind the knowledge acquired is the ultimate goal over Lions over the next few weeks. Leos are known for their stubbornness but with the Sun activating this sector of your natal chart, you are emboldened to be much more open and tolerant of viewpoints that don’t resemble yours. Your own beliefs (about religion, society and humanity) are challenged now. This is a great period to experience a break from your own culture and delve into another: foreign languages and far away voyages are favored while the Sun is here.

Virgo: The Sun in Aries activates a sensitive placement in your natal chart. Sexual and financial intimacy are highlighted : joint resources occupy a lot of your attention over the next few weeks. Any money or materials shared require reevaluation. Getting in better control of things like outstanding loans, credit card debt, estate taxes, alimony, child support, legal settlements, etc. are very important for Virgos now. Major life changes and deep personal transformations occur for you while the Sun inhabits the Ram. You look for opportunities to throw off any semblance of control: the Sun in fierce Aries forces you to reassert your independence. This is a placement for self-mastery, soul-searching and “finding ourselves.” Power struggles emerge as you seek to get the upper hand in financial and sexual arrangements you share with someone. Common themes include death, rebirth and self-control.




Libra: Love and relationships are on your mind now —but when are they never not on your mind ? The Sun is currently in your polar opposite, redirecting your attention you partnerships. Reexamining how companionable you are and whether or not your personal needs are being met within your relationship occurs now. Aries is a Cardinal sign: signaling new beginnings. You may find yourself starting a new relationship or turning over a new leaf in an existing one. Libra typically thinks in a “we” fashion: but with the Sun in “me first” Aries, the time has come to be a little selfish when it comes to what you want from your love life. It’s not uncommon for new expectations or standards to crop up in the romance department of your life. The bold and fearless Arian energy draws Libra to find  adventure and spontaneity in their relationships. If you’ve been hankering for something fresh and exciting, now is the best chance to find it!

Scorpio: Your work ethic, daily routines, and health become serious priorities. The Sun in fiery Aries gives you a burst of energy to be the most efficient and effective version of yourself that you can be. Having both your mind and body in tip-top shape is common when the Sun is in this position. The need for self-improvement and personal wellness supersedes anything else that you have going on at the moment. New diets and exercise routines hold immense appeal. If you’ve been slacking on your wellness, this is a great time to recommit to the cause. Unfortunately, the dual Fire-Cardinal quality of the Ram means you may hope on an exercise/diet fad and not follow through over the next few months. It’s also likely that you may make impulsive decisions about your health without really analyzing the latent effects of the choice. Injuries increase due to the impatience introduced by restless Aries . This is also a placement of service: particularly to the community in your immediate environment. New opportunities to help those around you seemingly fall into your lap while the Sun traverses Aries.

Sagittarius: The Sun is currently in your recreational and leisure sector ! Welcome to the light side of life, something hedonistic Sagittarius is very familiar with. Hobbies, sports, arts and crafts, DIY projects, romance/love affairs and children are common themes with this placement. The Sun in Cardinal Aries encourages you to indulge in new hobbies or leisure activities—or recommit yourself to old ones that you let fall to the wayside. Life has been stressful for Archers over the last month so fellow Fire sign, Aries emboldens you to focus on having fun and enjoying the little things. This is a light-hearted and playful position: the tendency to over-idealize is probably the biggest challenge with this placement. Creative self-expression and risk taking increase for you over the next few weeks. I suspect new love affairs manifest under this Cardinal energy or Sagittarians find new adventures to fall into in an existing one. Fearlessly indulging in your heart’s desire is the ultimate goal of this transition for you.

Capricorn: Astrologers generally believe Capricorns to be mostly preoccupied with their reputation, public image and describe them to be career-oriented individuals. With the Sun in fellow Cardinal Aries, your attention moves away from the public sector as you refocus on your household and private life. Their may be some new changes going on the household. Property concerns crop up: either relocating, redecorating, renovating or repairing something in the house.  Paying closer attention to your family and reestablishing relationships with the women closest to you is important during this transit. The family (both immediate and extended), the past, memories and the ancestors are running themes while the Sun is in Aries.

Aquarius: The Sun in Fire Aries is great for Air Aquarians. Astrologers consider both elements to be complementary, thus the energy passed between them is easily understood and appreciated. Subsequently, this Solar transition elicits your inner social butterfly. Although Air signs function primarily through mental energy, the Sun’s placement here intensifies your need for learning, understanding and communicating. Cardinal Aries reenergizes you to expand your knowledge and share it with those in your immediate environment. This is a great time to jumpstart on research. It’s not uncommon for increases in communication to occur: expect an influx of emails, texts, calls related to business ventures you’re presently engaged in. Your presence on social media may also increase as the need to connect with others drives you. The biggest challenge here is speaking out of turn , promising more than you can deliver and starting projects that you will more than likely abandon when something new and more exciting comes along. Cardinals are famous for starting new things, but infamous for the lack of follow-through. You are bustling with new ideas and feel quite impatient to implement them .

Pisces: The Sun just exited your sign: a time when you were focused on your appearance and your own needs. Now, however, the Sun in Aries drives you to pay more attention to your material and financial wellness. You look for opportunities to increase your income based on the marketable skills you have. The Sun in Aries encourages you to reexamine the link between self-esteem and income: are you making what you feel you deserve ? It’s not uncommon for individuals with this placement to reevaluate the value they place on materials currently in their possession. Purchasing things that reflect your financial status falls into this category. New opportunities to make more money occur for you over the next few weeks if you know where to look. Fire Aries gives you the confidence to ask for the money you feel you deserve. This is also a period to hone in on talents that could ensure financial prosperity further down the line. The biggest challenge is balancing your budget. Cardinal Aries is extremely impulsive, mostly because the Ram is an “action-driven” sign. In this regard, it’s easy to spend money you don’t have because you anticipate more coming in; or purchasing things that are impractical .You may make major changes/decisions that heavily impact your financial situation over the next few months.


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