Venus, personified by the Greek goddess, Aphrodite (Image Courtesy of Google)

Venus, personified by the Greek goddess, Aphrodite (Image Courtesy of Google)

Venus is personified by the Greek goddess Aphrodite.  This planet’s persona oozes sensuality and seduction. Venus rules what we value in relationships and how we employ those values in our romantic relationships. Do we prefer to chase and conquer (Like a Venus in Sagittarius?) or court and tease (Like a Venus in Libra?). Aphrodite/Venus underlines how we seek and maintain pleasure and happiness. Venus also rules how we spend our money. Are we inclined to indulge and splurge (Like a Venus in Taurus?), or hoard and pinch pennies (Like a Venus in Cancer?).  Venus also serves as the foundation of the moon. Venus is the planetary ruler of both Libra and Taurus.

**Venus in Fire Signs: Vivacious and generous! If you meet someone who has their Venus positioned in a Fire sign, be prepared for a spontaneous and wild ride…and very often! Quiet lovers who prefer the smooth, always reliable route may soon find themselves left in the dust. Venus in Aries types are exceedingly aggressive. They love the thrill of the stalk, hunt and conquest for potential mates. Those with their Venus in Leo need lots of attention: your Lion or Lioness HAS to be the star of the show, or the show will be discontinued. And those Venus in Sagittarius folk? The ultimate flirts! They are very generous in matters of the heart and don’t mind sharing –problematic for those who require full commitment. Occasionally self-centered, these individuals are idealistic when in love. Unfortunately, sometimes, their ideal of love may not necessarily match the reality of the relationship –which can cause it to quickly sour. In their minds, they sometimes create scripts and roles that they expect to play and ones they expect their lovers to fulfill them.  For all three, they expect total devotion from their partners: other Venus signs that aren’t as upbeat as they are may call them “energy vampires”…but I’m sure they’d merely call themselves enthusiastic. Negatively, because Venus in Aries, Leo and Sags are “action motivated” signs (meaning they do not and cannot sit still for too long), they have a tendency to be impatient and selfish when things do not turn out the way they desire. Emotional drama can be a propensity of all three, but Leos thrive in it. Remember, these types feed on excitement and attention: both good and bad. They are also inclined to engage in extremely competitive behavior. Positively, all three Venus signs are compassionate, grandiose and giving. They expect the best, because they would offer nothing less to their spouses. If you love laughs, creativity and random adventures, then dating a person who has a Venus Fire sign can be a sure bet!

**Venus in Earth Signs: Stable, loyal, honest and practical all describe those who have their Venus positioned in an Earth sign on the day of their birth. These are the relationship “doers”, taking care of anything that the household would require in order to keep their relationship in order. Very few people who date someone with a Venus in an Earth sign worry about their lover straying: commitment is the name of the game for these individuals. Negatively, because they are so reliable, partners could possibly take advantage of their undying support.  Of all three, Venus in Taurus types are the most indulgent. They love to spoil themselves…and spoil their spouses. They feed off of material possessions that provide comfort. Perhaps you and your Venus in Taurus lover have just moved to a new home: you can expect the finest of decorations to make the new residence feel “lived in.” They are a far cry from the minimalist nature of Venus in Virgo types. These people are content with the bare necessities: usually because they are never home anyway, but out and about in the community. You can expect Venus in Virgo lovers to be firm, but caring. They seek mates who are willing to put a little hard work into the partnership to sustain in. In Venus in Capricorn, on the other hand, closely guard their hearts. Love matters to them are investments, and Caps don’t invest in anything that cannot provide guaranteed success. Their love style is detached and aloof. For all three signs, moving slowly while getting to know their partner offers them a level of emotional security. Unlike Venus in Fire lovers, Venus in Earth lovers are not ostentatious and don’t desire expensive gifts to show they are loved.

**Venus in Air Signs: Intellectual stimulation and change are key ingredients to the potion of love for these signs. By nature, they are curious and require space from their partners to explore the world around them. Emotional commitment is important, but they also want spontaneity from their mates. They are equally flirtatious as the Venus in Fire varieties, but also have the ability to settle with one mate as the Venus in Earth people.  Venus in Gemini people are talkative and very social. “Conversation junkie” is an apt moniker for them. They require constant excitement so infidelity is not a foreign concept should they perceive stagnation in the relationship. As the “sign of the twins”, they have two personalities in love! They can be sweet and affectionate, but cross them and the evil twin will make sure you pay. Contrarily, those with a Venus in Libra are true romantics at heart. Because Venus is the ruler planet of both Libra and Taurus, the planet feels very much “at home” when positioned in either signs. Like the Venus in Taurus lovers, Venus in Libra types are sensually indulgent. They tend to be hedonistic and to them, love is something like a drug. The scales symbolize Libra because these partners require balance in relationships. They despise confrontations and usually find themselves compromising with mates just to keep the peace. Negatively, It is very easy for these people to become lost in love and create a self-identity through their romantic partnerships. Venus in Aquarius folks are complete enigmas to their lovers: as soon as they think they have them figured out, the Venus in Aquarius switches gears without warning. These people thrive on space and freedom: physical presence from their other half is not a top priority. Ultimately, all three Venus in Air signs are easily restless, love travel, and place heavy value on open communication. Boredom will be the kiss of death in the relationship. At times, they can be blindly optimistic: promising more to their lovers than what they can actually deliver.

**Venus in Water Signs: With a Venus in a Water sign, deep emotional connections and security are a must. If they do not feel the partnership is stable, they are less likely to open up. Betrayal is a recurrent fear, so consistency from a mate must be established before they can lay their heart out on the table. Venus in Cancer is most receptive to physical affections and material expressions of undying love from a spouse. They are cautious and pick up cues from their lovers to outline the direction the bond is traveling in. Venus in Scorpios are intense and highly intelligent. They can be as detached as a Venus in Aquarius in the fledgling stages of the partnership but overtime, they can be as warm as a Venus in Cancer.  Venus in Pisces individuals are dreamy and imaginative: they may be the most idealistic zodiac when they are in love. Similar to the Venus in Leo, a Venus in Pisces can be delusional about the reality of the relationship: preferring to stick to the dream world they have created in their mind. All three signs want to feel spiritually bonded to their lovers and go out of their way to make their partners feel appreciated and nurtured. When angered or hurt, Venus in Water signs are likely to brood and employ the cold shoulder: Venus in Cancer is liable to return to its proverbial shell; Venus in Scorpio is apt to sting their mate with brute honesty; and Venus in Pisces may “swim” away to retreat to a space that makes them feel safe. Like Venus in Earth signs, these Water folk require extreme loyalty in love. Also like Venus in Earth signs, all three Water signs have a difficult time separating themselves from the relationship once the sparks have fizzled. And similar to the Venus in Fire signs, Venus in Water lovers enjoy emotional drama. Their motto is, “how can you truly love someone without a bit of chaos?”